Dodo Juice Hard Candy 250ml
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  • Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax 250ml
    Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax 250ml

    This Dodo Juice Hard Candy Wax 250m car wax like Rainforest Rub, Hard Candy contains candelilla wax as well as carnauba – but it’s harder in texture instead of soft. This makes it slightly less oily, so it applies more consistently (but more slowly) with a foam pad. Better for durability, perhaps.

  • Dodo Juice - Hard Candy
    Dodo Juice - Hard Candy

    This stuff smells divine! As soon as I opened the jar I thought "This should be burning in the living room, not smothered over the car". Honestly, it smells THAT nice! The wax itself takes a little while to get 'warmed up' in terms of transferring to the pad to apply but after a few smears soon starts loading perfectly. Applies really well to the paintwork and cures fairly quickly. Buffing was done by hand with a microfibre and the results are incredible. Put two thin coats on over the course...