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  • 1 ticket train to Brussels (01/03)
    1 ticket train to Brussels (01/03)

  • Train To Brussels
    Train To Brussels

    Some of the great places to visit are The Grand Place a UNESCO World Heritage site situated in the heart of Brussels. Built in the 13th century visitors will marvel at the architecture as they wander round the square and the Hotel de Ville is probably the finest examples and a tour inside will reveal fine tapestries and pieces of art. The square has fine terraced cafes allowing you time to sit and watch Brussels go by and in the summer spectacular flower festivals will brighten any day. The King...

  • Trains to Amsterdam
    Trains to Amsterdam

    With Eurostar and Thalys it's easy to head to Amsterdam, Schiphol or Rotterdam via Brussels. With a simple change of trains in Brussels-Midi station you'll enjoy a high speed journey all the way to the Netherlands. Journey time from Brussels to Rotterdam is around 1 hour 10 minutes and 1 hour 52 minutes to Amsterdam.

  • Train to Luxembourg
    Train to Luxembourg

    Getting the train to Luxembourg is both cheap and easy if you book in advance . There are two main ways to get the train to Luxembourg, firstly via Paris taking the Eurostar and a high speed TGV – prices start at £67.50 if you book in advance. Alternatively get the train to Luxembourg via Brussels: book your ticket to Brussels first, for as little as £59 RETURN! This Eurostar ticket will entitle you to travel all over Belgium - so next book a ticket to Luxembourg from Arlon, Belgium (this is...

  • Train to Salzburg
    Train to Salzburg

    Salzburg, gateway to the Austrian Lake District is filled with stunning baroque architecture and is easy to reach by train from London. There are a variety of ways to get the train to Salzburg; one of the most popular is take a Eurostar and a TGV train via Paris and Strasbourg. Travellers from London can also go via Paris and either Zurich or Munich, or via Brussels and Frankfurt, so you can extend your trip from lots of European cities to spend a few days in Salzburg. Travel time from London...

  • Train to Berlin
    Train to Berlin

    Berlin is a vibrant city with over 300 clubs, and 7,000 restaurants and bars, the city is constantly changing, and the imprints from Berlin’s rich history can be seen and explored all over the city. Getting the train to Berlin is easy from London, via the Eursostar to Brussels, and a Thalys or ICE train changing at Cologne travel time is around 9 hours 30 minutes, prices start at £150.

  • Europe Sightseeing Train Tours - Free & Easy Daytrip to Brussels
    Europe Sightseeing Train Tours - Free & Easy Daytrip to Brussels

    BRUSSELS - On arrival please make your way by taxi or the metro to the Central station (5 minutes) and you will find the departure point for De Boeck Visit Brussels Line outside the station. Your open top bus tour is valid for 24 hours and departs every 30 minutes so you can hop on and off as often as you please and enjoy Brussels at your own leisure.You will be able to see the Common Market building, Art Nouveau Architecture and many more attractions before returning to Central Station. Belgium...