Cateye El530 Tl1100 Light Set
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  • Cateye EL-530-TL-1100 Light Set
    Cateye EL-530-TL-1100 Light Set

    10 LEDs. 100,000+ mcd. Runs over 50 hours on constant or 100 hours on flashing. 4 modes (flashing, constant, side to side & random). Highly water resistant. Clothing Clip(C-1N) included. Water resistant. 23.5 - 32.5 mm seat post mounting.

  • Cateye EL530/TL1100 Front And Rear Light Set
    Cateye EL530/TL1100 Front And Rear Light Set

    Cateye is the leading manufacturer of cycle computers, cycling lights and reflectors. In 1964, Cateye became the first company to create a flashing lamp for bicycles. Cateye invented the first battery headlamp in 1982, and the very first bicycle headlamp using white LEDs in 2001. Cateye cycling lights are true leader in lens and reflector technology; their opticube lens and reflectors allow them to make one of the brightest and most efficient LED headlights in the world. Being at the forefront of...