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  • STRAUSS R- Die Schweigsame Frau 4CDs
    STRAUSS R- Die Schweigsame Frau 4CDs

    7. Act I - Kleiner humoristischer Marsch (Orchester) ... Das deine Tuppen? Deine Soldaten (Morosus/Henry/Vanuzzi/Morbio/ Isotta/Carlotta/Farfallo/Chor)

  • Strauss: Celebrating Strauss [Rita Streich, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf] [DVD] [2014] [NTSC]
    Strauss: Celebrating Strauss [Rita Streich, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf] [DVD] [2014] [NTSC]

    Release Date: 2014-06-02, Rating: Exempt

  • 50 Selected Songs (High Voice)
    50 Selected Songs (High Voice)

    An amazing collection well worth the money and so much cheaper than buying individual songs. Some songs I won't sing and some I have in other collections but still an excellent buy!

  • STRAUSS R- Der Rosenkavalier 3CDs
    STRAUSS R- Der Rosenkavalier 3CDs

    15. Ich hoff', Er kommt vielmehr jetzt mit mir hinters Haus (Octavian/Ochs/Sophie/Lerchena uschen/Annina/Faninals Dienerschaft/Marianne/Faninal)


    Description: Here's a Bible reference kids will actually want to read! This fully-illustrated book for 8-12-year-olds provides over 800 interesting, fun entries on the people, places, and ideas of scripture.

  • 50 Selected Songs (Low Voice)
    50 Selected Songs (Low Voice)

    By Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Hugo Wolf and Johann Strauss.

  • A Celebration of Song (High Voice)
    A Celebration of Song (High Voice)

    Songs by Mahler, Strauss, Marx, Schreker, Zemlinsky, Schonberg, Berg Webern & Alma Mahler

  • A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests
    A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests

    978-0-19-515957-8 | Hardback | 11 May 2006

  • Andante op. posth
    Andante op. posth

    This work was composed in 1888 for the occasion of the silver wedding of Richard Strauss' partens. It is published here for the first time. The original manuscript, on which this edition is based, is in the Stadtische Musikbibliothek, Munich. The publicat;C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~4\ OFFICE11????I? ?????????5???????? ????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?

  • Collection que sais-je
    Collection que sais-je

    First published in 1941 the collection "Que sais-je?" has expanded and been constantly updated ever since, offering readers an insight into just about any topic they care to discover more about. Listed below are just a few of the titles currently available. Further titles can be ordered on request.

  • Developing Effective Websites
    Developing Effective Websites

  • Driving Ambition - My Autobiography
    Driving Ambition - My Autobiography

  • Four Last Songs
    Four Last Songs

    Contains three pieces from Richard Strauss in full conductor's score format. Metamorphosen is a study for 23 solo strings completed by Strauss in 1944, his Oboe Concerto from 1945 and Four Last Songs written shortly before his death in 1949. The score comes as part of the hugely popular Masterworks series from Boosey & Hawkes. Printed sheet music book.

  • Green Guides: Compost
    Green Guides: Compost

    This informative guide take you step-by-step from kitchen scraps to blooming flowers including why we should compost, what you can and can`t put on your heap, how to make and what to do with compast, & ways to compast without a garden.

  • How to Lobby at Intergovernmental Meetings
    How to Lobby at Intergovernmental Meetings

    'Felix Dodds is the Milo Minderbinder of the stakeholder world!' Alex Kirby, BBC 'An invaluable tool for anyone wishing to understand and contribute effectively to the competition of good ideas that intergovernmental meetings should be' Paul Hohnen, former Strategic Director, Greenpeace International '...the book is a valuable resource for people willing to understand the practice of international negotiation and for those preparing to be influential negotiators.' Political Studies Review Organizations...

  • How to Read the Bible in Changing Times
    How to Read the Bible in Changing Times

    'How to Read the Bible in Changing Times' shows everyday Christians how to interpret and apply the Scriptures regardless of time and culture. Rather than seeing the Bible as a magic answer book, a list of commands to obey, or a series of promises to claim, this insightful book allows the Bible to retain its identity as a complex, inspired document while showing that the truth it contains is relevant and life-changing. It shows the reader how to: determine the meaning of the text in its original context...

  • Image Counter Image
    Image Counter Image

    The exhibition Image Counter Image , at Haus der Kunst, Munich, 10 June – 16 September 2012, presented artistic positions that focus on the critical analysis of violent conflicts in the media, beginning with the First Gulf War of 1990–1991 to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and ending with the events of the Arab Spring of 2011.

  • Modern Political Theory Reprinted
    Modern Political Theory Reprinted

    Modern Political Theory critically examines the contemporary state of political theory, making an assessment of the achievement and limitations of the 'Behavioural Revolution' in its totality, and reviews objectively the major paradigms and conceptual frameworks adopted by the discipline. The salient features of the contending conceptual models elaborated by leading scholars, operating from separate locations and disparate premises, have been highlighted and intellectual inter-linkage in their works...

  • Nature, culture et société
    Nature, culture et société

  • Northern Stories Vol. 3
    Northern Stories Vol. 3

    Stories by Simon Gotts, Heather Leach, Margaret Lesser, Hilary Patel, Guy Russell, Mary Sara, Moe Sherrard-Smith, David Stephenson, Beverley Strauss, Robert Watson and Philip Young.

  • Orchestral Studies for Double Bass
    Orchestral Studies for Double Bass

  • Orchestral Studies Vol.2 (Violin)
    Orchestral Studies Vol.2 (Violin)

    Zarathustra, Don Quixote, Heldenleben, Domestica.

  • Orchestral Test Pieces: Clarinet
    Orchestral Test Pieces: Clarinet

    Bartók - Suite No 2. Beethoven - Symphonies 4, 6 & 8. Berlioz - Symphonie fantastique. Borodin - Prince Igor. Brahms - Symphonies 1, 3 & 4. Dream, Symphony No 3. Kodály - Dances from Galanta. Liszt - Dante Symphony. Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No 2. Mahler - Symphony No 7. Mendelssohn - The Hebrides, Midsummer Night's. Mozart - Le Clemenza di Tito. Prokofiev - Peter and the Wolf. Puccini - Tosca. Ravel - Boléro, Piano Concerto in G major, Daphnis & Chloé. Respighi - Pini di Roma. Richard...

  • Political Philosophy: Series D
    Political Philosophy: Series D

    Publication Details: Political Philosophy: Series D

  • Present Moment 2014 Wall Calendar
    Present Moment 2014 Wall Calendar

    This new wall calendar published together with Sounds True brings together the insights and inspiration of 12 of Sounds True's most popular authors - including Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn and others. These beautiful images on this calendar draw us into the power and depths of this very moment, here and now, and throughout the year.

  • Published 16 January 2013
    Published 16 January 2013

    This survey has illustrations of Staffordshire pottery; needlework and embroidery; popular prints and the scenery for toy theatres; carved wood, tombstones, ships' figureheads, shop signs, door-knockers, fire plates, horse brasses, marionettes, weathervanes, corn dollies, clay pipes, toys, gingerbread stamps, snuff-boxes and more - much more - besides. No collector should be without it! With 118 plates and numerous line drawings. Second edition 1989

  • Radioguided Surgery: A Comprehensive Team Approach
    Radioguided Surgery: A Comprehensive Team Approach

    This multidisciplinary textbook is designed to be the standard on the subject and is geared for use by physicians who are involved in the care and/or diagnosis of cancer patients. Comprehensive coverage is provided on all aspects of radioguided surgery. Practical information is readily accessible and throughout there is an emphasis on improved decision making. Tables present the indications, performance, and interpretation of procedures at a glance. A wealth of illustrations, including a full-color...

  • Recorder from the Beginning - Tune Book 3
    Recorder from the Beginning - Tune Book 3

    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. The Pearly Adriatic. I Gave My Love A Cherry. The Waters of Tyne. Come and Sing Together. We'll Rant and We'll Roar. Music Alone Shall Live. Pretty Pena. Mingulay Boat Song. Portuguese Dance. Cielito Lindo. Were You There?. Greensleeves. Cradle Song (by Brahms). Czech Polka (by J. Strauss). Gay Gordons. Drink To Me Only. Landler (by Schubert). Sweet Betsy from Pyke. Weggis. Down by the Riverside. Largo (by Corelli). Las Heras Beguine. Fear No Danger...

  • Strauss Leo: Thoughts on Machiavelli
    Strauss Leo: Thoughts on Machiavelli

    Leo Strauss argued that the most visible fact about Machiavelli's doctrine is also the most useful one: Machiavelli seems to be a teacher of wickedness. Strauss sought to incorporate this idea in his interpretation without permitting it to overwhelm or exhaust his exegesis of "The Prince" and the "Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy." "We are in sympathy," he writes, "with the simple opinion about Machiavelli [namely, the wickedness of his teaching], not only because it is wholesome, but above...

  • The Cricketers' Who's Who 2010 (PB)
    The Cricketers' Who's Who 2010 (PB)

    The Cricketers' Who's Who is the book that both the players, journalists and professional commentators use as their bible, edited by Michael Heatley, with statistics provided by Richard Lockwood.2010 marks the 31st edition of this essential publication and its continuing use around the cricket world, The Cricketers' Who's Who is published on 23rd March 2010 again by Green Umbrella Publishing.As usual the book contains entries for umpires who are included on the first-class panel, each entry has a...