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  • LEGO Technic Twin-rotor Helicopter
    LEGO Technic Twin-rotor Helicopter

    Get your LEGO Technic model building off to a flying start with the 2-in-1 Twin-rotor Helicopter. Featuring linked spinning rotors, an opening cargo door and cool rescue styling, this great model offers just the right level of challenge for first-time builders. It also has a turning front wheel for easy manoeuvring on the ground. Rebuilds into a single-rotor helicopter.145 pieces2-in-1 model: rebuilds into a single-rotor helicopterFeatures linked spinning rotors, turning front wheel, opening cargo...

  • PFM Bladez Outdoor RC Helicopter
    PFM Bladez Outdoor RC Helicopter

    DescriptionReviewsDeliveryWhy us?This pack contains... Become an expert pilot with this powerful outdoor remote control helicopter. Made from metal, it comes with a 3 channel remote control and built in GYRO to provide stable flight control. This model has precise 360° movement and a smooth hovering performance. Counter rotating blades add further realism to the flight performance and let the pilot undertake advanced flight manoeuvres within a 20 metre control range.This model is designed for the...

  • Smart Sky Genius Helicopter
    Smart Sky Genius Helicopter

    Smart Sky Genius Helicopter Treat your loved one to a great interactive toy with this toy helicopter featuring a reliable 2 channel/infra-red control. The helicopter toy will provide hours of fun and makes the perfect gift, benefiting from double propellers. > Toy Helicopter > 2 channel/Infra-red control > Double propellers > Battery operated > Age 14+ -

  • 4CH Carbon Remote Controlled Helicopter
    4CH Carbon Remote Controlled Helicopter

    The Carbon RC helicopter is an ideal entry level 4Ch, single blade RC helicopter. If you want to learn how to fly a single blade helicopter then this is a good choice thanks to its low price and sturdy construction.

  • Clock Work Helicopter - Each
    Clock Work Helicopter - Each

    Our Clock Work Helicopter is perfect for boy's parties! A great prize for pass the parcel, or for a main gift in a party bag.

  • Silverlit Remote Controlled Nano Falcon Helicopter
    Silverlit Remote Controlled Nano Falcon Helicopter

    3-channel indoor heli flies up and down, forward and backward, left and right. Built-in gyro stabilizer makes flying easier. Precise variable speed rotor delivers excellent flying control. Pre-selected tri-band system. Slim design for transmitter. Size H22.86, W15.24, L7.62cm. Batteries required: 1 x rechargeable (included) 4 x AA (not included). For ages 10 years and over. EAN: 4891813846659. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

  • WL Single Blade Helicopter with Gyro
    WL Single Blade Helicopter with Gyro

    Manufacturer: WL

  • Sightseeing Helicopter Flight
    Sightseeing Helicopter Flight

    Enjoy wonderful views as you fly over beautiful scenic towns and villages, presenting you with the ideal photo opportunity! For thirty minutes be transported into another world. Take a thrilling helicopter ride above one of the UK's historic cities. To see them by air is absolutely breathtaking plus you will also take in the beautiful scenery en-route. Flights take place from: Aberdeen Bath & Cotswolds departing from Kemble Beaches & Tower Sightseeing Tour departing from Blackpool Mid Wales...

  • City Heavy-lift Helicopter
    City Heavy-lift Helicopter

    LEGO City Heavy-lift Helicopter

  • Jibbitz Mr. Helicopter
    Jibbitz Mr. Helicopter

    Jibbitz are shoe decortaions that simply pop into the holes in your crocs, fill up all the holes or just one, the choice is yours, have lots of fun decorating your crocs!

  • Handmade Wooden Number Helicopter Puzzle
    Handmade Wooden Number Helicopter Puzzle

    A traditional handmade wooden jigsaw that is designed to encourage colour and number recognition as well as hand-eye coordination. Count your numbers 1 to 10, to put the pieces of the helicopter back together again. Make learning fun with this high quality handmade wooden jigsaw puzzle from wood like to play. This traditional yet funky design encourages colour and number recognition as well as hand-eye co-ordination. Numbered 1 to 10, it can stand for display or lay flat for play. Wood like...

  • Spiderman Rescue helicopter
    Spiderman Rescue helicopter

    Take off with you favourite superhero with this Spiderman rescue helicopter from Marvel With a child safe launch rope and protected blades this flying contraption is designed to be safe as well as fun Marvel Spiderman rescue helicopterComes with launch ropeAges 3. Spiderman Rescue helicopter

  • Ministeck Fire Station Helicopter and Car
    Ministeck Fire Station Helicopter and Car

    The Ministeck building sets are the ideal way for children to develop fine motor skills imagination and dexterity. This Fire Station Car and Helicopter is an exciting set for children to build using the simple and straightforward instructions then have loads of fun playing. The set includes a cool multi-level fire station with a first story control room. There's also two vehicles including a helicopter with a working winch and propellers and a fire car. A number of firemen figures and accessories...

  • Bubble S107P Helicopter
    Bubble S107P Helicopter

    Here is a helicopter that not only has the power of flight, but also produces bubbles to humour all your friends. The Syma Bubble Helicopter uses a 3.7V Li-Poly battery to power 2 main motors and 1 tail motor which gives your Gyro some extreme oomph! Yet its practical 19cm length and light weight make it portable as well as powerful and able to fit in the palm of your hand. The 3 channel system means that you can move your bubble copter anyway you want - left,right, up, down, forward, backward, so...

  • Soldier Force Sky Tandem Helicopter
    Soldier Force Sky Tandem Helicopter

    Take off with this large scale tandem military helicopter with rotating propellers, sounds, drop-down back door, figures, military jeep and accessories.Features lights and sounds. Styles may vary. Batteries included. For 3+ years.

  • RC Micro Helicopter
    RC Micro Helicopter

    Description Lightweight, agile and well constructed, our micro ‘copter is impressively stable and easy to fly. With 3-channel infrared remote control system and gyro technology, the 3" long helicopter flies forwards, backwards, up, down, hovers and even land on a sixpence! Flies indoors or outside in calm conditionsAge 14+Helicopter uses 1 x Li-poly rechargeable battery, inclTransmitter uses 6 x AAA batteries, not incl

  • Switch & Go Dino Velociraptor Helicopter by Vtech
    Switch & Go Dino Velociraptor Helicopter by Vtech

    Transform a helicopter into a velociraptor! LCD screen displays the pilot and dino faces - choose your own. Over 70 sounds and voice phrases teach basic velociraptor and helicopter facts and the propeller can be activated by pressing a button. An LED searchlight is included, and buttons are pressed for facts, sound effects and to launch the missile! VTech Switch & Go Dino Velociraptor Helicopter Features: Requires 2 x 'AA' batteries (not supplied) For ages 3 years and over

  • Postman Pat Deluxe Electronic Helicopter
    Postman Pat Deluxe Electronic Helicopter

    Its Postman Pat to the rescue with his Deluxe SDS Helicopter. Perfect for any special delivery, push the helicopter and watch its propeller spin and headlight switch on as he prepares to take off! The windable winch will help with any heavy packages. Press to hear Pat phrases as well as the SDS theme tune. Comes with pilot Pat and Jess figures. One supplied. Size H17.7, W28.5, D20cm. Batteries required: 2 x AAA (not included). For ages 3 years and over. EAN: 5029736035167. WARNING(S): Not suitable...

  • Lego 60046 Helicopter Surveillance, N/A
    Lego 60046 Helicopter Surveillance, N/A

    Lego: The crooks have arrived at their hideout and are offloading their stash of stolen goods. Help the policeman on a stakeout monitor their every move from the barrel using his camera and special radar. Then use the walkie talkie to call in the police helicopter with its detailed engine, cockpit and rear crew compartment. When it arrives, hover overhead, slide the side door open, attach the policeman to the rope and launch a surprise abseil ambush! And if the crooks try to get away, slap the handcuffs...

  • Scream Deal - Gunner Helicopter (missile firing)
    Scream Deal - Gunner Helicopter (missile firing)

    3 channel military-inspired RC helicopters with built-in gyro six missiles included Powerful LED on nose. Two missile launchers one either side of the nose section. Two cardboard cut-outs of tanks provided for target practice. Full charge time: Approx. 30 minutes, Manufacturer: Double Horse

  • Airfix Quickbuild Apache Helicopter
    Airfix Quickbuild Apache Helicopter

    QUICK BUILD by Airfix - Earn your Airfix wings faster. Quick and simple push fit construction model kit. No paint or glue is required - just decorate with stickers. Display stand included.

  • Sky King Indoor Mini Helicopter
    Sky King Indoor Mini Helicopter

    2 Channel, Infra Red control*Plastic bodyCharges direct from hand setNo assembly required, Ready to flyFunctions: up and down, spin tail left and right*Helicopter has a built in Li-Poly battery*Handset powered by 6 x AA batteries (notincluded)*Dims: 8 x 17 x 3 cm

  • Korda Helicopter Bead
    Korda Helicopter Bead

    The Heli Bead Small ID is specially designed to be used as the top stopper on a helicopter rig. It is designed to fit our Kamo Leaders and can be easily slid on via a baiting needle. A must have for all you helicopter rig fanatics out there.

  • Helicopter Thrill Experience (UK Wide) Gift Wrapped
    Helicopter Thrill Experience (UK Wide) Gift Wrapped

    Nothing else comes close to touching the magic of vertical flight; from the moment you lift into the air to the second the helicopter settles gracefully back on the ground it is an unforgettable experience. Take your seat as the pilot climbs gracefully to over 1,000 feet and accelerates to over 120 miles an hour. You will interact with the pilot via the headset (don 't forget to listen out for air traffic on the radio!), swooping over the landscape and then settling gently back on the ground.

  • Helicopter Flight Experience
    Helicopter Flight Experience

    This amazing form of travel is usually reserved for the rich and famous but now it's your opportunity to get a taste of the high life on this 30 minute helicopter experience. On your experience day you are free to sit back and just enjoy the flight or you can get hands on and have your very own go at controlling this fantastic machine. This is the perfect trial lesson to see if you will get hooked on the buzz of learning to fly.

  • 2.5ch Micro I/R RC helicopter with Gyro
    2.5ch Micro I/R RC helicopter with Gyro

    Suitable for:Indoor and Outdoor Flight; Channel:2.5-Channel; Remote distance (M):over 10m; Helicopter Battery:Li-po; Remote Controller Battery:AA Battery; Flight time (Minutes):6-8mins; Helicopter Charging time (Minutes):30mins; Transmitter:Other; Body Material:ABS; Color:Red,Blue,Black,Yellow; Weight (kg):0.012; Dimensions (cm):1095; Features:Equipped with gyroscope technology for improved stability.; Package Contents:1 Operation Manuel,1 Remote Controller,1 Helicopter

  • Bladerunner 3 Minature Indoor Helicopter
    Bladerunner 3 Minature Indoor Helicopter

    Significantly smaller than the Original BladeRunner 2 Helicopter the brilliant new BladeRunner 3 is really a 3 Channel version of the Mini BladeRunner Chopper!...Offering BladeRunner legendary stability using Patented Twin Rotor Technology this magnificent Mini Helicopter incorporates a horizontal tail rotor to allow backward and forward movement and proportional radio for precise three dimensional control. Superb for super smooth operation in a remarkably small room the bright blue...

  • S33 Giant Gyro Helicopter Blue
    S33 Giant Gyro Helicopter Blue

    The best producers of RC helicopters, Syma, are back with the new Syma S33 helicopter; an almighty chopper with a range of new features. The S33 is a 3 channel helicopter which means it can move in up to six directions: up, down, left, right, forward and backwards. It uses gyro technology to keep the helicopter stable when in flight, which makes it ideal for any novice or RC helicopter expert. There's no issue with glass or walls interfering with the signal between your helicopter and remote control...

  • Double Horse Ufo Helicopter
    Double Horse Ufo Helicopter

    The 9128 UFO can automatically align codes and easily interchange frequency so you can fly multiple helicopters at the same time. Features Unique design and cute appearance Lightweight airframe with nice durability Latest 4 axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity Super stable flight USB charging cable allows to charge by computer Omnibearing flight and stunt performances Feature: Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward, Hovering, Rolling Stunt Specifications Main Rotor Diameter...

  • Helicopter Girl: Angel City
    Helicopter Girl: Angel City