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  • Party Pinata Puppy Dog
    Party Pinata Puppy Dog

    Thankyou for the gorgeous products, they were beautifully packed, arrvied safely and our daughter will love them for her party!Website easy to navigate and search options resulted in exactly what I was looking for thankyou.Efficiency of delivery from the UK to Australia amazed me! The icing decorations were all in one piece too and look gorgeous. It was easy, efficient and delivered beautifully so thankyou very much

  • Dalmation Dog Pinata
    Dalmation Dog Pinata

    Black and white clown party game. Can also be used as a party decoration. A cheerful bash pinata measuring approximately 50cms long and supplied empty for you to fill with your own sweets and treats. Each pinata holds a recommended limit of 2lbs of sweets Don't forget your pinata buster and blindfold.

  • Puppy Pinata
    Puppy Pinata

    Puppy Piñata looks like a brown and white shaggy dog wearing a blue collar and sitting patiently for his treats! Traditional Puppy Piñata must be broken to release contents (sold separately); use as a party game, hanging decoration, or table centrepiece! Puppy Piñata holds up to 900g of goodies and measures 35cm (14in) x 42cm (16 1/2in).

  • Curious George Pinata Party (CGTV Read-aloud)
    Curious George Pinata Party (CGTV Read-aloud)

    At a birthday party, Curious George discovers how hard it is to hit a pinata without being able to see. He sets out on a trek around the city with the help of Charkie, the dog, to explore using his other senses. When he returns to the party, George applies his heightened senses to make a direct hit at the pinata!Activities include fun suggestions for exploring your senses and a five senses quiz.   The audio for this Read-Aloud ebook was produced and engineered by Perry Geyer at Cybersound Recording...

  • Funny Wine Pinata birthday card
    Funny Wine Pinata birthday card

    This customizable Funny Wine Pinata birthday card is designed on the card and would interest those who like funny wine birthday, wine pinata, cartoon, women, girls, dog, and party stuff.

  • Dalmatian Pinata
    Dalmatian Pinata

    Dalmatian Piñata features an adorable spotty dog with blue collar. This is a traditional piñata that needs to be broken up to release the goodies inside. Fill the dalmatian piñata with treats of choice such as sweets or small toys to the recommended limit of 900g. Hang from a sturdy support. Dalmatian Piñata measures 43cm (17in) x 20cm (8in) x 38cm (15in)