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  • TOLO Rainbow Stacker
    TOLO Rainbow Stacker

    Easy to stack or nest, this bright and colourful stacking toy is great in the bath, garden, beach, or on the floor! Different colours and textures edges will help stimulate your child.

  • Musical Surprise Bear
    Musical Surprise Bear

    Manufacturer: TOLO

  • TOLO Pop-Up Teddies
    TOLO Pop-Up Teddies

    With three different ways to pop up the teddies, your child can also do colour recognition and shape matching activities. The toy has mirrors on the front and a large carry handle on the back.

  • TOLO - Chuckles - Charlie Chimp
    TOLO - Chuckles - Charlie Chimp

    Manufacturer: Tolo

  • TOLO First Friends Scooter and Puppy
    TOLO First Friends Scooter and Puppy

    This great free-wheeling scooter comes with a First Friends Girl and Puppy. This strong and durable toy encourages interaction and imaginative play.

  • Tolo 89809 Deluxe Train Set
    Tolo 89809 Deluxe Train Set

    Manufacturer: Tolo

  • TOLO Funtime Fishing
    TOLO Funtime Fishing

    Hook the fish and reel them in! Submerge the fish and watch them blow bubbles. Comes with a fishing rod and 3 fish, and a little magnetic worm to attract the fish. A bright and colourful toy which helps your child to understand the properties of magnetism and water.

  • Chuckles - Muncher the Giraffe
    Chuckles - Muncher the Giraffe

    Manufacturer: TOLO

  • TOLO Puzzle Ball
    TOLO Puzzle Ball

    A great first activity ball for your child. The Puzzle Ball is three toys in one - squeaker, clicker and rattle. It comes apart and fits back together easily. Helps to develop your childs manipulation skills with focus on grasping and holding.

  • Tolo 89904 Lamb Figurine
    Tolo 89904 Lamb Figurine

    Introducing the toll First Friends lamb! Clicking, moving head, tail and legs Superb quality, Manufacturer: Tolo

  • TOLO First Friends Safari Quad Bike
    TOLO First Friends Safari Quad Bike

    This Safari Quad Bike comes with the First Friends Safari Boy, and has a pull-back action allowing the Quad Bike to speed along! Can also be free-wheeled. Strong and durable, it is an ideal addition to the First Friends Safari Range.

  • TOLO First Friends Go-Kart
    TOLO First Friends Go-Kart

    Watch the First Friends Racing Driver zoom around in his Go-Kart! Strong and durable, the pull-back action allows the Go-Kart to speed along, but can also be free-wheeled. First Friends Racing Driver is included.

  • Tolo Musical Activity TV
    Tolo Musical Activity TV

    Musical Activity TV toy has an easy wind up movement and plays "Ten Little Indians". Moving screen will entertain your Baby for hours. Lots of squeaking, rattling and spinning fun. Lots of bright bold colours to attract and keep your Baby's attention. Attaches to your Baby's Cot or Playpen., Recommended age group: 12 months - 3 years, Manufacturer: Tolo

  • Tolo Activity Play Cube
    Tolo Activity Play Cube

    Unisex Age: from 6 months, Recommended age group: 6 months - 3 years, Manufacturer: Tolo

  • Tolo Wobbly Clown
    Tolo Wobbly Clown

    Recommended age group: 6 months - 83 years, Manufacturer: Tolo

  • Ca'n Tolo Villa in Pollensa, Majorca
    Ca'n Tolo Villa in Pollensa, Majorca

    2 twin bedrooms. Bathroom. Living/dining room with archway to bedrooms. Kitchen with full oven, fridge/freezer, dishwasher and microwave. Utility room with washing machine, iron and board. Satellite TV. DVD player. Covered barbecue and dining area with sink. Table and chairs.

  • First Friends Tractor Digger
    First Friends Tractor Digger

    Press the head of the figure and watch the digger chug along. Press the horn and watch the lights flash. Break lights come on when the digger stops. And to complete the features, press the lever and watch the scoop move up and down.

  • Switch Adapted Toy - TOLO Train Set
    Switch Adapted Toy - TOLO Train Set

    Pressing an external switch, connected to the infra-red wireless control box, will make the train chug around the track while tooting its horn and flashing its light. This adapted train set will help children to develop switch skills and an understanding of "cause and effect" as the train only runs whilst the switch is pressed (momentary switch mode). Can be used with toy control boxes to extend the range of control options to provide timed and latched options. Includes adapted engine and infra...

  • TOLO Baby Fun Set
    TOLO Baby Fun Set

    This is an ideal set to develop baby’s primary senses through introduction of colour, shape, texture and sound. A musical TV and Radio with activities to turn, roll and press. Both can be attached to crib, stroller or playpen.

  • Tolo Garden Hoe
    Tolo Garden Hoe

    A heavy duty garden hoe to make sure your garden is free of weeds, all Tolo tools are heavy duty miniatures of adult tools and can be used in the toughest soils just as adult tools would but Tolo have made sure the edges are rounded and smooth whilst they still work and are in proportion for smaller users.

  • Tolo Go Kart Pull Back
    Tolo Go Kart Pull Back

    A high quality pull back mechanism toy by Tolo. The driver can be removed and played with seperately, making this durable toy a great choice. Imaginative Play Pull Back Mechanism Strong & Durable Can be Free Wheeled

  • Tolo Magnetic Fishing Set
    Tolo Magnetic Fishing Set

  • Tolo Octopus Bathtime Fun
    Tolo Octopus Bathtime Fun

    Easy to stack or nest. Great in the bath,garden or beach. Each character comes with a pouring slot for water games. Suction cup allows the toy to be secured firmly to the bath. Twisting, turning,clicking base. 12mths and older.

  • Tolo Push & Go Teddy
  • Tolo Soft Toy - Sheep
    Tolo Soft Toy - Sheep

    How cute are these? Baby will be in for a sensory treat with this new range of soft cuddly toy animals. The toys feature crinkly ears and/or tails, bright colours, different textures, and a squeaker.

  • Tolo Spinning Chime Ball 89450
    Tolo Spinning Chime Ball 89450

    Quick Overview Our Tolo Spinning Chime Ball is a great little spinning, chiming ball framed within a cube. The tactile design is small enough for your babies little hands and is excellent for cause and effect learning. The bright colourful and musical rattle will entertain your baby.

  • Tolo Woodland Comforter
    Tolo Woodland Comforter

    The Tolo Woodland Comforter is a super soft multi pastel coloured comforter with toadstool and flower motifs.

  • Torino Letter Opener
  • 3 Tolo Big Tock
    3 Tolo Big Tock

    A1: Big Tock (Original Mix) B1: Big Tock (Instrumental Mix) B2: Big Tock (Tools Mix)

  • First Friends Pony Club
    First Friends Pony Club

    Flip the attachment hook down and the horse box stands upright. Press the First Friend's head and hear the horn beep, watch the lights flash and see the car zoom along!