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  • G5 Cable Motion Multi Gym and Bench
    G5 Cable Motion Multi Gym and Bench

    Whatever your strength training goals, whether it be to build muscle tone, increase your strength or train for specific sports, the G5 motion gym features the variety you need to maximise your workouts for your core, upper and lower body – in an all-in-one package.The 3 v-groove pulley zones allow you to train multiple muscles and joints simultaneously with your feet on the ground. As a result, you can build better balance, enhance coordination, and strengthen the core muscles of your abdomen and...

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  • Power Master Bench (Grey)
    Power Master Bench (Grey)

    Powerful performance at a rock bottom price! Nobody can beat this deal. Do it all on the Power Master Bench...Flat Bench Presses, Inclines, Declines, Military Presses, Leg Work and a variety of dumbbell exercises. Safe solid and secure- with top quality materials, comfortable padding and wide stable base.

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  • Folding Flat/Incline/Decline Utility Bench
    Folding Flat/Incline/Decline Utility Bench

    This bench comes completely assembled in the box. Open it up and get to work. Features 7 adjustment positions for flexibility and comfort. Features transport wheels for easy mobility. Solid and stable, this bench is the perfect dumbell companion.

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  • Preacher Curl Bench
    Preacher Curl Bench

    The best exercise for building thick; crowned biceps is without a doubt the bicep curl. The Powerline Preacher Curl Bench eliminates cheating and elbow stress while providing perfect isolation to hammer your biceps. Features adjustable seat and extra-wide; stable design. Curl Bar; Weights and collars optional

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  • Leg Ext/Curl Bench(Grey)
    Leg Ext/Curl Bench(Grey)

    Training the lower body is crucial for balance, speed and coordination and the best exercises for developing the quadriceps and leg biceps are, without a doubt, the leg extension and leg curl. The machine is designed to allow the user to perform both of these exercise in their traditional upright and prone positions. Weight post is 1" dia.

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  • Flat/Inc/Dec Bench (Grey)
    Flat/Inc/Dec Bench (Grey)

    This versatile free weight bench is the cornerstone of any barbell or dumbbell routine. It works great with our Power Rack and Smith Machine for intense workouts without a spotter. Adjusts from 90 degree(s) Shoulder Press to decline position. Includes T-Bar Leg Hold-down with thick comfortable foam rollers. Features quick; easy; ladder-style back pad adjustment

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  • Life Fitness - G5 Cable Motion Multi Gym & Bench
    Life Fitness - G5 Cable Motion Multi Gym & Bench

    Weight stack: 160lb/73kg. Cable Motion Technology: provides unrestricted, smooth exercises. V-Groove pulleys: 3 zones work the core, upper and lower body. Quick lock cable end attachments: quick and easy exercise changeover. Sound dampening brushings: located between weight plates for quiet movements. Removable bench: for additional training options. Bench adjustments: 6 incline angles. Dock 'n' Lock system: safely locks bench in place. Assembled dimensions: 130 x 137 x 210 (length is 22...

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  • Power Rack System with Lat and Bench
    Power Rack System with Lat and Bench

    Powerline Power RackFire up your workouts on one of the first inventions that allowed weightlifters to workout safely and effectively, the Power Rack! Created several years ago, nearly every gym has why not you? With the wide "walk-in" design there is plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises such as squats, incline, decline, flat and military presses as well as shrugs and calf raises. Complete with 18 positions, two heat tempered lift-offs and two saber style safety rods...

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  • Smith Gym Package 2 (Grey)
    Smith Gym Package 2 (Grey)

    Package 2 includes the following items.#PSM144 Smith Machine#PFID130 Flat/Incline/Decline Bench#PLA144 plate load Lat attachment #PLDA11 Leg Developer (fits on PFID130)#PPA13 Pec Dec Station#PPCA11 Preacher Curl attachment (fits on PFID130)* Weights, collars and Olympic adaptor sleeves are sold separately

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  • Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym
    Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym

    The Kettler Kinetic F3 multi gym has a compact design that enables focusing on precisely-defined and controlled motions providing ergonomically-optimised strength training even for beginners. The Kettler Kinetic F3 multi gym features the 3D FLEXMOTION system to ensure optimal training of the entire body. The station provides a variety of exercise options including bench press, crunches, latissimus pull, leg curls, leg extension and more. The height of the seat is adjustable to several positions to...

  • Life Fitness G5 Multigym with Bench
    Life Fitness G5 Multigym with Bench

    Life Fitness’ G5 Cable Motion Gym System is a versatile multi-functional strength equipment. It incorporates the Cable Motion technology, with which the user can perform regular strength exercises, core workouts, and sports movements, such as golf, baseball or tennis swings. The Life Fitness’ G5 Cable Motion Gym System offers smooth resistance and natural body movements. The quality of the components is excellent, and the machine is very sturdy. It comes with 3 pulley zones, 3 handle attachments...

  • Everlast Home Multi Gym - Grey/Yellow
    Everlast Home Multi Gym - Grey/Yellow

    Weight stack 75kg providing 75kg maximum resistance | Vinyl weight stack | Single ratio cable pulley system Bench press | Butterfly press | Pec dec | Pull-up & Dip Tower | Leg extension | Low rowing Ideal for starters, intermediates and advanced users | fully approved to European Union Standard EN957 Maximum User Weight Limit: 110kg (17st 5lb) | Product Weight: 144kg Home Gym Dimensions: Height: 209cm (83 Inches) x Width: 150cm (59 Inches) x Depth: 164cm (65 Inches)

  • Kettler Axos Fitmaster Multi Gym
    Kettler Axos Fitmaster Multi Gym

    The Kettler Axos Fitmaster multi gym has a weight stack of 60kg (132.3lbs), adjustable in 5kg (11lbs) steps and is designed for the training of all the main muscle groups. It ensures easy changes from bench press to butterfly without the need to adjust and features hand rest foot loops and a biceps curl bar for rope pulley exercises. The multi gym also offers rowing with both arms and is equipped with a height adjustable seat and a padded back rest with an adjustable middle part for rowing motion...

  • Powerline - PHG1500 Multigym - Gloucester ExDemo
    Powerline - PHG1500 Multigym - Gloucester ExDemo

    The PLPHG1500G features the same frame, components as the 1000G but includes a precision machined 160lb weight stack. The plate load attachment allows you to add even more weight to this impressive machine This is the most versatile piece in the Powerline collection. 10 exercise stations are ready and waiting to transform your body to its ultimate form. Perform over 50 exercises like chest press, incline press, pec fly, lat pulldown, leg extensions, leg curls, cable crossovers and much, much more.

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  • Marcy MP1105 Multi Gym
    Marcy MP1105 Multi Gym

    ''The Marcy MP1105 home gym has more than enough resistance for the beginner and intermediate user. You can perform bench press, chest fly, lat pull-down, leg extension, leg curl, seated row, bicep curls, tricep press and upright row. The multi gyms contemporary design gives this Marcy starter equipment that extra touch of style, it has been designed in order to perform a maximum amount of exercises with maximum comfort in a compact area. Features: 2'''' x 2 3/4'''' heavy duty steel tube frame. Vertical...

  • Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym
    Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym

    Details The high quality Kettler Kinetic F3 Multigym offers many different exercises to work the main muscle groups but in a compact design. Exercises include butterfly, bench presses, rowing, lattisimus pull-down station, leg curler, crossover and curl exercises. The 3D flex system feature ensures optimum and varied workout. All ropes are tear-resistant polyester of plastic coated. The seat height is adjustable with 3 section back cushioning. >

  • (FOMG46) - Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym
    (FOMG46) - Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym

    * 3D Flexmotion which allows you to adjust the side cable bars to various angles. * 80kg Weight stack. * Adjustable bench press arms. * Seat height adjustment. * Bottom leg roller adjustment. * Top leg roller adjustment. * Full stretch Lat pulldown. * Pop pin cable stretch adjustment.

  • Bodycraft GX Multi Gym
    Bodycraft GX Multi Gym

    Features Bench Press station with adjustable starting point. This allows for different size users and also provides a variety of exercises including bench press, incline press, shoulder press and mid row.

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  • Inspire Fitness M5 Multi Gym
    Inspire Fitness M5 Multi Gym

    The Inspire Fitness M5 multi gym has a dual weight stack (2 x 95kg /210lbs) to enable 2 persons to exercise at the same time and, apart from being highly functional, it also features a robust construction with a commercial 11 gauge steel frame, nylon pulleys and a 2000lb tensile strength cable. One of the stations offers a fixed and cable motion multiple position bench press and pec dec facility, whereas the other provides a height adjustable preacher curl facility using the lower cable and a standard...

  • Inspire M5 Multi Gym
    Inspire M5 Multi Gym

    Quick Overview The Inspire M5 is the twin stack (2 user) version of the impressive M range of multi gyms. It has traditional and iso-lateral training options, a fully adjustable bench unit and even a dedicated preacher curl pad, which doubles up as the leg brace for lat exercises. The dual 95kg cast weight stacks allow for 2 people to train simultaneously. A truly innovative unit with great build quality. Upholstery & shrouds come in Charcoal black colour.

  • Marcy MP2106 Multi Gym
    Marcy MP2106 Multi Gym

    Vertical 2" round steel bench press arms. 2" x 2 3/4" heavy duty steel tube frame. 65kg selectorized weight stack provides up to 92kg resistance. Dual function press arm achieves all pressing exercises (bench, incline, shoulder). Independent motion pec fly arms. High and low pulley stations. Oversized roller pads on leg developer with proper pivot point for correct muscle isolation. 2000 lb. tensile strength aircraft cable system. Durable powder coated finish. 4" pulleys with sealed ball...

  • (FOMG44) - Inspire M4 Multi Gym
    (FOMG44) - Inspire M4 Multi Gym

    * 98kg (215lb) Weight Stack. * Iso-Lateral Lat Pulldown Station. * Iso-Lateral Cable Crossover Station. * Iso-Lateral Fixed and Cable Motion Press Station. * Iso-Lateral Leg Extension and Lying Leg Curl. * Iso-Lateral Upper Pulleys with Adjustable Width. * Supporting Hand Grips on Leg Extension and Leg Curl. * Dual Adjustable Pulleys for Functional Training. * Rotating Bench. * Multi Adjustable Seat and Back Pad. * Full Colour Laminated Wall Chart. * Accessory Straps And Bars. * Orthopaedic...

  • Bodycraft X4 4 Stack Commercial Multi Gym
    Bodycraft X4 4 Stack Commercial Multi Gym

    * Station 1 Functional Training /Cable Arm High Pulley. * Station 2 Cable Column or Inner/Outer Thigh. * Station 3 Row / Press Arm Leg extension Mid pulley. * Station 4 Leg Press. * All Stations Have a 200lb Weight Stack independent of the other Stations. * Bench Press Station with adjustable starting point. * Seat and seat back are adjustable. * Back pad tilts to ensure full support when performing incline and shoulder presses. * Cable Station with adjustable arms allows for a very wide...

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  • ISO 5 Multigym 9 Station (Incl Adj.Crunch bench)
    ISO 5 Multigym 9 Station (Incl Adj.Crunch bench)

    Variable Pulley. Low Pulley. Multi Press. Multi Leg. Dips/ Hip Flexor. Lat Pull Down. Chinning Station. Crunch Bench. Multiple Pulley.

  • Lifefitness G7 Multi Gym with Adjustable Bench - Installation Free on this product
    Lifefitness G7 Multi Gym with Adjustable Bench - Installation Free on this product

    Lifefitness G7 Multi Gym with Adjustable Bench - Installation Free on this product

  • Weider 2990 I Multi Gym - Fully Assembled Manufacturer Return
    Weider 2990 I Multi Gym - Fully Assembled Manufacturer Return

    This item is large & needs to be delivered into garage The Weider 2990I multi-gym offers a good range of exercises enabling you to target a wide range of muscle groups and get the most out of your training. There is a 50kg Shrouded Weight Stack, Multi-Grip Bench Press, 4 Foam Padded Leg Developer for leg extensions and curls and a High Pulley with Lat Bar to specialise your back workout by using a variety of hand positions. This manufacturer return multi-gym comes with Restyle Fitness 6 month warranty

  • Impulse HG5 Multi Gym
    Impulse HG5 Multi Gym

    Details Through its cable motion, optimized pulley zones and removable bench, the HG5 multi gym allows for an endless range of innovative functional strength exercises in a compact design. The Impulse HG5 Multi Gym allows you the freedom to train multiple muscles and joints simultaneously with your feet on the ground. That way you can build better balance, enhance coordination, and strengthen the core muscles of your abdomen and back - the muscles you use every day of your life.

  • (FOMG67) - Inspire BodyLift Multi Gym
    (FOMG67) - Inspire BodyLift Multi Gym

    * Heavy Duty 2" x 4" 11 guage steel frame. * Unique body weight resistance system meaning no clunky weight stacks. * Dual action 4 position press arm allows both fixed motion bench press, shoulder press and seated row as well as cable motion bench press, shoulder press and pectoral fly. * 6 position seat and backrest. * Simple lever resistance system - easy change, one handed adjustment slide.

  • Marcy MP2500 Deluxe Multigym
    Marcy MP2500 Deluxe Multigym

    The MP2500 is both stunning and innovative, the first Marcy gym to include a low pulley station at the side of the gym to save exercise space, as well as dual action press arms allowing for bench, shoulder and incline pressing actions and independent motion pec fly arms.

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  • York Excel Multigym
    York Excel Multigym

    Unfortunately this is unavailable at present. Please call before hand to check stock levels Significant 100kg vinyl weight stack. Fabric mesh wrap around cover. Decline/flat/multi-incline bench press. Seat slides back automatically as it inclines. Shoulder press. Combined multi-position pec and fly arms (which fold back during press).Full height hi-low pulley. Leg extension. Leg curl. Space saving leg press built into main bench. Attachments include: multi-grip lat bar, short bar, ankle strap. Cable...

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