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  • LEGO Creator Sonic Boom 5892
    LEGO Creator Sonic Boom 5892

    Now you can pretend to soar through the skies with this supersonic jet!The LEGO® Creator sonic boom set is an exciting toy that allows you to recreate the action packed world of supersonic combat. This detailed, red and white supersonic jet has movable wing flaps, tail fins and landing gear. The cockpit also opens up to allow a small figure inside.After playing with the jet, you can rebuild this LEGO® kit into a dual propeller plane or high-speed boat!Age range 5 years+.

  • LEGO Creator 31013: Red Thunder
    LEGO Creator 31013: Red Thunder


  • LEGO Creator 31011: Aviation Adventures
    LEGO Creator 31011: Aviation Adventures

    Features detailed 8-cylinder radial engine with priming function, large exhausts, propeller "feathering", opening engine compartment with working gear assembly, retracting undercarriage, movable wing flaps, sliding and hinging canopy, detailed cockpit with control panel and stick Move the tail wheel back and forth to see the propeller spin Watch the working gear assembly Adjust the propeller pitch Jump in the cockpit, fire up the engine and take to the skies Extend the undercarriage for landing mode...

  • LEGO Creator - Small Cottage (31009) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Small Cottage (31009) /Toys

    Build a countryside getaway with the Small Cottage! This cozy creation is the perfect LEGO速 brick-built vacation home with everything a minifigure needs to unwind! Put the sausage on the grill, cruise around on the skateboard or swim in the pond! Take off the roof and open the rear of the Small Cottage to explore inside! Features a lamp, drawers, swivel chair and a table. Rebuild it into an impressive windmill or skater?s house for even more cool LEGO速 creation destinations! Open the skater?s house...

  • LEGO Creator 31017: Sunset Speeder
    LEGO Creator 31017: Sunset Speeder

    Zoom away with the super fast 3-in-1 Speeder Cruise the streets with this versatile racing car Orange bodywork with black and white stripe Features working doors, racing wheels, and lights Rebuild into a truck cab or even faster racing car, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator - Seaside House (7346) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Seaside House (7346) /Toys

    Build your 3-in-1 dream seaside home!Enjoy life by the sea in your very own 3-in-1 Seaside House ? made to minifigure scale! Go surfing on the surfboard, use the outdoor shower and then grill a feast on the beach. Just watch out for the pesky seagull sitting in the palm tree ? he's hungry too! This detailed Seaside House also includes an opening roof and removable top floor for easy access. When you're ready for a different seaside building, use the supplied alternative building steps to rebuild...

  • LEGO Creator - Treehouse (lego 31010) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Treehouse (lego 31010) /Toys

    Create your very own treetop hideaway with the 3-in-1 LEGO速 Creator Treehouse! Open the secret trapdoor and climb up the fold-down ladder. Use the gray bucket to lift supplies up with the winch. Fill the red bucket with water and tow it up to keep unwanted guests away. This detailed playhouse includes a yellow wagon for transporting all your favorite things to your treetop hideaway, a hollow tree for storing your secret treasure map and a dog. Remove the roof for easy access to the storage areand...

  • LEGO Creator 31021: Furry Creatures
    LEGO Creator 31021: Furry Creatures

    Adjust the cat's facial features to create different expressions Adjust or move the mouth, whiskers, ears, eyebrows, and eyes The cat's legs can also be adjusted to create different poses Chase the mouse friend who is nibbling on a piece of cheese Rebuild the model into a cute puppy or rabbit for added fun, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator - Construction Hauler (31005) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Construction Hauler (31005) /Toys

    Head out for some heavy-duty digging in the articulated Construction Hauler! Place the construction cones, lower the ramp and unload the digger! Get to work with the digger?s moveable front-loading bucket and backhoe. Features realistic details including a metallic grill, warning lights and horns. Rebuild it into a rugged cherry picker with rotating and movable arm or an offroad transporter with a dune buggy, ramp and spare tire.

  • LEGO Creator 31022: Turbo Quad
    LEGO Creator 31022: Turbo Quad

    Go off-road with the speedy 3-in-1 Turbo Quad Steer clear of obstacles with working steering Cruise over bumpy terrain with rear suspension Also features chunky tyres and detailed engine Rebuild into a might monster truck or cool buggy, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31025: Mountain Hut
    LEGO Creator 31025: Mountain Hut

    Pull up a chair and relax by the fireplace with rustic furniture Jump on the quad bike for a ride or climb the snowy mountain Look for hidden treasure but watch out for the mountaintop eagle Enjoy the beautiful scenery including waterfall and small stream 3-in-1 model rebuilds into a mountaintop lookout or small lodge, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31008: Thunder Wings
    LEGO Creator 31008: Thunder Wings

    Scream through the skies with the Thunder Wings jet! Fire up the powerful afterburners as the swept-back wings and large air intakes send this super jet soaring into the clouds! Then rebuild it into a robust robot with poseable limbs or a futuristic concept car with an angled rear spoiler and real rubber tyres., Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31012: Family House
    LEGO Creator 31012: Family House

    Includes a male and a female minifigure Features open layout, glass exterior, hanging lamp with LEGO® light brick, garage with opening door, small pond, tree, yellow car, bed, table and armchair Accessories include milk carton, cup, chicken legs, lamp, grill, small bird and a toy car with controller Collect cool elements including a sloped roof with dark red and brown tiles and white walls! House opens for easy play inside Push the roof vent to activate the LEGO light brick! Light up the grill for...

  • LEGO Creator 31014: Power Digger
    LEGO Creator 31014: Power Digger

    This 3-in-1 power digger model rebuilds into a dump truck or a front loader Use the powerful arm to dig holes and rotate the cab to move earth and rocks Features flexible working crane arm, rotating vehicle body, and cab window Also features chunky tyres, warning light on roof, and opening engine section Working dumper on the dump truck, working digging arm on the front loader, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31015: Emerald Express
    LEGO Creator 31015: Emerald Express

    Climb aboard the old-fashioned 3-in-1 steam train Detail includes old-fashioned funnel and cab Features chunky wheels, light, and cattle bars Can be rebuilt into a rocket train or a carriage Combine with additional Emerald Express train sets, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31018: Highway Cruiser
    LEGO Creator 31018: Highway Cruiser

    This 3-in-1 cruiser model rebuilds into a classic motorbike or a dirt bike Discover the joys of the open road with a cool bright green motorcycle Features a realistic engine with angled muffler and sleek bodywork Additional features include twin exhaust pipes and raked front forks Wing mirrors, lights, and chunky tyres with tread add to role-play fun, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator 31020: Twinblade Adventures
    LEGO Creator 31020: Twinblade Adventures

    Spin the massive rotors of this powerful 3-in-1 aircraft Adjust the engines for lift-off or smooth forward flight Dual tail fin at the back of the plane ensures steady flight Lower the ramp to access the Twinblade's cargo hold Rebuild into old-fashioned biplane or speedy helicopter, Manufacturer: LEGO

  • LEGO Creator - Highway Speedsters (31006) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Highway Speedsters (31006) /Toys

    Ignite the Highway Speedster?s supercharged engine and head for the open highway! This awesome white supercar features working scissor doors, opening engine bay, detailed engine compartment, sunroof, sleek alloy wheels with rims and cool tan interior. Rebuild it into a classic racing car with a detailed engine or a functional tow truck with hook and warning lights.

  • LEGO Creator - Street Rebel (7291) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Street Rebel (7291) /Toys

    LEGO Creator - Street Rebel (7291) /Toys

  • LEGO® Creator Pet Shop
    LEGO® Creator Pet Shop

    Welcome customers to the pet shop that has it all! Continuing the LEGO Modular Buildings series, this highly detailed, three-story Pet Shop building and townhouse with full internal and external detailing is the perfect addition to your LEGO town. Greet customers with a menagerie of pets and let them treat them with a selection of toys and supplies. To the side, the tastefully appointed townhouse features a detailed ground floor with accessories and spiral staircase leading to the upper floor.

  • LEGO Creator 30009 - Christmas Tree
    LEGO Creator 30009 - Christmas Tree

    I'd rate Firestar Toys very highly. The service was quick, polite and it was super easy to receive our items. The product range is great considering they have some unique items that are hard to find anywhere else.

  • LEGO Creator - Power Mech (lego 31007) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Power Mech (lego 31007) /Toys

    Make way for the mighty Power Mech! Suit up for futuristic battle with strong green armor, powerful arms, grabbing claws and leg-mounted boosters and launch into the sky! The Power Mech is a bright battle bot ready for anything! Move the arms and legs for realistic robot action. Then rebuild it into a fast helicopter with moving rotor or a heavy-duty pickup truck with rugged offroad tires.

  • LEGO Creator - Bikeshop and Cafe (lego 31026) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Bikeshop and Cafe (lego 31026) /Toys

    Open a world of adventures with this exciting 3-in-1 Bike Shop & Café. Serve delicious muffins and espresso coffee to your customers at the cozy café. Then visit the neighboring bike shop, buy the cool red bike that's for sale, mount it on your car rack and head for the hills! Fold out the Bike Shop & Café for your very own main street, where you can add your own LEGO® creations! What kind of shop will you build next? You can also rebuild the set to create an auto repair shop or a flower shop. Icludes...

  • LEGO Creator - First Aid Jungle Motorcycle (lego 41032) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - First Aid Jungle Motorcycle (lego 41032) /Toys

    Ride through the jungle on the First Aid Jungle Bike and look out for animals that need your help. There?s a monkey in distress, trapped in a cave by a heavy rockfall! Use the shovel to clear the fallen rocks and check the monkey with Emma?s medic bag before you help it find a banana to eat. Then use the walkie-talkie to radio home about your rescue mission. Includes Emma mini-doll figure and a monkey.

  • LEGO Creator - Forest Animals (lego 31019) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Forest Animals (lego 31019) /Toys

    This cheeky forest monkey demands attention! Pose his arms, legs and tail into all sorts of positions and adjust his eyes, eyebrows and opening mouth to change his expression. Grab a tasty banana and play games together with the colorful toucan. Then rebuild the forest monkey into a choice of 2 crazy new models ? a super-cute teddy bear or a very naughty squirrel!3-in-1 model: rebuilds into a teddy bear or squirrel Features an opening mouth, adjustable eyebrows, turning eyes, poseable arms, legs...

  • LEGO Creator - Summer Camping (lego 41034) /Toys
    LEGO Creator - Summer Camping (lego 41034) /Toys

    Head off on a summer camping trip with the LEGO速 Friends! Olivia and Joanna have a brand new car and caravan and are looking for the perfect spot outside Heartlake City to set up camp in the sunshine. Help them prepare a delicious lunch on the camping stove and sit down to eat at the table and chairs. Sit back and admire the beautiful view while saying hello to the friendly hedgehog. Then wash the dishes before setting up the sunbeds and switch on the MP3 player for an afternoon of sunbathing ?on...

  • jenga boom game a2028 toys and hobbies
    jenga boom game a2028 toys and hobbies

    The excitement and suspense build as the timer ticks down! Can you stack your block before the tower Booms? With Jenga Boom, play against your friends, and race the clock to finish your turn before the seconds run out and your tower comes crashing down! It’s an explosively good time!

  • Toys :: Construction Toys :: Lego :: Lego Creator :: Lego6118 Wheels
    Toys :: Construction Toys :: Lego :: Lego Creator :: Lego6118 Wheels

    For cars, trucks and more, this collection of wheels, rubber tires, and related pieces has everything you need to take your LEGO creations on the road!

  • Lego Creator Super Racer 31002 Toys and Hobbies
    Lego Creator Super Racer 31002 Toys and Hobbies

    Ready! Set! Go! Speed around the circuit in this fast Super Racer! Win every race with big slick wheels, spoilers and a cool aerodynamic shape. Turn the steering wheel and take on tough terrain with real rubber tires! Rebuild this yellow race car into a tough quad bike or speedy go-kart.

  • LEGO - The Hobbit - Mirkwood Elf Army (lego 79012) /Toys
    LEGO - The Hobbit - Mirkwood Elf Army (lego 79012) /Toys

    The Orcs are trespassing on the lands of the great Elven king, Thranduil, and a thrilling battle is inevitable. Climb the rotating tree at the edge of Mirkwood Forest and keep watch. When the Gundabad Orc warriors draw near on foot or riding the ferocious brown Warg, defend the Elven stronghold with the Mirkwood? Elf army. Watch out for Orcs using the ladder to scale the wall. Flick missiles from the wall, then grab a weapon from the rack and attack! Split the tree in two for ambush mode to sendElven...