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  • Blood of Europe PC
    Blood of Europe PC

    Product Description Blood of EuropeMedieval Battles of the XIIIth Century Set in the Middle Ages of 1266 AD. The Knights of the Teutonic Order are once again on the move seeking easy prey and looking to engage in some historical battles in this spectacular real-time strategy game. Developed by Unicorn Games, Blood of Europe features advanced graphics based on cutting edge technology with a high level of realism even down to the topology of real battlefields. Features: Advanced graphics based...

  • Blood of Europe (PC DVD)
    Blood of Europe (PC DVD)

    Fight epic RTS battles in the XIII Century Advanced graphics, based on cutting-edge technology, developed by Unicorn Games High level of detail and realism - from equipment and heraldry to the recreated map topology of real battlefields Multiplayer. Dedicated server for online battles will allow everyone to test their leadership skills competing with players from all over the world 8 campaign battle missions, Platforms: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7, ESRB Rating: Mature

  • Field of Glory Companion 2: Storm of Arrows: Late Medieval Europe at War
    Field of Glory Companion 2: Storm of Arrows: Late Medieval Europe at War

    Fight with brave knights, stalwart men-at-arms and deadly archers in the epic battles of the late medieval era with Storm of Arrows, the Field of Glory gaming companion. Command noble and commoner alike as they struggle in armour, mud and blood across the battlefields of Europe, with lance, sword, pike and bow. Complete with organization charts for hundreds of accurately researched troop types, detailed historical overviews and supporting maps and artwork, this addition to the core rulebook will...

  • Blood of Europe (PC CD)
    Blood of Europe (PC CD)

    Platforms: Windows XP Windows Vista, ESRB Rating: Rating Pending