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  • Dollhouse Girls' Faux-Leather Jacket
    Dollhouse Girls' Faux-Leather Jacket

    Dollhouse's faux-leather jacket adds a dose of biker-chic to her look.

  • Dollhouse Juniors' Frayed Denim Shorts
    Dollhouse Juniors' Frayed Denim Shorts

    Heat things up this summer in Dollhouse's five-pocket-style denim shorts! Features a creased front, colored wash and a cool, ravaged hem.

  • Dollhouse Juniors' Drawstring Cargo Overalls
    Dollhouse Juniors' Drawstring Cargo Overalls

    Dollhouse takes the season's fave overalls to the next level, designing this twill style with cargo pockets and a drawstring waist. Roll-tab cuffs allow you to wear the style cropped or ankle-length.

  • Wooden Dollhouse with attic
    Wooden Dollhouse with attic

    Product Features : - Beautiful dollhouse to assemble and modify according to their desires. The doll house is solid wood and high quality from sustainably managed forests. This dollhouse is made up of two floors, the upper floor is sloping in the roof so attic-like and is accessible from three sides. - From 4 years - Dimensions: 71 x 83 x 53 cm - Note: The house is sold alone, without dolls and without decoration. But accessories are sold on the site in the dollhouses category. >> Read more

  • Dollhouse Juniors' Destroyed Cutoff Shorts
    Dollhouse Juniors' Destroyed Cutoff Shorts

    Dollhouse destroys its denim shorts just the way you like it with cool rips, fringy hems and a dose of fading for the ultimate worn-in look. A higher rise gives these shorts must-have status.

  • Dollhouse Girls' or Little Girls' Varsity Jacket
    Dollhouse Girls' or Little Girls' Varsity Jacket

    She'll major in style with this collegiate "D university" jacket from Dollhouse.

  • Dollhouse Plus Size Double-Breasted Jacket
    Dollhouse Plus Size Double-Breasted Jacket

    Offering the double-breasted style of a trench coat in a shorter silhouette, Dollhouse's lightweight, plus size jacket is an absolute must for spring! (Clearance)

  • Dollhouse Girls' Ruffled Quilted Faux-Leather Jacket
    Dollhouse Girls' Ruffled Quilted Faux-Leather Jacket

    Faux leather has never looked lovelier than in this cute-meets-cool jacket from Dollhouse-with rough and tough perforations plus gentle ruffles.

  • Makedo Find and Make - Dollhouse
    Makedo Find and Make - Dollhouse

    Makedo teaches children about recycling as they find creative inspiration from materials they used to throw away. With their multi-award winning and patented connector system, makedo enables children to build almost anything using everyday materials.

  • A Box Painted Black (Vinyl LP)
    A Box Painted Black (Vinyl LP)

    Details · Paper Dollhouse is the work of Astrud Steehouder; dark minimal gothic folk which comprises haunting vocals, acoustic guitar, effects pedals, found sounds, slide projector and minimal electronic atmospherics. Her debut album ‘A Box Painted Black’ is set for release this winter on Bird Records, the femme-folk off shoot of the Finders Keepers family. · Inspired by early 60s electronic pioneers Delia Derbyshire and Eliane Radique, bleak British television soundtracks, minimal dark electronica...

  • Alphas (Alan Tudyk) Bomb Trigger Device
    Alphas (Alan Tudyk) Bomb Trigger Device

    Alpha’s (Alan Tudyk) explosive trigger device used in Joss Whedon’s short running series Dollhouse. The deranged ex-active, Alpha, can be seen with this custom built prop atop a skyscraper in the series two episode A Love Supreme, using it to blow up a ex-lover of the "doll" Echo. The simple device is made from a metal shell painted matt black and an acrylic full hand trigger, with red and green LEDs on either side. The prop is sadly missing it’s aerial, which was probably lost after Alpha threw...

  • Catwoman Vol.02: Dollhouse
    Catwoman Vol.02: Dollhouse

    Product Description CATWOMAN VOL. 2: DOLLHOUSE Judd Winick | Guillem March | Adriana Melo | Mariah Benes | Julio Ferreira DC Comics, 144 Pages, Colour Teaming with a new partner called Spark, Catwoman is out to take Gotham City — literally! But when Catwoman runs into Dollhouse, a psychotic who kidnaps children from the streets of Gotham City, a rage awakens in her that not even she knew existed! Collects Catwoman #7-12.

  • Dollhouse [DVD] [2012]
    Dollhouse [DVD] [2012]

    Starring: ~ Seána Kerslake, Johnny Ward Kate Stanley Brennan

  • Dollhouse Doll Family
    Dollhouse Doll Family

    With moveable arms and legs, Doll Family come dressed in colourful clothes. The Doll Family includes: father, mother and two children. The Doll family sets and individual dolls are scaled to fit Plan Toys dolls houses. All sets are ideal for encouraging children to engage in role-playing and learning about different cultures and backgrounds. Age Range: 3 years + Product Dimensions: Father Doll Length: 5cm Width: 3cm Height: 14cm approx.5 x 3 x 14cm approx.

  • Dollhouse Embroidery Bellpull kits
    Dollhouse Embroidery Bellpull kits

    A range of beautiful bellpulls, all of which are to be worked on 32 count silk gauze with a single strand of Anchor stranded cotton (which is much easier to do than you'd think!). When completed, the stitched area measures 4½ x ½ inches. Each kit includes a cast metal bellpull end, made to our own exclusive design, plus the gauze, thread, colour block chart and detailed instructions, including how to make the tiny tassel! The range features designs suitable for houses from the Georgian, Victorian...

  • Dollhouse Epitaphs ( Volume 1)
    Dollhouse Epitaphs ( Volume 1)

    Alpha was the perfect product of Rossum Corporation’s mind-altering technology, until he snapped, burdened by the dozens of personalities they’d downloaded into his brain. Now the technology has gone viral, turning the entire population into murderous automatons, and it’s up to the psychotic Alpha and a small group of survivors to save mankind.

  • Dollhouse Epitaphs One Shot
    Dollhouse Epitaphs One Shot

    Dollhouse Epitaphs One Shot. Having penned the show's final, post-apocalyptic episode, show writers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon continue the tale of three survivors in a world overcome by a devastating technological virus. The wealthy and powerful could buy any kind of companionship at the Dollhouses, where the Rossum Corporation paid young people to have their minds wiped clean and be imprinted with computer-enhanced personalities and skills-all according to a buyer's request. Now the technology...

  • Dollhouse Series 1 And 2 Complete DVD
    Dollhouse Series 1 And 2 Complete DVD

    BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and FIREFLY creator Joss Whedon crafts this science-fiction-themed television series concerning a highly-illegal, underground organization known as the Dollhouse that caters to the wealthy, powerful, and connected by leasing out 'Actives', people whose personalities have been wiped clean so they can serve whatever purpose the client demands. Echo (Eliza Dushku) is an 'Active'. She doesn't just perform the role that she has been hired to play, but actually becomes it since...

  • Dollhouse Titanic 'Heart of the Ocean' Jewelry Box
    Dollhouse Titanic 'Heart of the Ocean' Jewelry Box

    A stunning necklace in a Pellaq box, with Swarovski crystals and acrylic hearts. Based upon the 'Heart of the Ocean' necklace worn in the film 'Titanic'

  • Dollhouse Toddler Bed
    Dollhouse Toddler Bed

    The sweetest bed we have seen in a long time! Our Dollhouse Toddler Bed helps make the move from a cot to a big bed as easy as possible for any young girl. Parents are sure to love the storage options and the sturdy design. Convenient storage space on the headboard. Side windows that open and close. Detailed dollhouse artwork, complete with flowers and a picket fence. Low enough to the ground to allow easy access for kids. Fence posts on sides that double as bed rail. Made of composite wood...

  • Dollhouse: Epitaphs #4 (of 5)
    Dollhouse: Epitaphs #4 (of 5)

    In Los Angeles, survivors Mag, Griff, Zone, and a few new recruits band together to fight against the Rossum Corporation. In Tucson, Alpha and his very small army of "dolls" make plans to infiltrate Rossum headquarters and find Echo, who may hold the key to saving humanity. Alpha's multiple personalities get out of hand!

  • Fimo Sweet Dollhouse Food Necklace
    Fimo Sweet Dollhouse Food Necklace

    Fimo Sweet Corn Dollhouse Food Necklace. Quirky unusual miniature food sweet corn necklace. Designed exclusively from high quality polymer clay. Part of our vegetable jewellery collection. 18in silver plated curb chain. Also available in 16in. Nickel free.

  • Makedo Find and Make a Dollhouse
    Makedo Find and Make a Dollhouse

    Makedo Find and Make range comprises project-based kits themed around classic boys and girls creations, which can be made by finding cardboard boxes, plastic containers, and other packaging or materials found at home. Find and Make a Dollhouse kit includes: 26 pins, 26 clips, 4 lock-hinges,1 safe-saw, 3 dollhouse inspired sticker sheets and instructions.

  • My First Dollhouse (DS English)
    My First Dollhouse (DS English)

    Fun and easy pick up and play style game with an open - ended game play experience

  • Pink Princess Pedal Trike
    Pink Princess Pedal Trike

    a leather look sprung saddle. wheel mudguards. working headlight. leather handlebar tassels finished in white. adjustable seat height. metal spoked wheels running on sealed bearings, just like the originals.

  • Plan - My First Dollhouse
    Plan - My First Dollhouse

    My First Doll's house from Plan Toys is attractive and sturdy with open plan living and easy access for children to play. It features a first floor balcony and double fronted doors. Made with sustainable rubber wood. It helps to develop hand eye coordination and imaginative play. Size: 55cm x 33.5cm x 49cm Age 3+ MPN: PL7601 GTIN: 8854740076014

  • Savannah Classy Dollhouse
    Savannah Classy Dollhouse

    Product Description The Savannah Classy Dollhouse,decorated like a true southern mansion, is one of our most exquisite dollhouses.With all the rooms and pieces of furniture, it’s guaranteed to keep imaginations running wild. The Savannah Classy Dollhouse makes playtime more realistic than ever before. Features include: Four levels and six rooms of open space 14 pieces of colourful furniture Wide windows allow dolls to be viewed from multiple angles Full outdoor patio area Large enough that multiple...

  • Solve the mystery behind the madness
    Solve the mystery behind the madness

    Integrated strategy guide. Bonus prequel chapter – discover what lies behind the madness. Dark and spooky wallpapers. Haunting musical soundtrack. Concept art and deleted scenes.

  • Stray Souls Dollhouse Story
    Stray Souls Dollhouse Story

    12 chapters. 38 locations. 20 hidden object scenes. Unlimited hints and tips. Interactive tutorial.

  • Teamson Magic Garden Dollhouse Cottage & Furniture
    Teamson Magic Garden Dollhouse Cottage & Furniture

    Quick Overview Girls will love this fantastic Teamson magic garden dollhouse cottage, this fun dollhouse comes supplied completely fully furnished with all the dollhouse furniture that you will need and two little miniature dolls who just can't wait to move in. We love this wooden dollhouse with it's fun whimsical toy theme "just like a dollhouse should be” its designed to provide many hours of fun playtime to remember for a lifetime, one of the best things about this house is the fun features like...