Curly Martin The Life Coaching Handbook
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  • Curly Martin The Life Coaching Handbook
    Curly Martin The Life Coaching Handbook


  • Life Coaching Handbook (CD Set)
    Life Coaching Handbook (CD Set)

    Curly Martin is a professional life coach, author, trainer and internationally qualified NLP Master Practitioner. Coaching for more than twenty years, her clients have included celebrities, CEOs, directors and doctors.

  • Life Coaching Handbook
    Life Coaching Handbook

    This book is suitable for anyone interested in becoming a life coach. Following the success of "The Life Coaching Handbook" (ISBN: 1899836713), Curly Martin has recorded a 2 CD set to accompany the book narrated by BBC Radio 2's Janey Lee Grace. This complete guide to life coaching reveals what life coaching is, how to coach yourself and others effectively, and how to create and sustain a successful coaching practice.