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  • Orvis Author Distinctive Reading Glasses
    Orvis Author Distinctive Reading Glasses

    With its small lens, the Author can be worn low on the nose or flush to the face. The smaller styling makes it suitable for both men and women. Tortoise front with black temples. Frame: 4¾"W, Lens: 1"H x 1⅜"W. These distinctive reading glasses are handcrafted with top-grade optics and flexible hinges to stay comfortably in place all day. UV-protective lenses. Hard eyeglass case included. All available in 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5 magnifications.

  • Author, Author [1982] [DVD]
    Author, Author [1982] [DVD]

    Release Date: 2005-01-03, Rating: Parental Guidance

  • Great Authors: Dickens [DVD] [1999] [NTSC]
    Great Authors: Dickens [DVD] [1999] [NTSC]

    Release Date: 2003-09-18, Rating: Exempt

  • The Author of Love
    The Author of Love

    This devotional will carry you through a year in the life of you and God. What would Jesus do? What would you do? Are you doing the right thing? Does all this really matter? Do you know the difference between godly love and worldly love? At the end will you know God to speak rightly about him. Joc Anderson will introduce you to a God, who is rather unlike any of these characterizations, and in doing so, he will open your eyes and ears to a God who is at once your staunchest supporter and your best...

  • A Village Mystery - Mystery Author
    A Village Mystery - Mystery Author

    Each stamp in the quirky ‘A Village Mystery’ range includes fine-looking hand-drawn images that are inspired by celebrated, fictional detectives! Beautiful A6 unmounted rubber stamp. Hand-drawn by Sheena Douglass. Includes 6 individual stamps. Create enchanting craft projects with this fantastic stamp. This stunning A6 A Little Bit Sketchy stamp set has been designed and hand-drawn by Sheena Douglass, and is great value for money with 6 individual stamp images. This festive A Little Bit Sketchy...

  • About The Author
    About The Author

    Ans. The working of SSL certificate is very simple. When a user enters a web page into the browser having (https://) protocol, the web server sends the public key with the certificate, and is checked by the browser and finds that it was issued by a third trusted party and is valid. When it is confirmed, the public key is used by the browser create an encryption key and directs it with an encrypted URL and data to the server. When the web server receives the request it decrypts it using the private...

  • About the author eBook (PDF)
    About the author eBook (PDF)

    Albania's unspoilt mountain scenery, cultural sites and beaches mean it is becoming increasingly popular with a growing number of UK travellers. This affectionate guide to Albania covers the length and breadth of the country, discovering remote villages and out-of-the-way towns such as Peshkopia and Erseka. Visitors will find detailed information on wildlife, national parks, hiking routes, and beaches. For those interested in the culture and history, there is more on the main archaeological sites...

  • AUTHOR and writer, AUTHOR and writer Coffee Mug
    AUTHOR and writer, AUTHOR and writer Coffee Mug

    This customizable AUTHOR and writer, AUTHOR and writer Coffee Mug is designed on the mug and would interest those who like write, writer, writing, blog, blogging, author, and book stuff.

  • Author First Name
    Author First Name

    Rising from the position of the chief of o­ne of the twelve Sikh confederacies in the eighteenth century Panjab, Ranjit Singh was the first Panjabi ruler who established a vast empire in North India, which extended from the Khyber Pass in the North West, Sutlej in the East, deserts of Sind in the South and China and Tibet in the North. Because of his benevolent policies the Maharaja endeared himself to his subjects, a majority of whom were other than his co religionists. Through his genius Ranjit...

  • Author Profile: Rabbi Lawrence Troster
    Author Profile: Rabbi Lawrence Troster

    Cover: Illustration by Michael Morgenstern

  • Author: A.Adams & C.Newton
    Author: A.Adams & C.Newton

    The fascination of sumo lies in its combination of conflict and ceremony, of aggression and religious ritual. This informative book gets right in behind the action and the culture. It captures - in words and images - the essence of both aspects, and explains both the past as well as the present of this quintessentially Japanese sport. Colour plate photographs. Hardback. 82 pgs.

  • Author: Falls, Capt. C
    Author: Falls, Capt. C

    Details Held to be the best written of all the official histories of operations on the Western Front begins with a review of the allied prospects for 1917 as discussed at the Chantilly Conference and then covers the first five months of 1917: the operations on the Ancre in Jan/Feb the German withdrawal and the British Arras Offensive April - May 1917 Vimy the battles of the Scarpe (3) of Bullecourt (2) and of Arleux.

  • Authors and Owners New ed
    Authors and Owners New ed

    The notion of the author as the creator and therefore the first owner of a work is deeply rooted both in our economic system and in our concept of the individual. But this concept of authorship is modern. Mark Rose traces its formation in 18th-century Britain - and in the process highlights still current issues of intellectual property. ""Authors and Owners"" is at once a look at an important episode in legal history and a contribution to literary and cultural history.

  • Authors cover signed Monica Dickens
    Authors cover signed Monica Dickens

    Quick Facts: Authors cover signed Monica Dickens is a Commemorative Cover Issue date : 9th July 1980

  • Balmer atlas authors
  • Charlotte Bronte British Author - Giclee Print
    Charlotte Bronte British Author - Giclee Print

    Charlotte Bronte British Author - - Giclee Print from

  • CIA - Consultancy for Independent Authors - Getting Started
    CIA - Consultancy for Independent Authors - Getting Started

    Add fire-power to your pre-launch activity:. Create a database, including personal contacts you may have, to launch-by-area or to a nominated community or target group. Creation of relevant press release to that area or target group. Work with you to create optimal promotional material. Submission of press release to agreed database. This includes us making two follow-up phone calls before passing it onto yourself to pursue if you believe there is value in doing so. Promote the book to the trade...

  • December WoW Wallchart – Author
    December WoW Wallchart – Author

    This colourful and creative wallchart depicts the many different areas of work a career in creative writing can take you - from TV shows to magazines to the world of fiction!

  • Famous Authors: Bernard Shaw - A Concise Biography
    Famous Authors: Bernard Shaw - A Concise Biography

    Documentary overview of the life, work and background of George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950). Shaw was born in Dublin and at 23 moved to London when where he became a writer and the foremost dramatist of his day.

  • Four Greek Authors (Paperback)
    Four Greek Authors (Paperback)

    The extracts are edited with individual introductions, comprehensive notes and vocabulary.

  • Great Authors: Charles Dickens
    Great Authors: Charles Dickens

    A three-volume documentary set exploring the life and work of the great Victorian novelist. Illustrating how Dickens drew on his experiences for his fiction, the set also includes the 1999 dramatised BBC production of 'David Copperfield'.

  • Great Authors: Charles Dickens
    Great Authors: Charles Dickens

    This comprehensive DVD set explores the life, times and work of Charles Dickens, the great Victorian author. Dickens is undoubtedly one of the great literary geniuses of all time. Yet, there is much about Dickens’ incredible life that remains unknown. His is a fascinating story: from rags to riches, complete with bankruptcy, prison, forced child labour and fame and fortune, overshadowed by guilt and secrecy. This DVD set demonstrates how much Dickens drew upon his own experiences when writing fiction...

  • Horrid Henry's Author Visit
    Horrid Henry's Author Visit

    Short chapters and full-colour illustrations bring a favourite Horrid Henry story to life for newly confident readers.

  • Instant Author - Trick
    Instant Author - Trick

    The PERFECT back of room sales item for your shows! An instant author magic book! The perfect back of room sales item - your own magic book! Great up sell for Birthday Parties!!! Imagine how much money you could make at the end of every show (or online) by selling your own fully illustrated magic book! We make that easy by giving you a professionally written, designed and illustrated PDF of the book that you can Print out and start selling straight away! What's even better is that your name will...

    Free Post Magic
  • James Wood - Authors
    James Wood - Authors

    James Wood was born and grew up in Surrey Hills and has been writing for as long as he can remember. A keen jazz musician, James often finds release in poetry and music and frequently performs both in and around York and his home town - most notably, he is a regular performer at York\'s Poetry and Pints evenings. James\' perspective on existence and poetry makes him label himself as a failure of a 21st Century beatnik. Whether it is the century or the beatnik in him that is failing him he is yet...

  • KISS Guide To Raising a Puppy - Author
    KISS Guide To Raising a Puppy - Author

    Understand how your life and home will change with the arrival of a new puppy. Find out how to choose a good vet. Discover how to deal with behavioural problems such as an over-enthusiastic puppy. Learn how to keep your puppy in peak condition with the best diet and exercise. Anticipate your puppy's first needs and know what to expect as your pet grows up.

  • Learn Magic Instant Author Kit
    Learn Magic Instant Author Kit

    Black & White version half-size (5½ x 8½). Easier to duplicate with clean professionally drawn images. Blank sections on every page to insert your logo and contact info. You'll book more shows when people can contact you. Helpful performing hints and routines. Teach more than just tricks, keep your students interested and engaged. Pages are not numbered, so you can mix and match what you need. Customize the book to fit your teaching style. Over 50 tricks and gags. Plenty to choose from, most...

  • Rare Mintons Moyr Smith Authors Tile
    Rare Mintons Moyr Smith Authors Tile

    A nice example from the rarely found series 'Authors and their works' designed by John Moyr Smith for Minton Hollins in the 1870s.

  • Technical Author Electrical / Mechanical
    Technical Author Electrical / Mechanical

    Aircraft electrical contractors required for ongoing military contracts Working on Tornado aircraft, recent fast jet experience is preferred but Contractor with any recent hands on aircraft experience will be considered....

  • The Author Brown Mode Large
    The Author Brown Mode Large

    This super stylish, 100% genuine brown leather journal is from our popular Author Mode range. Elegantly styled with a stitched detail cover with a handy slot to house your favourite pen.