Fairy Pinata
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  • Fairy Heart Pinata
    Fairy Heart Pinata

    Heart shape Purple Pinata with "Fairy" illustration. Easy to open and fill with toys and sweets, and easy to hang with the loop provided.

  • Unicorn Pinata
    Unicorn Pinata

    This pretty Unicorn Piñata is perfect for any Princess or Fairy Tale party. Have fun filling the Unicorn with sweets, treats and surprises. Then hang the Unicorn up and let the fun begin. Children will love trying to break open this Unicorn and enjoy the prizes inside. This Piñata can be used indoors or outside and makes a fantastic decoration if not in use.

  • Faires Tinkerbell Drum Pinata
    Faires Tinkerbell Drum Pinata

    The tinkerbell fairy drum pull and pop out pinata is a brightly coloured pinata perfect for filling with sweets and treats putting lots of fun into special occasion 18 Inch h x 18 Inch w.

  • Tinkerbell Party Pinata
    Tinkerbell Party Pinata

    Add some fairy magic to the party with this fantastic pinata. Fill the pinata with little surprises. Take it in turns to pull the ribbons until the release ribbon is pulled and all the prizes tumble out! 12 ribbons. * 18in x 18in

  • Tiara Pinata
    Tiara Pinata

    Our tiara pinata with be perfect for any princess or fairy themed parties. Pinatas are an easy and fun party game for all ages, just choose your favourite design, fill it with small toys and sweets then let everyone take turns hitting it with our pinata sticks. To make the game go on even longer, blindfold the participants and spin them round before they take a swing. Pinata sticks and blindfolds are also available and don't forget to save the stick for your next pinata! Model: PINATA TIARA

  • Castle Pull Pinata
    Castle Pull Pinata

    Have a magical birthday with our enchanting Castle Piñata! Pull String Castle Piñata resembles a white fairy tale castle with pink turrets and banners flying! Pull String Castle Piñata is a safe alternative to traditional piñatas and is perfect for princess parties and other girls' birthday celebrations. Castle Piñata holds up to 900g of treats and measures 34cm (13 1/2in) x 38cm (15in).