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  • Snuggles Deluxe Baby Toy Dolls 3 Wheeled Pram
    Snuggles Deluxe Baby Toy Dolls 3 Wheeled Pram

    The highly authentic Toyrific dolls pushchair is very easy to assemble and will be guaranteed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for children everywhere! Snuggles deluxe dolls pram has been designed with children in mind making it as fun as possible with three wheels, a lower basket and even a harness to secure the safety of the baby doll on the go!

  • Snuggles Deluxe Baby Toy Dolls Travel Cot
    Snuggles Deluxe Baby Toy Dolls Travel Cot

    Children will love how real the Toyrific snuggles deluxe travel cot is allowing children to enjoy pretend play with friends and family. Any form of social interaction will boost children’s confidence levels and encourage them to build lasting relationships; the authentic baby doll accessory range from Toyrific is designed to further these healthy developments in children.

  • Plan Toys Living Room Neo Dolls House Wooden Toy Furniture Set
    Plan Toys Living Room Neo Dolls House Wooden Toy Furniture Set

    This Neo living room set from Plan Toys gives your little one a complete living room furniture set to be used with the Modern doll family and the Plan dolls house (sold separately).The living room furniture set includes a cupboard, TV, coffee table, 2 armchairs, sofa and standing lamp. Your child can have hours of fun using the furniture and playing with their dolls. This detailed play set is perfect for encouraging imaginative play as your little one will love creating their own stories and scenarios...

  • Winx Club - 11.5 inch Feature Doll Magic Wings Bloom
    Winx Club - 11.5 inch Feature Doll Magic Wings Bloom

    Bloom fans will have fun re-enacting the magical Believix transformation moment from the show over and over. Its so simple: Spin, transform, fly! Your Magic Wings Bloom doll spins as you move the heart on the base. Hear the Believix theme song and watch Blooms Believix wings appear and light up. Take Bloom off the stand to fly her to save the world from evil.

  • Hape Wooden Toy - Happy Family Doll House Furniture - Patio Set
    Hape Wooden Toy - Happy Family Doll House Furniture - Patio Set

    High Quality Eco-Friendly Designed Hape Wooden Toy Rapid delivery Description It's time for your little doll family to shake off the cabin fever of winter and prepare for a warm and gorgeous spring and summer spent grilling out on the back patio with all of their miniature friends. Hape's Patio Set is the perfect way to make your doll family's house the number one destination for a long doll summer of barbecue, iced tea and long discussions on the state of doll fashion and culture (or whatever else...

  • Baytree Doll's House With Furniture
    Baytree Doll's House With Furniture

    I was truly amazed with this dolls residence. My granddaughters will not stop having fun with …nor mom and I when i call them round. It is durable, well-constructed furnishings and most of us will have years of fun with this. This stuff improves quality time for granny with granddaughters. I was quite delighted with the acquisition and the shipment, additionally the packaging was well dealt with for no damages in the postage. It is an excellent product with well worth rate. One more major plus side...

  • Bigjigs Dress-up Daisy Doll
    Bigjigs Dress-up Daisy Doll

    Bigjigs Dress-up Daisy Doll Change Daisy's outfits as many times as you like! This little wooden doll has a wardrobe which includes tops, skirts, dresses, handbags and hats. Great for any budding actor or fashion designer! age range 3+years £9.99 Out of Stock

  • Boy Doll - Zippety
    Boy Doll - Zippety

    With laces to tie and untie, zippers to zip and unzip, snaps, buttons and velcro fastenings this doll is sure to become a child's best friend.

  • Children's dolls house & furniture & dolls
    Children's dolls house & furniture & dolls

    * Wooden screwdriver for self assembly. * Easy access. * Wooden. * Fully furnished with dolls as shown in picture. * Lounge. * Dining. * Bedroom. * Bathroom. * Kitchen.

  • Doll Making Kit - Princess (No Sewing!)
    Doll Making Kit - Princess (No Sewing!)

    1 soft body doll. wool. pink and yellow fabric. lace, pink and silver ribbon. bead and gems. fishing line. birth certificate. glue and double adhesive tape. face stencil. coloured pencils. detailed instructions.

  • Dolls House Furniture
    Dolls House Furniture

    A Dolls house is a great centre-piece for young children, promoting social interaction, and inspiring imaginative play as they bring the dolls' house to life with play. This wonderful range of furniture will accessorise any of our Doll's Houses - and make it a home! Age 3 Years +

  • Dolls Play House with Furniture and Dolls
    Dolls Play House with Furniture and Dolls

    A charming dolls house complete with furniture and miniature dolls with a circular central window and elegant front door with pillars and flanked with painted bay trees with tiny birds perched in the foliage.

  • Dress Up Princess Doll
    Dress Up Princess Doll

    This playful and clever toy was made by Manhattan Toys and was included on the ASTRA Best-For-Kids Toy List.

  • Fairy Tale Doll House
    Fairy Tale Doll House

    Encourage imaginative play with this beautiful wooden heart shaped doll house. The roof can be removed and the front panel opens allowing easy access to play with the figures inside their house. Doll house includes 2 figures, 2 trees, 1 welcome sign, 1 table and 2 chairs.

  • Fairy Tale Doll Set by Bigjigs
    Fairy Tale Doll Set by Bigjigs

    Children will love this friendly fairy tale family from Bigjigs. Including a king, queen, prince and princess, the set is ideal for imaginative roleplay and story telling, and will become a firm favourite.

  • Gotz Doll Happy Kidz Kate
    Gotz Doll Happy Kidz Kate

    I think this Happy Kidz Gotz doll Katie is one of my favourites! In fact I am so tempted to buy one for you think I am too old???? Katie has beautiful soft hair which is tied up in a ponytail. To be fashionably dressed at play, she has is dressed in a flowery top and contrasting trousers. Gotz are renowned for their high-quality dolls hair with a natural appearance. The hair is sewn into the doll's head and is very durable. Children can wash it easily styled, and comb.e perfect cuddlable...

  • Harry, our Traditional Rag Doll
    Harry, our Traditional Rag Doll

    Harry, our Traditional Rag Doll Harry, our gorgeous rag doll. Comforting, cheerful, cherished; brighten up little lives. Let Harry rag doll open their minds. Let’s play! Price: £11.50 Availability: In Stock 0 reviews | Write an awesomeness review Cuddle up! Cuddle up! Harry is the coolest traditional rag doll on the block in his oh so cool outfit. Harry, with his gorgeous face and touchy-feely, curly hair, is ready to make his grand entrance into your life. Let him help create fun times, special...

  • Hasbro Sindy Dolls
  • Hove Dolls House
    Hove Dolls House

    Add to Cart: This pretty fold out wooden dolls house is compact enough for children to carry around on a day out yet is still packed full of features to inspire imaginative role play games. Suitable for 10cm tall fashion dolls (not included), this three storey wooden dolls house features pretty print detail throughout the kitchen/diner, lounge and bedroom - perfect for helping children act out stories and inspiring their imaginations. The wooden dolls house folds closed for portability and...

  • Japanese Dolls To Make
    Japanese Dolls To Make

    Make 5 beautiful Kokeshis with this fantastic paper toys craft kit. Follow the step by step instruction booklet to push out the perforated pieces, then carefully fold and stick them together. A Kokeshi is a traditional Japanese wooden doll. This fun paper modelling kit includes beautifully illustrated paper to make your own Kokeshi doll paper models for imaginative play or display. (Glue not included)

  • Kidkraft Doll Family of 7
    Kidkraft Doll Family of 7

    The Kidraft Doll family will feel right at home in any dollhouse! It's so much fun to bend and pose these dolls and make believe they are a real-life family Features: Includes mom, dad, 3 kids and 2 grandparents Dolls are approximately 12 cm tall No assembly required" MPN: 65202

  • Kidkraft Dolls House Townhouse
    Kidkraft Dolls House Townhouse

    Our Teatime Townhouse allows young girls to play and explore in a whole new world without leaving the house

  • MGA Lalaloopsy Doll
    MGA Lalaloopsy Doll

    Charlotte Charade was once a rag doll who magically came to life when her very last stitch was sewn. She's a real performer who never talks, but always has a lot to say. She loves the colours black and white, but her favourite colour is see through! She has articulated head, arms and legs and her shoes and clothes can be removed for play.

  • Mine to Love Drink & Wet Doll
    Mine to Love Drink & Wet Doll

    Little ones will love cuddling with this Mine to Love Drink & Wet Doll. This baby doll has open-and-close eyes, can "drink" from her bottle, and can sit on her very own potty chair. She also comes with a dummy and a pink-trimmed, self-stick diaper. Dressed in a cute, gingham and flowered sundress, knickers and matching bonnet, Annie will be a lovable addition to anyone's doll family.

  • Personalised Rag Doll - Brunette
    Personalised Rag Doll - Brunette

    Item description Show full descriptionShow short description This beautiful rag doll comes with gorgeous brown hair and pretty pink dress and can be personalised with your child’s name. Allow 14 days for delivery See our Terms & Conditions for personalised items. This personalised rag doll is the perfect gift for your special little girl. This doll is designed to be soft and cuddly to make sure your little one has a safe and comforting toy to play with and cherish. This beautiful doll comes with...

  • Pink Wooden Doll's House Including Furniture
    Pink Wooden Doll's House Including Furniture

    Product Description This pink wooden doll’s house with furniture is a wonderful toy for your child and friends to play with Once built, the solid free standing pink wooden house is a beautifully constructed house ready to provide endless fun. Design - The house has been designed and detailed to encapsulate the feeling of modern housing with its 3 story, three bedroom layout. Double Opening Doors and Removable Roof - Your child will be able to interact with the house easily with its double opening...

  • Rag Doll Nurse by Powell Craft
    Rag Doll Nurse by Powell Craft

    This beautiful Rag Doll from Powell Craft is dressed as a nurse in a white apron, white hat and blue gingham dress. She's 40cm high, and is suitable for children 3 years and older only. Each order is posted out to you along with a copy of our latest brochure and little Thank you treat.

  • Topsy Turvy Doll™ Princess
    Topsy Turvy Doll™ Princess

    Reversible doll with characters in contrasting outfits. Night Princess in midnight blue taffeta and organza with sparkling stardust and silver crown flips to Day Princess in golden yellow taffeta with organza sunray overlay, golden crown and secret jingle bell. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, Parents Magazine Toy of the Year, Amazing Toy Award, TTT - Toy Tips Tested and Trusted. Specifications for Topsy Turvy Doll™ Princess Age 2+ years Height 15 inch Care Surface Wash Award...

  • Wooden Dress-Up Doll Toy
    Wooden Dress-Up Doll Toy

    Product Description Details This pretty little dress-up doll set is a must for any child with a dolls house and even for those without! The doll is housed in an attractive wooden `wardrobe` and includes 4 changes of pretty clothes accessories and clothes hangers. The doll is made of wood and has movable arms and legs. The clothes will fit any existing `doll`s house` dolls.

  • Wooden Family Doll Set
    Wooden Family Doll Set

    These seven wooden play figures feature flexible limbs. Family includes grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, daughter, son and baby!