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  • QNT Mega Vitek (30 Days Supply)
    QNT Mega Vitek (30 Days Supply)

    Product DescriptionMega-Vitek is an advanced multivitamin and nutrient formula created to support athletic muscular development. This convenient one packet per day formula contains a precise combination of essential vitamins and minerals with a balanced amino acid complex and creatine monohydrate for enhanced muscular performance.Regular intakes of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals have been found to improve metabolism, ceullular function, as well as increase energy levels and shortern recovery...

  • Erna Vitek
    Erna Vitek

    Erna Vitek : Paperback : BiblioLife : 9781116879650 : 07 Nov 2009

  • Macroeconomic Model Spillovers and Their Discontents
    Macroeconomic Model Spillovers and Their Discontents

    The Great Recession underlined that policies in some countries can have profound spillovers elsewhere. Sadly, the solution of simulating large macroeconomic models to measure these spillovers has been found wanting. Typical models generate lower international correlations of output and financial asset prices than are seen in even pre-crisis data. Imposing higher financial market correlations creates more reasonable cross-country spillovers, and is likely to become the norm in policy modeling despite...