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  • Dental Kong Red Extra Large
    Dental Kong Red Extra Large

    The Dental Kong's grooves gently massage gums and help to reduce plaque. <br/><br/>The small and medium size have a cotton flossing rope - great for tugging and interactive play. The large and extra large are hollow so they can be filled with food to encourage longer chewing.

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    Oral-B Essential Waxed Dental Floss
    Oral-B Essential Waxed Dental Floss

    Oral-B Essential Waxed Dental Floss has a specially bonded filament makes it easy for you to insert and Polymer-coated for effortless plaque removal. Whether you have a special oral care routine, or have never flossed before, you&#039;ll find an Oral-B floss to suit your needs. With a range of unique flossing technologies, from the power-flossing Oral-B Hummingbird to the intelligent flexibility of Ultra Floss, Oral-B floss products can help you clean the areas that toothbrushes can&#039;t reach...

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  • KONG Dental with Rope
    KONG Dental with Rope

    KONG Dental with Rope is a specially designed dog toy to help keep your pet's teeth sparkling clean. With unique 'Denta Ridges' to clean teeth whilst being gentle on the gums and a rope for flossing,  KONG Classic Dental toys are especially effective when used in conjunction with a dog toothpaste. Made extra tough, hard wearing KONG rubber in the USA, KONG dental are an excellent, fun way to keep your dog's teeth in tip top condition.

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  • Monkey Dental Floss
    Monkey Dental Floss

    Tasty banana flavoured monkey dental floss is simply not as boring as normal human dental floss. There's 25 meters of it in this little packet. That's a whole lot of flossing! Recommended by four out of five monkey dentists. One even has a degree in monkey dentistry. They know what they're talking about. Fact.

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  • Spry Sponge Dental Floss 40m
    Spry Sponge Dental Floss 40m

    Spry Dental Floss with Xylitol containing sponge floss coated in xylitol enabling you to reach in-between your teeth. Sponger floss enables regular flossing when under tension, and will expand with reduced tension to reach hard to reach places or where teeth implants are present, gently coating the teeth and gums in the process. 40m of floss.

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  • Kong Dental Dog Xlge
    Kong Dental Dog Xlge

    * Patented grooves cleans teeth and conditions gums. * Extra effective with toothpaste. * Small and medium have rope for tug-flossing fun. * Large and extra large are hollow for treats for longer chewing and.

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