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  • Dalmation Dog Pinata
    Dalmation Dog Pinata

    <p>Black and white clown party game. <br> Can also be used as a party decoration.</p> <br /><br /> <p>A cheerful bash pinata measuring approximately 50cms long and supplied empty for you to fill with your own sweets and treats. Each pinata holds a recommended limit of 2lbs of sweets<br> Don't forget your pinata buster and blindfold.</p>

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    Curious George Pinata Party (CGTV Read-aloud)
    Curious George Pinata Party (CGTV Read-aloud)

    At a birthday party, Curious George discovers how hard it is to hit a pinata without being able to see. He sets out on a trek around the city with the help of Charkie, the dog, to explore using his other senses. When he returns to the party, George applies his heightened senses to make a direct hit at the pinata!Activities include fun suggestions for exploring your senses and a five senses quiz.   The audio for this Read-Aloud ebook was produced and engineered by Perry Geyer at Cybersound Recording...

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