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  • Carrot Flyaway F1 500 Seeds
    Carrot Flyaway F1 500 Seeds

    natural sweet & British bredThis variety is a popular, naturally sweet, British bred carrot.

  • Grow My First Ever Carrots Seeds
    Grow My First Ever Carrots Seeds

    Grow Your own Kit using superior quality Seeds & soil Everything you need to germinate and grow your own plant included The packaging acts as a stylish pot to grow in Excellent germination rates Clear and easy instructions

  • Carrot Purple Haze F1 Seeds
    Carrot Purple Haze F1 Seeds

    Details Purple Haze Carrots are a modern variety combines great taste with striking looks. Fantastic for creating a new twist on popular dishes. Best eaten raw or only lightly cooked to retain the colours.

  • Ready-to-Plant Organic Chantenay Carrot Seeds
    Ready-to-Plant Organic Chantenay Carrot Seeds

    In order to write a review, you must first login. Sign in Customers reviews (9 reviews). Posted by Georges 11/25/13 Posted by Sophie 6/18/13 Posted by Aurelie 3/29/13 Posted by alsaco54 3/21/13 Posted by Damien 3/18/13 Posted by Audrey 1/26/13 Posted by Aurelie 11/18/12 Posted by Jacques 11/5/12 Posted by Pascal 10/31/12

  • Carrot Nutri-red F1 Seeds
    Carrot Nutri-red F1 Seeds

    Imperator type with 23cm roots, high in lycopene. The flavour, texture and colour are said to be best when cooked. Excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidants.

  • Carrot 'Caracas' - 1 packet (500 carrot seeds)
    Carrot 'Caracas' - 1 packet (500 carrot seeds)

    With its short conical roots, Carrot 'Caracas' is a good choice for growing on heavier soils, and ideal for sowing in containers as 'baby' carrots. 'Chantenay' types are increasingly popular in the supermarket but have been a gardeners' favourite for years. The rich orange flesh of these coreless roots have an outstanding flavour, whether they are eaten fresh or stored for later in the year. Height: 30cm (12"'). Spread: 15cm (6"').

  • Organic Bambino Carrot Seeds
    Organic Bambino Carrot Seeds

    The melt-in-the-mouth sensation when eating home grown baby carrots is hard to beat and the main reason why Bambino is such a popular variety. But there are others; you can sow and grow at almost any time of year (Bambino fits into early, 2nd early and maincrop schedules); you'll get a regular supply if sown in succession and the roots are a glorious deep orange colour and as smooth and slender as a supermodel's legs! Supplied in a packet of 475 seeds.

  • Carrot Nantese of Chioggia 3 - Seeds
    Carrot Nantese of Chioggia 3 - Seeds

    A Nantes carrot from near Venice. Heartless, tender and crunchy root. Mid-early. Rich in Vitamin C which is essential for healthy eyes and skin. Also contains a good quantity of other vitamins. Sow March to July. Pack contains approximately 7000 seeds.

  • Autumn King 2 Carrot Seeds
    Autumn King 2 Carrot Seeds

    Very popular maincrop carrot producing long tapering roots with good flavour. Stands and keeps well. Sew: March - July Harvest: June - November.2000 seeds.

  • Carrot Seeds (Chantenay Red-cored) Pk500
    Carrot Seeds (Chantenay Red-cored) Pk500

    The roots are refined in appearance with small collars, are evenly stumped and have very small rat-tails. The surface of the root is smooth and free from large eyes and side rootlets. The tops are not brittle and are strong enough to bunch easily. The exterior colour is a rich orange. The cores are small and nearly the same as the flesh. Well suited to heavier soils.

  • Carrot Seeds - Eskimo F1
    Carrot Seeds - Eskimo F1

    For early crops sow Amsterdam Forcing or Rocket in frames or under cloches February-March. Start outdoor sowings from early March choosing a warm and well-drained position. For maincrop, sow April-July. Sow into a fine tilth of crumbly earth. Sow seed 1.8cm (¾") deep in drills 23-30cm (9-12") apart. Thin seedlings when the first rough leaves appear, repeating as necessary until plants are 5-7.5cm (2-3") apart. Row 6m (20') or more. Sow thinly to minimise thinning (which can attract Carrot Root...

  • Carrot Seeds - Rondo
    Carrot Seeds - Rondo

    Sow thinly into quality, moist, warm compost in a window box at a depth of 13mm (½"). Gently thin out seedlings if necessary to leave the remainder 3.75cm (1½") apart. Alternatively, grow in blocks, in raised beds or small garden plots to make maximum use of space. Remove surplus seedlings to leave 5cm (2") between plants. Alternatively, sow in rows 15cm (6") apart. A good choice for early crops using fleece or cloches. Sowing: March-July. Harvest: June-November. Cropping: 10-12 weeks.

  • Organic Carrot Seeds - Flyaway
    Organic Carrot Seeds - Flyaway

    These organic 'Flyaway' carrot seeds will produce a good crop of carrots with sweet, smooth skinned orange roots. Bred for resistance to carrot root fly. Delicious eaten raw, just pulled from the earth and washed. In India they use carrots for one of their most popular desserts the Gaajar Kaa Halwaa, a blend of grated carrots cooked in milk until solid and then nuts and butter are added!Carrots are a great source of vitamin A which helps keep our eyes healthy - although if you over-indulge in eating...

  • Packet Carrot Seeds (DR06)
    Packet Carrot Seeds (DR06)

    Sow outdoors Mar-Jun. Harvest Jun- Oct. Seeds Are Counted On Weight So Amount Can Vary. Sow by Dec 2014. 900 Seeds. Easy to grow so ideal for children.

  • Parmex Carrot Seeds
    Parmex Carrot Seeds

    SowingSow March to June. Sow thinly, 1cm (½in) deep in drills 15cm (6in) apart.GrowingThin seedlings when large enough to handle to 5cm (2in) apart to reduce risk from carrot root fly. Can also be sown under cloches in January/February tor earlier cropping.Aftercare Floweringcropping65 Days (Early Summer/Autumn)Plant typeVegetable

  • Wild Carrot Seeds - Photographic Print
    Wild Carrot Seeds - Photographic Print

    Wild Carrot Seeds - Solvin Zankl - Photographic Print from

  • Carrot Yellowstone Seeds
    Carrot Yellowstone Seeds

    Carrot Yellowstone seeds produce very sweet, unusually coloured carrots. They have long smooth skinned roots with great flavour and colour. Carrot Yellowstone is very vigorous and performs well in most soils and also stores well. Carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A and antioxidants.

  • Carrot 'Yellowstone' - 1 packet (1500 carrot seeds)
    Carrot 'Yellowstone' - 1 packet (1500 carrot seeds)

    Unusual canary yellow carrots that will certainly brighten up any plate. The long, smooth roots of Carrot 'Yellowstone' reach up to 20cm (8"') in length. This delicious, full-flavoured variety is at its best eaten raw or roasted for the sweetest taste. Height: 30cm (12"'). Spread: 15cm (6"')

  • Carrot - Cosmic Purple - 10g Seeds
    Carrot - Cosmic Purple - 10g Seeds

    A medium sized variety with a purple skin and orange flesh. Very sweet

  • Carrot - Ideal Red Seeds
    Carrot - Ideal Red Seeds

    Carrot 'Ideal Red' is an early summer fast maturing Early-Nantes type, ideal to pull as finger carrots. Roots are a uniform, rich-orange colour and wonderfully tender and delicious. Delivered Within 7 - 10 Days FeaturesRHS Award of Garden MeritWill flower well in full sunVarieties that, in our selector's opinion, have exceptional flavour

  • Carrot Baladis F1 Seeds
    Carrot Baladis F1 Seeds

    A new Nantes-type hybrid with a very bright future, Baladis F1 yields uniform roots reaching almost 20cm/ 8in in length. Add to this excellent internal and external colour, a fine core and no tendency to become 'green shouldered'. High yielding and smooth rooted, Baladis F1 is also resistant to cracking and best of all has a great flavour.

  • Carrot Eskimo - T&M - 1 Packet (450 seeds)
    Carrot Eskimo - T&M - 1 Packet (450 seeds)

    Excellent maincrop carrot and, as the name suggests, a very cold tolerant variety - down to -10C depending on soil types. Eskimo can be lifted late in the season for storage or even overwintered if grown in well-drained, lighter soils. Rich orange Nantes-type roots hold their flavour throughout the autumn and winter - especially if left in the ground - and will also resist splitting. 1 Packet (450 seeds) Harvesting Time: January, February, September, October, November, December Sowing Months: February...

  • Carrot Long Red Surrey Seeds
    Carrot Long Red Surrey Seeds

    In 1824 John Loudon wrote ”There are some good gardens near Chertsey, & here the Chertsey or great Surrey carrot is better grown than anywhere else.” CULTIVATION: Sow in April in lines 1ft. apart, the seeds being covered with a mere coating of soil. Thin to 6 ins. apart in the first instance, and as soon as the roots are large enough to draw for table, thin to 1 ft. apart. By this method of procedure the table will be supplied with plenty of delicate young Carrots during the summer, and the roots...

  • Carrot Nantes Seeds
    Carrot Nantes Seeds

    Dig deep where you want your carrot and add plenty of organic material to the soil in the Autumn and as much sand as you can afford; this will help the roots to grow long and straight!. Sow Carrot Nantes seeds from March to June 1 cm deep, leaving 30-35cm between the rows. Thin out when seedlings are 10-15cm long leaving 2-3cm between plants, depending on how large you want your root to be. Keep watering in hot summer, water in the evening to avoid attracting carrot fly. Delicious raw when smaller...

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  • Organic Flyaway F1 Carrot Seeds
    Organic Flyaway F1 Carrot Seeds

    Carrot fly is one biggest obstacles carrot-growing gardeners come up against, so the fact that plants grown from Organic Flyaway F1 Carrot Seeds show some resistance to this notorious pest will be well-received down at the allotment and in the potting shed. The foliage of this attractive golden orange variety is not as attractive to the egg laying female flies and the roots don't meet the standards of the larvae - good news all round for growers!

  • Vegetable Seeds - Carrot Eskimo
    Vegetable Seeds - Carrot Eskimo

    As the name suggests Carrot Eskimo is one of the most cold tolerant varieties available coping with winter weather down to -10C when grown on lighter soils. The rich orange cylindrical roots can be lifted late in the season or even over wintered in free draining conditions. This top quality RHS AGM variety resists splitting and retains its flavour throughout the autumn and winter - especially if left in the ground. RHS Award of Garden MeritSowing months: Apr-JulPosition: Full sunHeight: 30cmSpread...

  • Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5 by Suttons
    Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5 by Suttons

    Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5 by Suttons. Containing 1100 seeds on average, Suttons carrot seeds - early nantes 5 are perfect for sowing February to July. From the Suttons range of Carrot seeds.Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5Contents : 1100 seeds on averageBest time to sow : February to JulyProduced by Suttons

  • Carrot Seeds - Flyaway F1
    Carrot Seeds - Flyaway F1

    HEALTH BENEFITS: Very high in vitamin A. COOKING HINTS: The availability of nutrients is actually increased with cooking - as long as not overdone. Shop-bought carrots may sometimes contain pesticide residues - so grow your own!

  • Carrot seeds - Ideal
    Carrot seeds - Ideal

    Italian Parsley, Rocket, Sweet Basil, Lettuce, Radicchio and Broccoli characterises this mix. ('Cut and come again' Baby Leaf Mixture. Many of us buy pre-packed bags of mixed salad leaves, but not so many are aware just how easy they are to grow at home and what's more you can cut and the plants will come again!)

  • Carrot Seeds - Ideal
    Carrot Seeds - Ideal

    Sow thinly direct into finely raked, moist, warm, weed-free soil at a depth of 1cm (½") in rows 15cm (6") apart. Germination 17-21 days. Pull small for salad use. For slightly larger roots thin seedlings to 1cm (½") between plants. Carrots grow best in well-cultivated soil which has not recently been manured. Alternatively may be grown in grow bags or containers on the patio spreading the seeds evenly. Sowing: February-July. Harvest: June-October. Cropping: 12-15 weeks.