Cute Pink Fairy Dress 1824 Months
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  • Communion Collection (Pink)
    Communion Collection (Pink)

    Two useful collections of quiet, meditative music by some of the finest organ composers of the last 150 years

  • Complete Andersen's Fairy Tales
    Complete Andersen's Fairy Tales

    For 150 years, the tales of Hans Christian Andersen have been delighting both adults and children. This edition contains all of Andersen's 168 tales, and among the favourites are "The Red Shoes", "The Mermaid", "The Emperor's New Clothes", and "The Ugly Duckling".

  • Dianthus (Pinks) 'Gran's Favourite' - save £5
    Dianthus (Pinks) 'Gran's Favourite' - save £5

    Pot up dianthus plants into pots of free-draining compost, and grow dianthus on in frost free conditions until large enough to plant outside. When all risk of frost has passed and plants are well grown, acclimatise them to outdoor conditions over 7 to 10 days. Plant dianthus outdoors in moist, well drained soil that has been enriched with plenty of well rotted manure or garden compost. Choose a position in full sun.

  • Foxglove 'Illumination Pink
    Foxglove 'Illumination Pink

    Winner of Chelsea Flower Show RHS Plant of the Year 2012. Thought to be an impossible hybridisation, this is the most spectacular foxglove you will have ever seen! The breeding of little-known Isoplexis gives this exciting new variety its fabulous tropical colouring. Incredibly long flowering, with many side branches, 'Illuminationis extra hardy, will happily grow in sun or shade, in borders or containers