Tuin Arbour With Planters
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  • Tuin Trellis Arbour with Planters
    Tuin Trellis Arbour with Planters

    Tuin is a Dutch garden product company well established in Holland and the UK. This Pergola Arch is made from the highest quality timber kiln dried and slow grown from sustainable sources FSC certified. This process results in a tight grain with a resistance to rot and movement. This product has been manufactured using pressure treatment. This process is often referred to as tanalising and is far superior to any process where wood is only dipped or has a base coat applied. Tanalising involves impregnation...

  • Trellis Arbour With Planters
    Trellis Arbour With Planters

    Both products we purchased from Tuin were excellent and exceeded our expectations. The log cabins was easy to install and was put up in day. The qualtity and the cut of the wood again was very good. We received our purchase within 10 days and the chap giving techincal support spoke in laymans terms that even if could understand. Marvellous value for money log cabins delivered with good old fashioned customer service. Several of our friends have been inspired to build an extra room fantanstic...

  • The Arbour with Planters
    The Arbour with Planters

    UK Delivery : Delivery is included for the majority of the UK, however for areas such as Scotland, some parts of Wales and Cornwall there maybe an additional delivery charge. Please contact us if this may apply to you.

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  • Tuin Trellis Arbour with Planters
    Tuin Trellis Arbour with Planters

    The Tuin Garden Arch with a Seat flanked by two planters is an absolutely fantastic addition to your garden furniture collection. Featuring a stunning design, this garden arch is perfect for lounging in as a long, hot summer day passes you by, keeping you cool and comfortable no matter what you are doing. Trellis construction is perfect for allowing climbing plants to work their magic. Absolutely magnificent addition to your garden that will immediately find its place no matter what theme your current...