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  • PFM Extending Ostrich Feather Duster
    PFM Extending Ostrich Feather Duster

    DescriptionReviewsDeliveryWhy us?This pack contains... The fine fluffy Ostrich feathers of our Telescopic Duster contain millions of small fibres which attract dust naturally. Whisk the duster over even the most delicate ornaments and the feathers will collect the dust, holding it until you release it by giving it a good shake outside. Extends from 66cm to 2m. Quicker and gentler than a duster – once you have used one you will never use anything else. - Cleaning Feather DusterFantastic - Gina...

  • Smiffys Gothic Feather Duster (Black)
    Smiffys Gothic Feather Duster (Black)

    Manufacturer: Smiffys

  • Wooden extendable ostrich feather duster
    Wooden extendable ostrich feather duster

    From Eddingtons, this luxury duster comes on a wooden handle with an extendable plastic handle and an array of chocolate ostrich feathers to the end.

  • Elliott Turkey Feather Duster with Long Handle
    Elliott Turkey Feather Duster with Long Handle

    Ideal for dusting delicate ornaments, venetian blinds and removing cobwebs For dry dusting only Comes with long handle For Natural Detergent Free Cleaning 100 cm handle length, Manufacturer: George East

  • Feather Duster
    Feather Duster

    Assorted colour feather duster. Great addition to any French maid fancy dress costume or accessory to hen night celebrations.

  • Mini Duster Non-Feather Non-Allergenic Polyester Duster
    Mini Duster Non-Feather Non-Allergenic Polyester Duster

    This clever Non-Feather Mini Duster attracts and holds dust electrostatically. Great for cleaning Keyboards, Hi-Fi equipment, Dashboards and Fragile Objects. Washable. 29cm long (11).

  • Black Gothic French Maid Feather Duster
    Black Gothic French Maid Feather Duster

    Black French Maid Feather duster with pretty lace and satin ribbon bow detail. Perfect and fun accessory to a French Maid outfit. Great for fancy dress parties or just for a little fun around the house!

  • Eddingtons Feather Duster with Beech Handle
    Eddingtons Feather Duster with Beech Handle

    Feather Duster with Beech Handle 100 x 100 x 115, Manufacturer: Eddingtons

  • Wilko Feather Duster Ostrich Natural
    Wilko Feather Duster Ostrich Natural

    Enjoy quick and easy dusting the natural way with our ostrich feather duster. The ostrich feathers collect fine dust particles leaving your home fresh and clean. Features an ergonomic natural bamboo handle. Always read the label.

  • 48" Feather Duster
    48" Feather Duster

    Brand: Robert Scott & Sons Product Code: FD0048 × Price shown is RRP and does not take into account your trade discount. Price Excluding Tax: £3.30 Price: £3.96 Qty: Add to Cart Add to Favourite ProductsAdd to Compare 0 reviews | Write a review

  • 48-90 inch/ 120-225cm Feather Duster
    48-90 inch/ 120-225cm Feather Duster

    Ostrich Feather Dusters are the natural way to clean your blinds. They are made with a plume of millions of separate, wispy filaments that collect the dust. They clean without leaving an electrostatic charge and moving the dust around. Trapped dust can be shaken off in a dustbin. The feathers can be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air dried. Under normal use, our Ostrich Feather Dusters will last for years, making them exceptional value.

  • Black Feather Duster
    Black Feather Duster

    Black feather duster with attached sequins and black ribbon.

  • Extending Feather Duster
    Extending Feather Duster

    This amazing, feather duster is packed with a thick mass of ostrich feathers and comes with a detachable telescopic handle. Without the extension it measures 75cm, so ideal for everyday use. Screw on the extension, and you have a duster that extends from 150cm to 230cm! Brilliant for high stairwells and ceilings.

  • Feather Duster - Silly Billy
    Feather Duster - Silly Billy

    Tickle your child helper as you "Clean Them Off". Use this as a running gag throughout your kids show or walk-around event. When you pick up the Feather Duster wand, the children get giddy with anticipation of seeing their friends get tickled. Unlike other funny wand gags, you can repeat this one over and over, and the children enjoy it more and more. Includes detailed instructions

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  • Feather Duster 110cm
  • Feather duster for Halloween
    Feather duster for Halloween

    The grip of this feather duster is about 23cm. On top there are feathers for about 14cm. At he begining of the feathers there is lace that gores around the grip and a black bow with a false black diamond in the middle. This is the ideal accessory for completing a costume for your parties with friends and Halloween.

  • Feather Duster, Black
    Feather Duster, Black

    This fancy dress feather duster is a great accessory to any maid costume or cleaners costume.

  • Funky Feather Duster
    Funky Feather Duster

    Dusting becomes kitsch. These amazing feather dusters will make you smile. Striped handle with loop at end for hanging. Measures 60cm in length

  • Gothic Feather Duster
  • Gothic Manor Feather Duster
    Gothic Manor Feather Duster

    Model: HDS1000929. 0 Units in Stock. Manufactured by: notjustballoons.

  • Harpie's Feather Duster TP8-EN002
    Harpie's Feather Duster TP8-EN002

    Destroy all of your opponent's Spell and Trap Cards on the field.

  • Hot Pink Feather Duster
    Hot Pink Feather Duster

    So I have always yearned for such a duster but they are usually quite expensive. This bright little beauty is all I hoped for and more. Not only does it bring a jewel-like sparkle to the mind-numbing drudgery of housework, it does actually swish away the dust rodents/metre-wide cobwebs which seem to build up on a weekly basis. Also, our son loves to run around with it pretending it is a 'tickle sabre'. So, gorgeous, practical and keeps the kid entertained- bravo!

  • Ostrich Feather Duster
    Ostrich Feather Duster

    Ostrich Feather Dusters are completely safe and transforms the job of dusting computer monitors,keyboards and printers etc from what can be a very tedious process to a very, very quick and almost effortless job. Ostrich feathers carry an electrostatic charge, with a proven ability to pick up and hold dust which means they collect dust and not move it about. Ostrich Feather Dusters are gentle, non scratching and are ideal for almost any application

  • Ostrich Feather Duster 20 inch
    Ostrich Feather Duster 20 inch

    Ostrich Feather Dusters develop a static charge when rubbed against a surface which actually attracts and holds dust, which can then be shaken out or washed off.

  • Perigot Telescopic Feather Duster
    Perigot Telescopic Feather Duster

    The female ostrich feather's natural oils and barbs capture dust without moving it around. It's so effective that the telescopic duster has even been known to grace the French presidential palace! The lightweight telescopic handle is gentle on the shoulders and can easily reach mouldings, ledges and spider webs up to 4 metres high.

  • Pink Feather Duster
    Pink Feather Duster

    Pink Feather Duster

  • Real Ostrich Feather Duster
    Real Ostrich Feather Duster

    Product Description Ostrich Feather Duster Dusty If have to clean, do it in style hilarious with the Ostrich Feature Duster. Ostrich Feather Dusters have always been revered. The feathers make the best dusters because of their natural qualities. Dusty is a crazy bird who likes nothing better than to sweep away your dust and cobwebs! Each feather has millions of tiny follicles that actually attract and hold dust and they do not leave a (dust attracting) static charge unlike other dusters and cloths...

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  • Sexy Maid With Feather Duster [Add
    Sexy Maid With Feather Duster [Add

    Sexy Maid DescriptionBe a Daring French Fancy With This Sexy Black & White Pvc Tutu Style (8") Skirt with Frilly Apron, Pants, Bikini Top, Cuffs & Hat. This is a fun little number to wear to a costume party or club event! Available with the option of a padded bikini top, giving you comfort and modesty and most of all enhances your bust! HELLO BOYS ;o) Stocking, Fluffy Legwarmers & Accessories Are Not Included But Can Be Selected Below To Complete Your Outfit.

  • The White Company Feather duster
    The White Company Feather duster

    Our new cleaning brushes are handmade in Germany by the renowned Redecker family of artisan brushmakers, who've been making brushes in an environmentally friendly way since 1935. Using the finest craftsmanship techniques and all-natural materials, this high quality curated collection has been thoughtfully designed to stand the test of time.This lightweight feather duster is made from super-soft Ostrich feathers renowned for their innate static charge which helps attract and hold dust. Ideal for everyday...