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  • Rwanda (Bradt Travel Guides) Book
    Rwanda (Bradt Travel Guides) Book

    Author: Philip Briggs. With an emphasis on eco-tourism, there is a dedicated chapter to each of the national parks outlining all the practicalities: how to get there, how to obtain a permit; where to spot wildlife; how to identify flora; and how to identify the best trips offered by tour operators. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841624181. Published: 26/11/2012. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages: 328.

  • North Cyprus (Bradt Travel Guides) Book
    North Cyprus (Bradt Travel Guides) Book

    Author: Diana Darke. Rugged North Cyprus offers charming unspoilt villages, deserted beaches and hidden monasteries - things of the past in the developed south. Revised and expanded, the seventh edition of North Cyprus reveals churces, castles, classical ruins and newly accessible sites. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841623726. Published: 08/03/2012. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages: 192.

  • Macedonia (Bradt Travel Guides) Book
    Macedonia (Bradt Travel Guides) Book

    Author: Thammy Evans. With unspoilt mountains, lakes and spas, traces of old communism, and friendly hospitality at rural boutique hotels, it's not hard to see why Macedonia is quickly becoming a favourite among tourists. The wines are rich, the history steeped, and the culture varied. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841623955. Published: 23/05/2012. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages: 384.

  • Jordan (Bradt Travel Guides) Book
    Jordan (Bradt Travel Guides) Book

    Author: Carole French. With its stunning Red Sea resorts and Blue Flag beaches, world famous heritage sites, deserts and sophisticated capital, Jordan is an increasingly popular holiday destination.Bringing this fabulous country to life through words, Carole French discusses Jordan's history and culture, eco projects, wildlife and marine life, desert treks and markets. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841623986. Published: 03/07/2012. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages...

  • Bradt Travel Guides Nigeria Book
    Bradt Travel Guides Nigeria Book

    Author: Lizzie Williams. The chaos of Lagos, one of the world's most populous cities, often overshadows the rich offerings found elsewhere in Nigeria. Lizzie Williams' engaging style brings alive the many cultural events such as the Abuja carnival and the horse-riding Durbar festivals. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841623979. Published: 24/09/2012. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages: 352.

  • Amsterdam (Berlitz Pocket Travel Guides)
    Amsterdam (Berlitz Pocket Travel Guides)

    This long-established series of pocket travel guides has been revised and updated. An A-Z section provides access to key information, and expanded contents include sightseeing, accommodation, restaurants and shopping. The cover flaps carry maps and feature help with essential points of language. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------------------

  • Delhi: Holiday FM Travel Guides Audiobook
    Delhi: Holiday FM Travel Guides Audiobook

    As you step out of New Delhi airport, it's hard to figure out what is more overwhelming - the intense heat that immediately washes over you, or the swarms of taxi touts blocking your path. Pushing your way through the hordes may be a little intimidating, but don't take up their offers of cheap fares. Instead, head just outside the main exit to the pre-pay taxi desk. From here, you can book up a ride to anywhere in New Delhi. You should be on your way in a matter of minutes, which is just enough time...

  • London (Eyewitness Travel Guides) by Michael Leapman
    London (Eyewitness Travel Guides) by Michael Leapman

    Your holiday starts here! The updated edition of the London version of this popular travel series from Dorling Kindersly, essential information broken down by area with survival tips and travellers needs from what plug you need to the best shops and restaurants. full colour throughout and easy to use 3-D ariel views to give you instant access to districts, street and buildings.

  • Malta & Gozo - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)
    Malta & Gozo - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)

    We are going on holiday to Gozo and were looking for a book that contained enough detail about this smaller island to be worth buying (most books seem to focus too heavily on the main island of Malta). Rix maintains a good balance between the two islands and there is enough detail about Gozo to make the purchase worthwhile. She introduces the islands with a summary of their history and culture, which is contextually important when subsequently reading about the many heritage sites on the islands...

  • Naples & Amalfi Coast Footprint Travel Guides
    Naples & Amalfi Coast Footprint Travel Guides

  • New Holland Globetrotter Travel Guides
    New Holland Globetrotter Travel Guides

    Individual titles also have a separate, pull-out overview map in the back pocket of the guide that serves as a companion to the book itself. An introductory section profiles the destination with details of the land, a brief history, government and economy and the people. Every chapter is summarised in the ‘At-a-Glance’ sections at the end of each chapter. There is also a Travel Tips section at the back of each guide providing practical guidance and information on tourist information services, entry...

  • Transylvania « Bradt Travel Guides
    Transylvania « Bradt Travel Guides

    With more pyramids than Egypt, and rock gongs and engravings (petroglyphs) that are 7000 years old, Sudan has one of the richest and least-explored histories of the continent. Bradt’s fully-revised edition of Sudan provides the most practical advice on getting around, with additional maps, new photographs and the most up-to-date security information on all areas, including Darfur and Blue Nile states. As the largest country in Africa, it is often described by its people as being the whole of Africa...

  • Bradt Travel Guides - Maldives (4th Edition) Book
    Bradt Travel Guides - Maldives (4th Edition) Book

    Author: Ellis, Royston. Attracting jetsetters, honeymooners and those in search of a safe, stylish and hassle-free holiday. Expanding air links with Europe have made it the world's preferred playground and this edition includes over 20 new resorts in addition to the 90 already covered. Format: paperback. ISBN: 9781841622668. Published: 23/10/2008. Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides. Genre: Travel Guides. Total pages: 224.


    Pack your bags for a trip through history to visit the great ancient civilisations!Written in the style of a travel guide, this series provides a fun and innovative way to present facts and information on ancient civilisations. "Freestyle Express" titles are designed for 11-15 year old pupils with a reading age of 8 years, using simplified, levelled text and an attractive layout with a clear sequence, making it easy for the less confident reader to follow. They can be used in the classroom or library...

  • Travel Writing and Guides - North America and Canada
    Travel Writing and Guides - North America and Canada

    - newest titles are at the top. There are 14 books in this booklist

  • London (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) by Eyewitness
    London (Eyewitness Top 10 Travel Guides) by Eyewitness

    Save yourself time and money with the "Top 10" London guide containing dozens of top ten lists and corresponding detailed maps and hundreds of photographs to make your trip memorable. No matter whether you are travelling first class or on a tight budget, you will be able to plan a day in any area of interest whether it is history, art or shopping. With up to date insider knowledge of what is happening day and night, you will have the time of your life in London.

  • Malawi - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)
    Malawi - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)

    This is the only standalone guidebook to the self-styled "Warm Heart of Africa". Accessible, affordable and tranquil, Malawi is dominated by the scenic splendour of Lake Malawi, running for 500km through the Great Rift Valley. Elsewhere are numerous little-visited mountains, forests, game reserves and rock art sites. This updated covers everything from wildlife viewing and lakeshore idylls to the best lodgings and eateries for all budgets as well as several significant political changes. Important...

  • Mexico (Marco Polo Travel Guides)
    Mexico (Marco Polo Travel Guides)

  • nigeria « Bradt Travel Guides
    nigeria « Bradt Travel Guides

    The Mascarene Isles are renowned for their desert island charm  but those who look beyond the clichés will discover the unique cultural and ecological riches of each island. Now in its eighth edition, Bradt’s guide is unrivalled for practical advice and attention to detail and continues to be the most comprehensive English-language guide on the Mascarene Islands. This new edition contains in-depth information on flora and fauna, including updated information on the progress of the islands’ various...

  • Trailblazer Adventure Travel Guides
    Trailblazer Adventure Travel Guides

    Trailblazer’s Adventure Travel Guide series encompasses a range of guides dedicated to adventurous activities in a range of worldwide destinations. The series includes outdoor activities such as cycling, motorcycling and overland treks through a wide variety of demanding landscapes, including the Himalaya, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, the Sahara and the Silk Road. Each title in the series provides comprehensive pre-trip advice, including guidance on choosing a bike or mode of transport, route options...

  • Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Pocket Parks Guide: 2012 by Birnbaum Travel Guides, 9781423138648
    Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Pocket Parks Guide: 2012 by Birnbaum Travel Guides, 9781423138648

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  • com/shop - Buy car accessories, maps, atlases, travel guides and more online
    com/shop - Buy car accessories, maps, atlases, travel guides and more online

    About this product This beautiful book showcases the shortlisted and winning photographs from the first major Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. 'Take a view', the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, is the brainchild of Charlie Waite, one of today's most respected landscape photographers. Together with AA Publishing, he has created this prestigious competition and award. With a total prize fund exceeding GBP 20,000, plus a six-week exhibition at the National Theatre in London...

  • Italian Phrase Book (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books)
    Italian Phrase Book (Eyewitness Travel Guides Phrase Books)

    Description Quick, easy-to-use and a perfect size to fit in your pocket, this work is organized by subjects such as everyday phrases, hotels, and travelling around. It uses a simple system of imitated pronunciation.

  • Namibia (Lonely Planet Travel Guides) by Deanna Swaney
    Namibia (Lonely Planet Travel Guides) by Deanna Swaney

    Price comparison results for Deanna Swaney - Namibia (Lonely Planet Travel Guides) are listed below. The cheapest price including postage is listed first, this assumes that the purchase does not qualify for free delivery. Many of the retailers offer free delivery above a certain total order value. If you are thinking of purchasing more books than just Deanna Swaney - Namibia (Lonely Planet Travel Guides) it may be that the top (cheapest) price is not necessarily the best. ...

  • Tuscany (Travel Guides S.)
    Tuscany (Travel Guides S.)

    Book Title: Tuscany (Travel Guides S.). Author: No Author. ISBN: 1841590436. Publisher: Everyman Guides. Year Published: May 31, 2001. Status: Sold - We are currently out of stock for this title.

  • lizards « Bradt Travel Guides
    lizards « Bradt Travel Guides

    This book is based on four trips I took to Madagascar between 1993 and 1997. These journeys took me right around the country, from the rainforest of Nosy Be in the northwest, to the mountainous peninsula at Fort Dauphin in the southeast; from the heart of vanilla country on the northeast coast, to the scorching spiny desert of the southwest. Along the way I joined four scientists—a herpetologist, a paleoecologist, an archeologist, and a primatologist—as they sought to solve some of the foremost mysteries...

  • Serbia - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)
    Serbia - Bradt Travel Guides (Paperback)

    One of the most misunderstood corners of Europe, Serbia is a spirited and fascinating country. Belgrade and second city Novi Sad are lively, cosmopolitan and welcoming, while rural Serbia, with its hidden monasteries and breathtaking countryside, is an undiscovered gem. This edition of the guide features the burgeoning music festival scene, bird-watching, wine-tasting and Serbia's growing litany of sporting stars such as Novak Djokovic. This edition includes a new section on the Danube cycling route...

  • Walking Palestine (Signal Travel Guides)
    Walking Palestine (Signal Travel Guides)

  • belize « Bradt Travel Guides
    belize « Bradt Travel Guides

    The camels were sprawled, knees tucked under, along the shore in the shimmering heat haze. In profile they were like throwbacks to prehistory, deeply unbeautiful but aloof, noses held high. They were chewing busily with their rubbery lips, but were otherwise motionless in the unbearable heat. A goatherd flicked each of them with his stick, summoning them to join another group of camels that were already roped together along the beach and being loaded with boxes of vegetables and dried fish. The camels...

  • 2013 October « Bradt Travel Guides
    2013 October « Bradt Travel Guides

    The world’s newest country, South Sudan is an exciting and beguiling destination beginning to define itself both domestically and internationally. The hectic energy of the capital Juba, white-water rapids on the Nimule river and the remarkable biodiversity and animal migrations in the country’s five national parks combine to offer an African experience quite unlike any other.