Ancol Ergo Straight Scissors
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  • Ancol Ergo Straight Scissors
    Ancol Ergo Straight Scissors

    These are brilliant and so easy to use, I used them on my Cocker Spaniel and they're perfect for shaping his bib & skirts, I would highly recommend these to anyone who grooms their dog themselves.

  • Ancol Ergo Straight scissors
    Ancol Ergo Straight scissors

    Details Online fo Equine offer the Ancol Ergo Straight Scissors.Made from tempered steel these scissors are ideal for general trimming.

  • Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors
    Ancol Ergo Safety Scissors

    Specially designed rounded tips ensure safety when trimming Ideal for safe trimming of delicate areas Designed to trim around the eyes and face safely

  • Ancol Pet Products Ergo Thinning Scissors
    Ancol Pet Products Ergo Thinning Scissors

    Ancol range of scissors and nail clippers are specifically designed for cats, dogs and other pets Made of quality durable materials with modern design and bright colours Quality, professional grade equipment designed to thin out hair Can be used on most breeds of dog Made from tempered steel

  • Straight Scissors
    Straight Scissors

    Long and curly coats Sculpting and trimming coats Removes matts Straight scissors can be used for trimming around the pads, paws and badley matted areas Trimming long and curly haired coats