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    Credited with pretty much inventing the indie movement as we know it, labels don’t really get more legendary than London’s Rough Trade Records. The imprint was founded in 1978 by Geoff Travis – two years after he set up the record store of the same name – and championed records by the most promising new acts mobilised by punk’s DIY ethos. From reggae to rock, post-punk to electronica, their eclectic releases brought them huge underground acclaim, before they broke the mainstream in the early 80s...

  • Norman Whai Love Is Overtaking Me
    Norman Whai Love Is Overtaking Me

    beware Arthur Russel fans - proceed with caution - the first half of this cd is dreadful & should have never seen the light of day. home demos in a country-lite style - Mr Russell was known for disgarding mountains of music and will be turning in his grave at the thought that people are paying for this. BUT BUT BUT the second half shows Russell in better form and at his most poppy which is still an odd discordant type of pop - but one that is quite remarkably effective - typically looping cellos...

  • Love Is Overtaking Me
    Love Is Overtaking Me

    TITLE - Love Is Overtaking Me/rITEM- Arthur Russell/rCATEGORY - Replay CD/rDISCS - 1