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  • Kolve, Ivar Trio - Innover - CD
    Kolve, Ivar Trio - Innover - CD

    First Curling Legs album by the highly talented, young Norwegian vibes/marimba player, Ivar Kolve - who also composed six of the eight tracks. It was recorded during 3 different studio sessions between 2002 and 2004. This is an absorbing trio album with Kolve's virtuoso playing perfectly complemented by Stein Inge Braekhus on drums & percussion and Sébastian Dubé on double bass (sometimes bowed), who also composed one of the tracks. The moods move from reflective and dreamy to complex and rhythmic...

  • Kouyate, N'faly/Dunyakan - Tunya - CD
    Kouyate, N'faly/Dunyakan - Tunya - CD

    Tunya' is the second album by Guinean kora and balafon player/singer/composer and former Afro Celt Soundsystem member N´Faly Kouyaté - and follows his 2004 debut ‘Kora Grooves'. Both albums were recorded with his band Dunyakan ('the Voice of the World'). N'Faly was born into one of the most celebrated families of griots among the Manding people (one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa); his father was Konkoba Kabinet Kouyate. Despite being traditionally trained from an early age, and also...

  • Kvernberg, Jorun Marie - Album - Norway - CD
    Kvernberg, Jorun Marie - Album - Norway - CD

    Jorun Marie Kvernberg is one of Norway's leading fiddle & Hardanger fiddle players, and plays in the groups Majorstuen and Tindra. This is her first solo album, on which she plays traditional dance tunes and ballads, mainly from the northwest of Norway. She is a technically assured player, with a strong emotional style and a vivacious onstage personality. This album was nominated for two Norwegian Folk Music Awards in 2007, and Kvernberg was one of the finalists in the Norwegian Concert Institute...

  • Lindquist, Klas - Lift Off - CD
    Lindquist, Klas - Lift Off - CD

    Tradition in transition…… Swedish saxophone player Klas Lindquist composed these pieces for nine specific musicians . Lift Off reinforces the theory that jazz is the music of possibility Information:

  • Lirvat, Al/Cigal's Band - Paris 1955 - CD
    Lirvat, Al/Cigal's Band - Paris 1955 - CD

    In 1955 the Brasserie de la Cigal was the nearest you could get to Harlem in ParisSextet led by the Guadeloupian trombonist Al Lirvat presents a pyrotechnic display of groove and swing while the presence of American sax player Benny Waters makes this a particularly special recording Information:

  • Liston, Melba - And her 'Bones - CD
    Liston, Melba - And her 'Bones - CD

    For many years trombonist Melba Liston was considered the only female horn player in jazz. Nurtured by bandleader Gerald Wilson during the late forties, she joined the Dizzy Gillespie band as arranger and soloist in 1956, after a period of musical inactivity. These sessions from ’56 and ’58 represent her only recordings as a leader…..”her ‘bones” of the title are played by the best of her contemporaries: Bennie Green, Al Grey, Benny Powell, Jimmy Cleveland, Frank Rehak and Slide Hampton

  • Lockwood, Francis - Nostalgia - CD
    Lockwood, Francis - Nostalgia - CD

    Francis Lockwood is undeniably one of the best French jazz pianists and, Independently Time of the Old Technical as a player, he Constantly reminds you how great a musician he is. This record, All which first Appeared in 1988, established a strong presence as Francis with a promising career as a recording-artist, rich His discography includes the famous Round about Bach and Jimi's colors, both, of All which explores His broad palette. Today, Francis Lockwood is a reference for many contemporary pianists...

  • Maestro Garofalo - Coffee Connection - CD
    Maestro Garofalo - Coffee Connection - CD

    Maestro Garofalo has worked on many albums and singles as a keyboard player and arranger, contributing much to the cool sounds produced by the Italian record label Irma. This is his first solo disc

  • Malaby, Tony - 9 Stygn - CD
    Malaby, Tony - 9 Stygn - CD

    Tony Malaby, one of New York’s hottest tenor sax players, joins the Swedish trio : Per-Oscar Nilsson (guitar), Johnny Åman (bass), and Peter Nilsson (drums) for a highly satisfying new album.

  • Maranata - True Revelation - CD
    Maranata - True Revelation - CD

    The only album recorded by this Uruguayan band, they were formed by Roberto Giordano, bass player of TOTEM (see our release VAMPI035 LP/CD), with the intention of making some extra money by playing contemporary hits or classics at wedding, private parties and TV shows. The record was recorded specifically to be sold at those "events". Musically, there are echoes of CAL TJADER, DEODATO, HENRI MANCINI, BILLY COBHAM... but with a Candombe Beat: utterly rhythmic and contagious! This is one of the most...

  • Martin, Daniel John - Urban Gypsy - CD
    Martin, Daniel John - Urban Gypsy - CD

    Those who know the bistro Aux Petits concert and Players, including his famous Duvel Nights Gypsy swing, enjoy this talented violinist who accompanied by faithful service Grappelli, guitarists Angelo Debarre, Rodolphe Raffalli, Romane, Ferré brothers and other scheduled or arrive unexpectedly. And who accompanied the late Patrick Saussois. For his first CD (no doubt there may be others, because obviously Daniel John Martin has a lot to say), he chose to be accompanied by the cream of gypsy swing...

  • Mastersounds, The - Water's Edge - CD
    Mastersounds, The - Water's Edge - CD

    The Mastersounds used the same vibes/piano/bass/drums instrumentation as the Modern Jazz Quartet but they were a rhythmic outfit and avoided the sophisticated classical borrowings of the MJQ. Debut recording from 1957 when they first caught the moment aided by the distinctive sound of a Fender electric bass played by Wes Montgomery's brother Monk (another brother, Buddy, is the vibraphone player) Information:

  • Mazetier, Louis - My Own Stuff - CD
    Mazetier, Louis - My Own Stuff - CD

    French pianist Louis Mazetier is one of the most talented stride players style of any era. His style might be vintage but there is nothing old tired about his playing. Here he comes up with 17 of his own tunes, full of virtuosic variation and joyful creativity

  • Milteau, J.j. - Soul Conversation - CD
    Milteau, J.j. - Soul Conversation - CD

    Ace French harmonica player JJ Milteau's first album for Dixiefrog offers some high-class soul, blues & rock - The band, with long-term associate Manu Galvin on guitar, is as tight as you'll get and two American singers, Michael Robinson and Ron Smyth, alternate between lead and harmony vocals - A mix of originals and reinterpretations of songs by David Crosby, Jagger/Richards, Curtis Mayfield is sprinkled with the kind of fresh, infectious instrumental pieces at which Jean-Jacques has always excelled...

  • Moller, Lars - Phobia - CD
    Moller, Lars - Phobia - CD

    For versatile tenor sax player Lars Møller, PHOBIA is an exciting update on his powerful and original jazz sound. It is his first release featuring a small group since CENTRIFUGAL from 2001 The quartet’s expressive and tight band sound stems in part from an innovative quartertone language developed by Lars Møller in recent years The music is extremely varied, ranging from moody, intimate ballad playing to bluesy second-line and collective, energetic modal improvisations

  • Monkey Junk - To Behold - CD
    Monkey Junk - To Behold - CD

    Canadian band Monkeyjunk describe their music as “swamp R&B, soul boogie and bedroom funk”. The trio – vocalist/harmonica, guitarist and drummer – dispense with a bass player, citing Hound Dog Taylor as a precedent

  • Monniot, Christophe - Monio Mania 2 - CD
    Monniot, Christophe - Monio Mania 2 - CD

    This is the second album of Monio Mania, the eccentric French group lead by Christophe Monniot, one of the best players in the new generation of French saxophonists. Monniot's often grotesque, sometimes bizarre, yet always emotional style can also be found on the previous recording La Manivelle Magyare. Information:

  • Monochrome Set, The - Love Zombies - CD
    Monochrome Set, The - Love Zombies - CD

    Love Zombies is the second long player from English post-punk group, The Monochrome Set. It was the band’s second full length album in less than a year’s time, released originally in 1980. Featuring a slightly less jarring, more accessible sound than the debut, the group described the album in the original liner notes as “an unashamed look at their weird lives.....their wild a jazz-haunted, desire-tormented world." Another post-punk classic. Includes liner notes. First time on CD. Information...

  • Morini, Erica - Erica Morini Vol.2 - CD
    Morini, Erica - Erica Morini Vol.2 - CD

    Erica Morini was one of the last of the important violinists trained completely in the Austro-German tradition. Although she enjoyed considerable popular success and won the admiration of fellow violinists, she felt that she had been discriminated against by many impresarios and excluded from certain opportunities she felt she had earned. Her particular sound, somewhat straighter and more direct than that of other players, deteriorated early; by her late fifties, there was a noticeable falling-off...

  • Murray, David/Kahil El'zabar - We Is - CD
    Murray, David/Kahil El'zabar - We Is - CD

    People who dig the authentic in art take heart from the music drummer/percussionist Kahil El'Zabar has made for more than 25 years since he established the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble And the Ritual Trio David Murray is one of the most voracious And prolific of modern saxophone players a soulful soloist And dynamic bandleader whose creative collaborations span all the living generations of jazz players El'Zabar And Murray recorded two duet albums Golden Sea (1989) And One World Family (1999) They also...

  • Myers, Terry - Smiles - CD
    Myers, Terry - Smiles - CD

    “For over twenty years now, I´ve been listening to Terry Myers, and he just keeps getting better and better. His warmth, his sound, his impeccable time and his swinging, melodic jazz are all there in Smiles. And that´s what I have to do when I listen to him and the fine, intuitive players who joined him on this -- Eddie Metz, on drums, Johnny Varro on piano and Joel Forbes on bass. Each of them is featured throughout, and I thoroughly enjoyed the special touches they added to these classic tunes...

  • Nypan - Republique - CD
    Nypan - Republique - CD

    Norwegian guitarist Øyvind Nypan leads a truly international quintet: American Rick Margitza (tenor sax), Brazilian pianist Leonardo Montana, Ecuadorian bass player Gael Petrina and Italian drummer Simone Prattico

  • Oudaden - Empreinte - Morrocco - CD
    Oudaden - Empreinte - Morrocco - CD

    From the Souss region, the “Mountain Sheep of the Atlas” (Oudaden) are the leading band for the large Berber community of Southern Morocco. Spurred by the voice of Abdullah el Foua (bandleader, songwriter, singer and banjo player), they have taken their trance-inducing music to some great international stages after some 30 years of unrelenting success on their home turf. This CD presents new songs as well as pieces previously unrecorded.

  • Peacock, Gary / Marc Copeland - Insight - CD
    Peacock, Gary / Marc Copeland - Insight - CD

    Peacock and Copland, the legendary bass player and the acclaimed pianist : a dream paring for inner visions and deeper musical perceptions. Two brothers in spirit, playing with deep-toned power and keyboard finesse, have made the perfect choice of classic standards to interpret. Two instruments carry out an intensive, sensitive musical dialogue with beautifully opalescent interwoven parts, creating a jazz atmosphere of enormous but quiet strength. An encounter filled with inner intensity and a clarity...

  • Perelman, Ivo - Introspection - CD
    Perelman, Ivo - Introspection - CD

    Ivo Perelman continues his sonic exploration with string instruments as started on &Sieiro& (with cellist Thomas Ulrich) And followed by & Alexander Suite & (with CT String Quartet). Here he is joined by sympathetic violin player/singer Rosie Hertlein And reaches a new plateau of his chameleonic understanding for string sonorities. Superbly fueled by Dominic Duval (bass) And Newman Taylor-Baker (drums) the music - at times sounding like an intricate contemporary string trio Or a powerful jazz quartet...

  • Pietropaoli, Enzo Quartet - Yatra 2 - CD
    Pietropaoli, Enzo Quartet - Yatra 2 - CD

    After the success of public and critics of 2011 of Yatra, Enzo Pietropaoli releases Yatra Vol.2. Yatra in the hindi language means “journey” and Yatra Vol. 2 is, in fact, the natural continuation of this beautiful adventure.In 2011 Yatra has been nominated by the readers of the Italian jazz magazine Jazzit as the best Italian jazz album of the year and according to Musica Jazz, Enzo Pietropaoli as the best bass player and Fulvio Sigurtà the best young talent of the year.The structure of Yatra proved...

  • Pires, Telmo - Fado Promessa - CD
    Pires, Telmo - Fado Promessa - CD

    The top musicians present include : Fernando Silva, a master of the Portuguese guitar, Luis Pontes, one of the most innovative acoustic guitarists, bass player José Canha (ex-Mariza band) and Davide Zaccaria, the producer-arranger, on cello, who has worked with many important artists. Plus sound technician António Pinheiro, who worked regularly with Madredeus.

  • Principato, Tom - A Part of Me - CD
    Principato, Tom - A Part of Me - CD

    Washington DC’s Tom Principato is a guitar player rooted in the blues but who is an adept at all the variations, from Latin to New Orleans funk. Back in 1984 he recorded “Blazing Telecasters” with the late Danny Gatton and has been knocking on the door of Fender heaven ever since

  • Reinhardt, Dotschy - Suni - CD
    Reinhardt, Dotschy - Suni - CD

    ‘Suni' is the highly rewarding second album by Dotschy Reinhardt - singer, guitarist composer - and the latest musical offspring from the family of jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Her music fuses traditional jazz, gypsy swing and bossa nova and influences and elements of pop/rock singer-songwriters. She is based in Berlin, where she grew up. One of her uncles is guitar player Bobby Falta, long time companion of Schnuckenack Reinhardt in his quintet and musical partner of Joe Pass and Chuck Loeb...

  • Rosenberg, Jimmy - The Best Of - CD
    Rosenberg, Jimmy - The Best Of - CD

    Dutch gypsy jazz guitarist Jimmy Rosenberg is considered by many to be ‘the greatest guitar player on earth' - a prodigy who first recorded at the age of thirteen. This is a remarkable collection of his best recordings. Internationally, he has worked and released records with Bireli Lagrene, Babik Reinhardt, Angelo Debarre, Romane, Andreas Öberg, and Frank Vignola. He has also played with Willie Nelson. He is related to Stochelo and Nous'che Rosenberg of the acclaimed Rosenberg Trio. In 2000 he made...