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  • MSR 0 75L Stowaway Cooking Pot
    MSR 0 75L Stowaway Cooking Pot

    MSR 0 75L Stowaway Cooking Pot The MSR 0 75L Stowaway Cooking Pot is perfect for camping and hiking trips, constructed from a strong stainless steel that can withstand heavy usage along with hinged handle that flips over the top of the lid to lock in place. > Cooking pot > Stainless steel construction > Hinged handle that locks over the lid > 775ml -

  • PFM Everyday Cooking for the Diabetic Diet
    PFM Everyday Cooking for the Diabetic Diet

    DescriptionReviewsDeliveryWhy us?This pack contains... Enjoy delicious meals whilst managing your diabetes using this practical and inspirational Cookbook. Each of the recipes in the Everyday Cooking For the Diabetic Diet has easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions and full-colour photographs, as well as nutritional notes, including glycaemic loads. Recipes are divided into Breakfasts, Soups, snacks and drinks, Vegetarian main dishes, Fish meat and poultry main dishes and Desserts and Baking....

  • 48280 Cooking
    48280 Cooking

    Come home to the smell of homemade bread with the Morphy Richards 48280 bread maker. Its simple, automatic setup makes it perfect for any user. Just put in the ingredients and select a program and you'll have fresh bread in no time. 3 individual loaf sizes; 1lb, 1.5lb and 2lb and 3 separate crust settings give you complete control over the baking, allowing you to make your perfect loaf. A 13 hour delay timer means you can program your ingredients to bake at any time, come home to fresh bread or program...

  • Shimano Olive Cooking Case
    Shimano Olive Cooking Case

    The Shimano olive range of luggage was designed in the UK for UK anglers. The Shimano olive cooking case uses the same organised compact design being the same size as a large accessory case. Internal and external mesh pockets. Complete with utensils for 2 people, 2 x plates, mugs, forks, knives, spoons, screw top pots, napkins and 1 x bottle opener. Additional storage space for a small stone and gas (not supplied).

  • Lekue Cooking mesh
    Lekue Cooking mesh

    Boil different foods in the same pot with L ku 's clever cooking mesh designed for food to separated depending on their cooking times It is designed for a variety of functions from blanching tomatoes seasoning soups and boiling pasta to adding aromas without blending the ingredients Food is also easily removed from the cooking pot The silicone cooking mesh offers all the benefits of the most modern material resistance flexibility non stick properties and easy cleaning L ku silicone cooking meshMicrowave...

  • Lichfield Anodised Camping Cooking Set
    Lichfield Anodised Camping Cooking Set

    pdp_proddesc2colleft Cook up a culinary delight or just enjoy being able to make your favourite brew whilst on holiday with this Lichfield anodised cooking set. The set is suitable for any gas stove and the anodised aluminium allows for an even distribution of heat.Compact size for ease of storage and transportationAluminium.Includ es: 3, 2 and 1.5 litre pots, 1 litre kettle, 22cm frying pan with lid and a universal pot grip.EAN: 5023518654225. Additional Information Prices correct as displayed...

  • Ibili 914024 Cooking Pot with Lid
    Ibili 914024 Cooking Pot with Lid

    Cooking pot with Atlantic lid; 24 cm Warranty: 2 years Material : enamelled, vitrified steel for any heat source (including induction), Manufacturer: Ibili

  • Cooking for your dog
    Cooking for your dog

    You will find great recipes for every occasion in this book, crunchy dog cookies, healthy meat meals with fresh vegetables, and dishes to get your dog back on its paws when its unwell

  • LFO006 25 W Cooking Bulb
    LFO006 25 W Cooking Bulb

    You can let the Wpro LFO006 25 W Cooking Bulb be the light of your cooking life. This 25 W LFO006 Cooking Bulb is designed to withstand high temperatures, so you can cook with confidence. It conforms to safety standards, and has a lifespan of around 1000 hours, so you can get plenty of meals cooked before the lights go out. The bulb has two integrated safety fuses to keep your cooking area safe. Brighten up your life with the Wpro LFO006 25 W Cooking Bulb .Only one offer can be applied per basket...

  • Apple 'Bountiful' - Cooking Apple
    Apple 'Bountiful' - Cooking Apple

    Description Crops in: October - January A compact variety with large, juicy sweet fruit. Heavy cropper, easy to grow, reliable throughout the UK, keeps well. Good pollinator. Planting distance: 4m (13ft) Pollination: Group 3. Each variety has ideal pollinators. These groups are numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 according to flowering time. Best results will be obtained if this variety is planted near another apple of the same group or one group either side (so an ideal pollinator for a group 3 variety...

  • Baking & Cooking Sets
    Baking & Cooking Sets

    Fantastic cooking and baking sets for children. Cut & Bake Cookie Set - The set includes a baking tray, 12 biscuit bottoms, 12 toppings, an oven mitt, spatula and knife, a baking tray and a container to keep the biscuits in. Pizza Party Set - The set includes 6 pizza slices, spinning slicer and spatula, pizza server and over 50 toppings. Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set - The set includes a tray, 4 cupcakes with icing tops, icing markers, candles and cupcake sleeves plus an oven mitt. These can...

  • Cooking From The Garden - Sara Lewis
    Cooking From The Garden - Sara Lewis

    Cooking From The Garden (Women's Institute), by Sara Lewis.

  • Shef 3 Litre Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel Suitable for All Cooking Surfaces
    Shef 3 Litre Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel Suitable for All Cooking Surfaces

    The Shef® Pressure Cooker cooks all types of food much quicker and easier than conventional cooking methods, whilst retaining all the nutrients and thus allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.. The Shef® Pressure Cooker is made from stainless steel and NOT aluminium. Stainless steel resists oxidation; so you can cook your favourite food(s) without the fear of a metallic taste. Stainless steel is also durable and it is warp and scratch resistant. Therefore, you can keep the Shef® Pressure Cooker...

  • Grand Hall Gti Cooking Grid
    Grand Hall Gti Cooking Grid

    The cooking grid of the GTI-Grill is made from porcelain coated cast-iron.

  • Hamleys Hamleys Pink Cooking Case, N/A
    Hamleys Hamleys Pink Cooking Case, N/A

    Hamleys: Boys and girls love to copy Mum and Dad and they thrive on roleplay but sometimes extra hands simply do not make light work!. This adorable Hamleys Cooking Case contains all the essentials for cooking up a feast and is the perfect distraction tool for the kitchen or addition to your child`s home corner. The handy carry case means it can travel to grandparent`s house for the day and be neatly stored away between use. Roleplay and dress-up toys are lots more than fun and games, they also teach...

  • Cooking Guide: Can't Decide
    Cooking Guide: Can't Decide

    Want to make yourself a quick dinner after a long day at work? Want to plan a week of meals for your family? Or do you want to make a Sunday roast for 10? Cooking Guide can help you solve all these and many other meal dilemmas. Choose from 250 recipes from all over the world. Cooking Guide takes you through every step from compiling a shopping list preparation of ingredients and utensils through to a step-by-step guide of how to make your chosen meal. Features: Interactive cooking aid that takes...

  • Kitchen Essentials 4 Piece Cooking Set
    Kitchen Essentials 4 Piece Cooking Set

    Kitchen Essentials 4 Piece Cooking Set

  • King T5376S Thermometer for Oven Cooking and Frying
    King T5376S Thermometer for Oven Cooking and Frying

    Is very precise when frying, cooking and baking The red hand measures the current oven temperature The black hand measures the core temperature The perfect assistant for meat, poultry and fish Stainless steel, Manufacturer: Jürgen Klein

  • Gardeco Steel Cooking Iron
    Gardeco Steel Cooking Iron

    The Gardeco Steel Cooking Iron is a Teflon Coated steel pan idea for all types of open flame outdoor cooking. The Pan has a 60cm long Handle for safety and a closed lid to speed up those cooking times and reduce mess. The Gardeco Steel Cooking Iron can be used on any type of open outdoor fire.

  • Hobbycraft Mini Clear Stamp Cooking
    Hobbycraft Mini Clear Stamp Cooking

    Hobbycraft is proud to present this high qualityclear stamp with an elegant Cooking design that you can add to your cards, gift wraps, decorations, and other creative ideas. High clarity, transparent stamp allows for easy inking and positioning of stamped image. Being tear resistant, the stamp is tough and can be stretched and will relax back to their original shape. It has an excellent back adhesion, allowing repositioning many times on an acrylic block.The stamp will work excellently with all water...

  • Cooking Pot LId
    Cooking Pot LId

    We deliver to anywhere within the UK including Northern Ireland. We guarantee delivery of all in stock items within 7 working days of receipt of your order.

  • 12" Nylon Chinese Cooking Shovel
    12" Nylon Chinese Cooking Shovel

    Type:Cooking Utensils; Product Dimensions:W10.9cm x L31.7cm x H2.49cm (W4.29" x L12.48" x H0.98"); Net Weight (kg):0.07; Shipping Weight (kg):0.17

  • Cooking Up Love Personalised Wooden Spoon
    Cooking Up Love Personalised Wooden Spoon

    For a couple who love to cook up a treat in the kitchen this personalised wooden spoon makes the perfect gift idea for any romantic occasion from Valentine's day, an Anniversary, engagement or even a birthday. The spoon is engraved at the top with the names of your choice followed by the words cooking up love & romance since then your chosen date. The spoon is also decorated with 3 love hearts at the top and 3 at the bottom of the design as well. The spoon is made from beech wood and is food safe...

  • LITTLE CHEF Children’s cooking set, 11-part
    LITTLE CHEF Children’s cooking set, 11-part

    Practice makes perfect! With the 11-part children’s cooking set, your little ones can create entire fantasy dinners while playing. 2 pots with lid, 1 pan, 1 slotted spoon, 1 ladle, 1 scoop, 1 spatula, 1 spaghetti ladle and 1 colander. All items are made of stainless steel. The entire children’s cooking set is purely meant to play with and is not suitable to cook with. The utensils may not be heated on the hob, in the oven or in the microwave.

  • Nigel Slater's Simple Cooking
    Nigel Slater's Simple Cooking

    From sweet and sour to soft and crisp Nigel Slater explores the classic pairings and food partnerships that produce the most delicious results; some find him using timeless combinations such as tomato and basil and beetroot and goats cheese; while others including pork and gooseberries or sea salt chocolate snaps introduce exciting new dishes. The series looks at tastes textures flavours and spices in an amazing array of culinary pairings as Nigel shows how to create easy-to-prepare delectable...

  • Vango Non Stick Cooking Kit - 8 People
    Vango Non Stick Cooking Kit - 8 People

    This cooking set consists of a 26cm frying pan (doubles as lid for 2.6L pot), a 2L pot with lid, a 1.4L pot with lid, a 2.6L pot, 4 cups and a storage bag. The pots and frying pan all have a non-stick coating. The handles of the pots and frying pan fold and the whole set nests together to take up less space in your backpack. Hob compatible. Dishwasher safe. EAN: 5023518642376.

  • Karl Krüger O 100024G Cooking Pot
    Karl Krüger O 100024G Cooking Pot

    Stainless steel, polished inside and matte outside; 4 litres Glass lid with ventilation hole Suitable for all cooker types, including induction, Manufacturer: Karl Krueger GmbH

  • Double Electric Cooking Hob
    Double Electric Cooking Hob

    Have the extra hob space at dinner parties and family gatherings. Has two cooking rings which have individual temperature controls up to 1500W. Non-slip feet. Two cooking rings: measures 187mm and 155mm in diameter. Has extra long powercord. Ideal for extra hob space or use in caravan homes. This item is despatched direct from the supplier

  • Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama
    Cooking Mama World: Babysitting Mama

    Mama is back and this time she’s babysitting! Bundle includes your own Mama BabyInsert the Wii Remote into your own Cooking Mama plush life sized doll and bring it to life!  Mama will show you how to take good care of your baby and be a good babysitter – just like Mama! Play along with Mama and do everything a real babysitter would do. Mama will teach you how to keep your baby happy and healthy!Features: Rocking your baby to sleep Feeding your baby  ...

  • Kenwood Cooking Chef KM080
    Kenwood Cooking Chef KM080

    1100W Induction Cooking System cooks directly in the mixing bowl. Interlocked head lift, bowl, heat shield and attachment outlet covers. Display features 3 hour timer and temperature setting. 1500W motor. 8 mixing speeds and 3 cooking stir speeds. Bowl cooking and mixing capacity: 3 litres. Includes: stainless steel stirring tool, cream beater, power whisk, steamer basket, dough hook and K-beater. Dimensions 380(H) x 410(W) x 335(D)MM. Material Die cast aluminium with a stainless steel bowl...