Vision T9550HRT Simple Treadmill : 1 results priced between £1,500.00 and £2,000.00

Vision T9550HRT Simple Treadmill

1 Vision T9550HRT Simple Treadmill £1,500.00 £2,000.00 /l/Vision-T9550HRT-Simple-Treadmill
  • Vision T9550HRT Premier Treadmill
    Vision T9550HRT Premier Treadmill

    The Vision T9550 HRT Premier is the top of the range folding treadmill from Vision Fitness offering a more powerful motor, longer running surface area and enhanced orthopedic belt. The Vision T9550 Premier console is loaded with all of the programming features you'll need to achieve your fitness goals. Features: Graphic progress display Heart rate training programme 6 user personal workout calendar. Full-colour LCD display DVD player compatible Full-colour background scenes. PLUS all simple console...

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