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  • Samsung E350 Universal Mount, Mobile Phones, Samsung-E350-Universal-Mount
    Samsung E350 Universal Mount, Mobile Phones, Samsung-E350-Universal-Mount

    The Samsung E350 Universal Mount is the perfect way to carry your device while in the car. The holder keeps it visible, yet out of the way from passengers and objects in the car which could otherwise damage your favourite device.

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    Samsung E350 Lens Repair Service
    Samsung E350 Lens Repair Service

    After making your order below, you will receive an order form via email, print this out. If you pay online print out your payment receipt email too. If you wish to pay via cash, postal order or cheque, include this with your order form. Take out your simcard and memory card and keep it safe, as this is not needed. If possible, fully charge the battery and turn your phone off. Wrap your phone in bubble wrap or similar. Place wrapped phone in a jiffy bag, along with your order form and payment...

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  • Samsung E350 Car Charger
    Samsung E350 Car Charger

    With so many reasons to have a spare, the Samsung E350 Car Charger is a handy replacement for your Samsung E350 allowing you to keep your mobile charged while on the road. Fused for safety, allows talking and charging at the same time, and smart sensor to prevent overcharging make this a great value.

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