Cloche Easy Fleece Tunnel
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  • Cloche - Easy Fleece Tunnel
    Cloche - Easy Fleece Tunnel

    The other tunnels available are tough UV stabilised 150 micron polyethylene which forms a complete barrier, retaining humidity and warmth while protecting against frosts, harsh weather and pests. Can also be used for warming soil prior to planting out. Plus a net tunnel to provide shading from strong sunlight and protection from insects, birds and other pests.

  • Easy Fleece Cloche Tunnel
    Easy Fleece Cloche Tunnel

    This fleece cloche is manufactured from high grade 30gsm polypropylene fleece, it provides warmth and insulation whilst allowing air, moisture and sunlight to filter through. Use the fleece cloche to protect seedlings and plants from frost, rain and wind.

  • Gardman White Fleece Polytunnel Cloche
    Gardman White Fleece Polytunnel Cloche

    Details A generously sized grow tunnel with a fleece cover on a tough wire frame. The fleece will provide all round protection with shade, wind and pest protection in the summer, frost protection in the colder months and it will help to bring crops on early in the spring. The sides of the fleece lift up to access the plants and the toggled end closures allow for speedy access for ventilation. * Folds away for easy storage. * Large Size-3m x 45cm * Tough Wire Frame * Easy access through Lift up...

  • Easy Fleece Tunnels
    Easy Fleece Tunnels

    Best Buy - Balancing cost with practicality, this cloche really is versatile and family-friendly. You can fold it to any length you require, and it has the hidden benefit of long wire legs. This allows you to lift the legs out of the soil by a few centimetres to let air flow underneath when hardening plants off. The cloche also offers you the chance to protect salad crops from sun scorch. All this for just £15 it's got my vote!

  • Easy Fleece Tunnel
    Easy Fleece Tunnel

    A one piece easy-to-use, easy-to-move and easy-to-store tunnel cloche. Each tunnel is supported by rust proof galvanised steel hoops and measures 300cm (10ft) long, 45cm (18in) wide, 30cm (12in) high. Drawstring feature allows the ends to be easily opened and closed for effective ventilation control. There are three types of tunnel available: The tough UV stabilised 150 micron polyethylene forms a complete barrier, retaining humidity and warmth while protecting against frosts, harsh weather and pests...

  • Giant Easy Fleece Tunnel
    Giant Easy Fleece Tunnel

    The award winning Easy Tunnel range is designed with the modern gardener in mind, needing the least amount of construction, but offering maximum practicality and effectiveness; a one piece easy-to-use tunnel cloche.<p>A drawstring allows gardeners to control ventilation in the tunnel by closing the ends, this also allows the full extent of the tunnel to be used, giving greater value for money.