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Urban Decay Lipstick Wanted 3.7g

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  • Urban Decay Lipstick 3.7g - Wanted
    Urban Decay Lipstick 3.7g - Wanted

    A creamy, long-lasting color that provides a wide variety of textures and colors. What it does:Leaving no shade unturned, Urban Decay's huge assortment of colors and textures tempts you to stray from an otherwise predictable palette. The luxuriously creamy formula nourishes and protects lips with vitamins A, C, and E and is infused with a creme-caramel scent and flavor. Hyaluronic spheres (found naturally in the body) are added to stimulate cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines...

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    Urban Decay Requiem Lipstick
    Urban Decay Requiem Lipstick

    A flick of the wrist and slight of hand... lips are sealed with decadently creamy, long-lasting color and a sweet lick of creme caramel. Armed by a menacing dagger, its a weapon of love. Sip your cocktail, flash a devious smirk.... its lipstick with an urban twist, leaving no evidence behind- his collar should be so lucky.

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