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  • WoWo Pull Along Wooden Stacker Toy
    WoWo Pull Along Wooden Stacker Toy

    This beautifully finished wooden toy is handmade in a very traditional way and wonderfully finished. An amazing feature of the dachshund is that the left wheel axes are placed off centre so it appears that the dog is sweetly waddling along when it is pulled. The toy can be taken apart and can be assembled in five pieces, making it even more interesting to play with. The colours are all natural vegetable dyes and a harmless non toxic laquer finsh. The wood is hale wood and is sourced sustainably...

  • Wapsbourne Manor (Wowo Campsite)
    Wapsbourne Manor (Wowo Campsite)

    There are three main camping fields at Wapsbourne Manor catering for tents, plus a beautiful wooded area called Tipi Trail. Lower Brooke is the smallest field and is best suited for quiet couples and small families. Being surrounded by tall trees on both sides makes this field feel enclosed and sheltered and so you won't find your fire being blown out while you're cooking. Lower Moat is the biggest camping field with the most pitches, best suited for groups of families together with their children...