Cylinder Lava Yellow Lamp Red Blue
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  • Retro Style Rocket Lava Lamp with Yellow Lava
    Retro Style Rocket Lava Lamp with Yellow Lava

    Retro Style Rocket Lava Lamp with Yellow Lava and Metallic Silver Body. Features a classic gentle lava motion which creates an instant calming effect. This affordable lava lamp is a true Icon of Retro design and will be at home in any funky home! Also available with blue or red lava.

  • Lava Lamp Red Yellow
    Lava Lamp Red Yellow

    L210RDYL 25w Motion Lamp Spare Bulb H 23 W 40 L 49 Wt 1.08 Barcode 5022254621027

  • Groovy Twist Lava Lamp Red/Blue
    Groovy Twist Lava Lamp Red/Blue

    Enhance the decor of your home and chill out at the same time with a bit of retro sixties lighting! The Groovy Twist Lamp is based on the famous Lava lamp developed over 40 years. Just like the traditional lava motion lamp, the light is composed of a glass bottle held in place by a black base and cap. Inside, red wax swirls and curls into mesmerizing shapes and styles within contrasting blue liquid. As all good things comes to those who wait, the lamp should be stood on a flat surface and allowed...

  • Astro Lava Lamp
    Astro Lava Lamp

    A classic & iconic lamp. High quality materials & finish. Mathmos lava formula. Brushed aluminium. 44 x 13.5cm. Weight: 2.95 kg. Light: 220-250v Max 40w. Made in the UK. Nicely gift boxed.

  • Telstar rocket shaped lava lamp
    Telstar rocket shaped lava lamp

    Mathmos Telstar rocket shaped lava lamp The Telstar design is inspired by the space race fever that gripped the 1960s. Telstar legs are made with cast and polished zinc and each one is hand polished. Each product is individually inspected and tested to ensure that a Mathmos lava lamp is the best quality in the world. Telstars bottles are hand filled in Mathmos' British factory. Spare parts, including bulbs, are available from Mathmos on an ongoing basis.

  • Space Projector: Lava Lamp effect
    Space Projector: Lava Lamp effect

    Mathmos Space Projector: Lava Lamp effect Space Projector projects a moving lava lamp effect of up to 1.5m/ 3 ft in diameter onto a wall or ceiling. There are 3 different coloured projectors; silver, black and white. Each projector comes with a lava lamp wheel containing the colour combination of your choice. There are currently 7 to choose from; violet/red, violet/green, blue/red, blue/yellow, red/yellow, blue/green, violet/blue and clear/clear. Other lava lamp wheels and a wide choice of other...

  • Lava Aquarium Fish Lamp
    Lava Aquarium Fish Lamp

    pdp_proddesc2colleft Bring colour and curiosity to your room with this Lava Quarium fish lamp. Fish and baubles appear to swim around in the bubbles created in the water.Needs filling with distilled water, not included. Colour changes from green, red, blue and purple. Colour changing or static colour options available. Mains operatedIncludes silver base and cap with glass globe.Size H41cm.Bulbs required: 1 x 40W LED light (included).EAN: 047162172091. Additional Information Light FittingsAll light...

  • Lava 10" Yellow Accent Lava Lamp
    Lava 10" Yellow Accent Lava Lamp

    This classic lava lamp stays true to the well-known trademark shape and is a definitive throw-back to the swinging sixties. This novelty lamp is a perfect gift for anyone looking to revive the chilled out mantra of youth. Lose yourself in the undulating yellow liquid within the glass bottle, held in place by a modern silver stand. The relaxing mood light is 10” in height with 15 Watt light bulb included, plugs into a standard power out-let and is an excellent gift for fans of sixties décor. This...

  • Lava Lamp, Blue/ Red
    Lava Lamp, Blue/ Red

    Set a groovy tone in your home with this funky lava lamp. In a fun red, with a deep blue background it will add drama and fun to your interior.


    LAMP STACKABLE IND RED/YEL/GRN/BLUE; IP; LAMP STACKABLE IND RED/YEL/GRN/BLUE; IP / NEMA Rating:IP54; Average Bulb Life:100000h; Bulb Size:40mm; Color:Red, Yellow, Green, Blue; Current Rating:28mA; Luminous Intensity:1290mcd; Mounting Type:Pole; Number of Lights:4

  • Inflatable Lava Lamp
    Inflatable Lava Lamp

    Stands 14" tall and comes in one of four colours. Red, blue, purple or white.

  • Glitter Lava Lamp - Figure
    Glitter Lava Lamp - Figure

    Use With or Without Head. Approx 45cm (H). Available in Blue, Green, Purple & Yellow. Standard UK Plug. Brushed Aluminium Base.

  • Macey Floor Lamp, red,putty,blue,yellow,black
    Macey Floor Lamp, red,putty,blue,yellow,black

    Macey Floor Lamp – 148 x 55 x 26 cm Please note: orders placed before 12pm will be delivered on the next working day unless otherwise stated. Orders placed after 12pm may take 2 working days. Give your room an instant style update with the Macey floor lamp. Ideal next to a sofa or armchair to illuminate your book or tablet, the lamp is a cool contemporary twist on an interior design classic. The coloured steel frame leans at an angle, suspending the poly cotton shade over...

  • Classic Lava Lamp
    Classic Lava Lamp

    There isn't much that beats a classic and this classic lava lamp is a stunning example of why what's old again is new again! This delicious, heart melting, trance inducing lamp comes in your choice of hot pink and purple or red and yellow and is sure to be an eye catcher in your home! As the lamp heats up the molten lava swishes and sways with ocean like tides that will shift you into a calmer and more focused state of mind. Great for meditation or just chilling with friends! This lamp can easily...

  • Dual Colour Mystical Glitter Lamp
    Dual Colour Mystical Glitter Lamp

    Magical Mystical Glitter Mood Lamp from Lava Lite. Lava lamp-shaped retro styling with slick chrome-look casing. Innovative LED and 'motion-glitter' lighting technology. 3 fabulous colour combinations to choose from: Purple/Pink, Orange/Red, Green/Blue. Fast-moving fan spins every few seconds to stir glitter. Constantly moving glitter looks fabulous with phasing LED colours. Portable mood lighting ideal for a wide variety of settings. Battery-powered LED lights ensure lamp stays cool to the...

  • The Original Lava Lamp
    The Original Lava Lamp

    The Original Lava Lamp comes in a choice of colours, Pink/Purple, Green/Blue, Yellow/Purple or Yellow/Clear.

  • Mathmos Astrobaby Lava Lamp in Yellow and Red
    Mathmos Astrobaby Lava Lamp in Yellow and Red

    The colours make amazing shapes within the glass. Polished Aluminium Base and Cap. Glass Bottle. The second lava lamp designed by Edward Craven Walker in 1964 and manufactured by hand in Britain ever since. This thinner, sleeker alternative to the astro has a high shine polished base and cap. Every bottle filled by hand with the unique Mathmos formula. This gives our lamps the best shape lava formations, the clearest liquids and the longest bottle life. The Astro baby base and cap is hand...

  • Classic Lava Lamp
    Classic Lava Lamp

    The striking design of the lava lamp has remained popular throughout the years, perhaps even more so now than in its 1960's heyday. This Lava Brand lamp will bring all of the retro cool we have come to associate with the lava lamp, adding a decorative focal point that will have conversation flowing along with the lava. Classic and iconic Lava Lamp designAvailable in purple with yellow lava, blue with green lava, clear with red lava or violet with red lava Brushed aluminium finished baseMeasures...

  • Astro Baby Lava Lamp
    Astro Baby Lava Lamp

    Iconic and classic original. Polished aluminium base & cap. Mathmos lava formula. 43 x 10.4 cm. 220 V/30 Watts. Made in the UK. Nicely gift boxed.

  • Lava Lamp Original
    Lava Lamp Original

    The lava lamp looks good anywere an the house and with its ultra stylish brushed chrome finish its hard to look away from it. At 14 inches tall its ideal for desks dining tables and any other surface that looks a bit dull. The original and best looking lava lamp is quite simply a timeless classic which looks truly stunning!

  • Lavamar Italian Crystal Stone Quadra Steel Desk Table Lamp
    Lavamar Italian Crystal Stone Quadra Steel Desk Table Lamp

    This rare, unique stone is quarried by Lavamar, which is the only company in the world that specialises in the harvesting & processing of Crystal Stone, a natural & unique alabaster known as "Mediterranean Crystal Alabaster", or "Lava of the sea". Lavamar stone has been used to create some of the world's most stunning furniture; it can be seen all over the world from 5 star hotels in Dubai, the Russian Embassy Moscow & the latest Tiffany store in Tokyo Japan. We are delighted to offer you this...

  • Red Blue Lava peace lamp
    Red Blue Lava peace lamp

    Weight loss : 70s Retro design lava lamp for mood and design, Bullet shaped lamp with silver base and coloured liquids. : Exercise and Workouts : Toys and Gifts

  • 15-Inch Blue and Yellow Lava Lamp - 2124
    15-Inch Blue and Yellow Lava Lamp - 2124

    Full Description Stands 14-1/2-Inches tall Includes bulb Blue liquid with yellow wax Cool oozing motion Great conversation piece They are the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or party space. Simply turn on this lamp an Delivery Details Orders placed Monday to Friday before 2pm will generally be picked and packed for immediate despatch. Please note that orders placed over the weekend or on public holidays will be processed on the next working day.Look out for our FREE DELIVERY...