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  • Unitech PA690 Industrial PDA
    Unitech PA690 Industrial PDA

  • Unitech SRD650 Standard Terminal
    Unitech SRD650 Standard Terminal

  • Unitech HT660e Handheld Terminal
    Unitech HT660e Handheld Terminal

  • Unitech HT630 4.5MB with PSU & USB Cable
    Unitech HT630 4.5MB with PSU & USB Cable

  • Unitech MS350 with K/W cable
    Unitech MS350 with K/W cable

    Clearance Product - Product Damage - actual product may vary from images shown. While stocks last.MS350 with K/W cable The MS350 high performance Bluetooth Compatible Linear Imager Scanner reads 1Dcodes and is one of the lightest scanners in its class. Weighing just 180g and able to withstand multiple 1.5m drops to concrete the MS350 is rugged yet compact ideal for continual use in light industrial and retail applications. Main Features: High performance Bluetooth compatible linear imager scanner...

  • Unitech PA500II Enterprise PDA : PA500-0260UADG
    Unitech PA500II Enterprise PDA : PA500-0260UADG

    These portable devices are used in conjunction with an application program to gather information from usually barcoded or tagged items. We supply units with and without barcode scanners, with CE, Pocket PC Windows Mobile (2003 & 2005) or DOS based operating systems and a wide range of keyboards, displays and supporting accessories. These terminals can have diffrent scanning technologies including CCD, Laser, 1D, 2D, Imager, RFID. Our manufacturers include Motorola/Symbol, Hand Held Products, Intermec...

  • Unitech PA600 HF Industrial Mobile Terminal
    Unitech PA600 HF Industrial Mobile Terminal

    Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile/CE 5.0, the PA600 is designed for users who need a compact, yet durable PDA for data collection and real time transactions. Perfect for retail, hospitality, sales automation, and field services, the PA600 has the features to fit any business. Equipped with a large, color LCD touch-screen, integrated laser scanner, 18-key keypad, and 520MHz processor, the PA600 was designed to meet the demands of a variety of data collection applications.

  • Unitech TB100 Unitcare Service
    Unitech TB100 Unitcare Service

    * Special UnitCare program - check terms & conditions www.UnitCare.info

  • Unitech HT630-A000CADG PDA
    Unitech HT630-A000CADG PDA

    Details HT630 Mobile Computer The HT630 mobile computer is designed to meet the demands of various applications, ranging from transportation and warehousing to mobile sales and retail. Rugged and durable, the HT630 can withstand multiple 4-foot drops to concrete and weighs less than 8 ounces. The HT630 provides out-of-the-box functionality with five ready-made common applications. Its ergonomic design includes a 27-key keypad, backlit LCD screen and powerful bar code scanner, making data collection...

  • Unitech PA500 - AX2 NEW
  • Unitech Handsfree stand for MS837
    Unitech Handsfree stand for MS837

  • Unitech PA968 II Industrial PDA
    Unitech PA968 II Industrial PDA

    ‧Integrated linear laser scanner and 2D imager, reads the most common barcode symbologies

  • Unitech PA690
    Unitech PA690

    Who are CBC Computers? Established in 1986, offering ICT services to both the public and private sector... 2011 marked CBC Computer's 25th anniversary. Since its inception in 1986, CBC Computer Systems Ltd has grown steadily and enhanced its business through inspired innovations and technology solutions. Based in Sheffield City Centre, CBC Computer Systems Ltd employs 25 staff, with an annual turnover of more than £10 million. We work closely with local and national government organisations, aswell...

  • Unitech Stylus for PA600 Mobile Computer at Memory Express
    Unitech Stylus for PA600 Mobile Computer at Memory Express

  • Unitech HT680 Handheld Terminal
    Unitech HT680 Handheld Terminal

    The HT680 weighs less than a pound and is ergonomically designed for one-handed operation. The optional gun grip and 12 hour battery life makes the HT680 perfect for scan-intensive applications such as warehousing. Its 22 key backlit keypad makes data entry

  • Unitech Handheld terminal
    Unitech Handheld terminal

    Designed for the harsh environments, HT682 is rugged enough to withstand multiple 6 feet drop to concrete and equipped with IP65 environmental seal against water and dust. Featuring a great adaptable design, the device provides multiple wireless communications such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n radios for real-time data collection.

  • Unitech HT660E Handheld terminal
    Unitech HT660E Handheld terminal

    The rugged design of the HT660e won’t let you down. Designed for the harshest environments, it can withstand multiple 1.5m (5 feet) drops to concrete and has an IP54 rating safeguarding it from moisture and dust. Productivity is maximized with an 8-hour battery life and data is secured with a 72-hour back up battery. The charging cradle also includes an additional slot for charging an extra battery ensuring a spare is always available to minimize downtime.

  • Unitech Universal Power Supply
    Unitech Universal Power Supply

    Clearance Product - Box damage. 1D barcode applications, high performance laser scan engine with USB cable and stand. The MS835 has a robust design withstanding 1.5 m drops onto concrete, lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Unitech Mounting Kit
  • Unitech EU Power Supply for the HT630
    Unitech EU Power Supply for the HT630

    The HT630 a rugged, mobile hand held barcode terminal with 2.5MB, PSU and USB Cable.

  • Unitech Handfree Stand
  • Unitech HT680 - Stylus
  • Unitech Industrial PDA - PA692
    Unitech Industrial PDA - PA692

    Powered by industrial grade 1GHz TI AM3715 processor and runs on a flexible Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 platform, PA692 delivers the faster performance in highly mobile environments. In addition to 512MB NAND Flash and 512 DDR SDRAM to boast ample internal memory, PA692 also supports microSD expansion with an additional 32GB of storage capacity for data-intensive applications.

  • Unitech MS835 with USB cable and stand
    Unitech MS835 with USB cable and stand

    Designed for a variety of 1D barcode applications, the MS835 offers premium flexibility offering a high performance laser scan engine and different interfaces such as Keyboard Wedge, USB and RS232.

  • Unitech PA550 Enterprise PDA
    Unitech PA550 Enterprise PDA

    The unique PA550 keypad design encompasses a complete line up of individual numeric keys, an ergonomic center-to-center gap between each key to avoid miss typing and programmable independent function/hot keys providing the best data input convenience and comfort to users.