Wild Oregano Oil C80
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  • Wild Oregano Oil C80
    Wild Oregano Oil C80

    Sweet Cures Wild Oregano Oil C80 has the highest certified natural carvacrol level of any known oregano oil (without artificially boosting the carvacrol level). Carvacrol is a natural oil in its own right, with properties that fight bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Combined with the other natural antivirals and potent antiseptics and phenol compounds that make up Sweet Cures organic Wild Oregano Oil C80, it makes a compellingly powerful product. Buy Wild Oregano Oil C80 Wild Oregano Oil...

  • Sweet Cures Oregano Oil C80
    Sweet Cures Oregano Oil C80

    You may know, if you are a regular Sweet Cures customer, that we have been recommending P73 Super Strength WIld Oregano Oil for years (for supporting the mucous membranes, and for complex UTIs that are suspected of being caused by multiple strains of bacteria. Finally, we have produced our own version. Our organic hand-picked C80 product (which has been produced to the same demanding standards of purity and strength that you have come to expect from Sweet Cures), is twice as strong as some popular...