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  • Magswitch Fence Featherboard Pro Model
    Magswitch Fence Featherboard Pro Model

    Weight: 1.4 lbs., Manufacturer: Magswitch Technology Inc.

  • Fence Mural
    Fence Mural

    A black and white photo image of a metal fence with diamond and hexagon shapes. Total mural size 3.15m wide x 2.65m high - NOT AS STATED BELOW.

  • Barricade Fence Orange
    Barricade Fence Orange

    50 x 1m. High visibilty warning barrier. Weatherproof, reusable and long lasting. Features: HDPE. Specifications: 1m x 50m

  • House of the Gods Fence And Stripe Wrap Women's Dress
    House of the Gods Fence And Stripe Wrap Women's Dress

    House of the Gods Fence And Stripe Wrap Women's Dress

  • Solway Fence Panel - 6 x 6ft
    Solway Fence Panel - 6 x 6ft

    Sizes: 6ft x 6ft The Solway Panel is a premium pressure treated fence panel. It is a simple design that will give your garden a stylish look. The Solway Panel also comes with a fantastic 15 year anti Rot guarantee, so you know this fence panel is good quality. Dimensions: 182.8 x 182.8 x 5 cm.

  • Garden Border Fence - Green
    Garden Border Fence - Green

    Enhance your garden and protect your plants with this attractive low Garden Border Fence. It is ideal from stopping children

  • Expanding Fence - Buy 2
    Expanding Fence - Buy 2

    A fence in the garden, a pet gate in the house - this free-standing fencing unit is both. Use it outdoors as a divider, to provide a little privacy, to screen off unsightly vegetable patches, wheelie bins, composters or to protect newly planted areas. Take it inside to act as a useful barrier across doorways or stairs to keep pets in their place. Durably made from solid wood, it can be weather-proofed, varnished or left in its attractive natural state. Standing 90cm high, it expands from 30cm to...

  • Tattered Lace Die Fence and Vines
    Tattered Lace Die Fence and Vines

    Deck out the summer shades and wriggle those bare feet whilst rolling out a beautiful summer selection of Tattered Lace Dies, featuring some fab Fence and Vines!When the warm weather is in, these gorgeous dies are beautifully elegant, compatible with a wide range of die-cutting machines from the cute little Cuttlebug to the all-inspiring Spellbinder!Enchant your onlookers and lucky receivers with beautiful cards, sentimental scrapbook pages and flourishing toppers that bring out imaginations, ideas...

  • Wallies - Picket Fence Big Mural
    Wallies - Picket Fence Big Mural

    Wallies Big Murals are pre-pasted wallpaper designs with a vinyl coating, easy to apply and easy to clean up. Their extra-large format and vivid images give your walls the maximum impact. Big Murals will quickly enhance and beautify any smooth, flat surface, giving the impression that you spent painstaking hours hand painting your project! But all you do is wet and apply! A sponge or paper towel and water are all the supplies you need. Big Murals are strippable. To remove, simply wet the mural very...

  • Fence Treatment (5L) - Harvest Gold
    Fence Treatment (5L) - Harvest Gold

    Our harvest gold fence panel treatement is very easy to apply to your fence panels and extends the life of the timber. Available in 3 different colours.


    A delightful and decorative pack of weather resistant durable fence panels providing a striking finish to any garden. A most robust design with classic pillars these panels will grace any garden. Manufactured from UV-stabilised polyurethane for durability, the panels simply slot together and are suitable on soft ground for instant use! Sturdy bronze-railing effect!

  • Gilbert & Sullivan: Choruses
    Gilbert & Sullivan: Choruses

    The collaboration of W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan was an instant success, creating works which have been unceasing in their popularity since their first performances. Gilbert's inspired humour combines with Sullivan's charming melodies to create the most memorable music: two master craftsmen pleasing audiences and performers in equal measure. This collection brings together 28 choruses from the operas into one handy volume and also includes The Long Day Closes. Edited by Brian Kay and Robin Wilson...

  • Songs in the Key of Fife
    Songs in the Key of Fife

    The East Neuk of Fife may seem like an unusual place for a musical revolution. However, in amongst the sleepy fishing villages and rolling fields, a small community of gifted musicians has quietly crept up on the world. From psychedelic troubadours the Beta Band to the mult-million-selling KT Tunstall, acclaimed singer-songwriter James Yorkston and the reigning monarch and lynchpin of the Fence Collective, King Creosote, Songs in the Key of Fife plots the unique, intertwining tales of these Fifers...

  • Between The Fences
    Between The Fences

    Subtitled " Before Guantanamo there was the Port Isabel Service Procesing Center" this book by Tony Hefner is an exposé on the terrible condition in the Port Isabel Center, one of hte largest immigration detention centres in America - it's Yarl's Wood squared. Corruption, violations of human rights, violence - Hefner worked there for 5 years and details his experience, and links the economics of the Prison Industrial Complex to the conditions and practices. Publishes by Seven Stories Press, 2010...

  • Both Sides of the Fence
    Both Sides of the Fence

    BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE The Autobiography of a Poacher Turned Gamekeeper Frank Cullum began life comfortably enough -father was in the army and the pay,with only Frank and his mother to feed was adequate.Come the twenties,howerver,things began to get more difficult.Life as an agricul- tural worker was precarious to say the least -and there was soon to be seven more mouths to feed!Somehow the family income had to be supplement- ed and Cullum senior soon became an expert poacher.So did Cullum junior...

  • Boundaries Walls & Fences (10ed)
    Boundaries Walls & Fences (10ed)

    The often technical but important regulations are explained in detail and guidance is given on the regime of notices and counter notices governing construction and repair of walls on the line of junction of properties; rules on excavation; compensation; and rights of entry. Diagrams are included throughout to help clarify different issues.

  • CER2 Within High Fences
    CER2 Within High Fences

    Nancy is a security guard at a detention centre for asylum seekers and refugees who have come to Britain to escape persecution in their own countries. Nancy thinks she has everything: a comfortable house, nice furniture, a boyfriend and a beautiful Rolex watch. Then she falls in love with George, an asylum seeker who has nothing, and her world changes completely.

  • Detail: v. 7: Fence and Gate
    Detail: v. 7: Fence and Gate

    Detail Volume 7: Fence and Gate is a collection of fence and gate designs that focus on creating attractive and harmonious boundaries to a wide variety of mainly urban architecture; these unique and original constructions encompass the feel and essence of the buildings and the outdoor spaces they enclose, they are not just an afterthought but the conscious finishing statement of planned design. Using a range of natural materials, they become an extension of the original built architecture and the...

  • Don't Whiz on an Electric Fence
    Don't Whiz on an Electric Fence

    Henry Ward Beecher said ';the common sense of one century is the common sense of the next.' That said, these pocket-sized humor books pack quite a bit of punchlines that is. With more than 1.5 million copies in print, their all-new look will leave a whole new generation in stitches!

  • Norman Whai White Fence
    Norman Whai White Fence

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  • Old-Time Gates and Fences and How to Build Them
    Old-Time Gates and Fences and How to Build Them

  • Over The Fence
    Over The Fence

    Over The Fence Full Product Description Luke loves nothing better than to kick his ball around the yard. But he wishes he knew more about what was happening ... over the fence. Stephanie Carmichael’s simple words and Jessica Green’s delightful illustrations bring this short story to life a story about the God who knows each one of us. The Emily Stories are a new series of delightfully illustrated storybooks which teach important truths about God and are ideal for parents to read to children...

  • Picket Fence Promises
    Picket Fence Promises

    I was Bernice Strum, hairstylist to the stars. Until I fell for--and got pregnant by--Alex Scott, a handsome actor with a career on the rise. But I gave my baby up for adoption and moved across the country to settle in Prichett, Wisconsin. I made friends, started a faith journey, and then one day I got a call from my now-adult daughter that turned my world upside down... and brought Alex back into my life. Now he's here (living in my dream house!) and he wants to pick up where we left off--but how...

  • Project 86 - Picket Fence Cartel
    Project 86 - Picket Fence Cartel

    With six previous studio albums under their belts, Project 86 from Orange County have a large following of fans who will not be disappointed by this, their latest offering. Blending a range of styles into their own brand of hard rock, this recording continues to showcase lead singer Andrew Schwab's brutal vocals. His shouting style provides continuity between some varied tracks. The album opens with the menacing "Destroyer", driven by growling guitars and electronic accents; it paves the way for...

  • Rabbit Proof Fence
    Rabbit Proof Fence

    During the most part of the early to mid 20th century, Australia's government policy was that mixed race Aboriginal children would be better off being brought up as white and so forcefully removed them from their homes to be trained as domestic servants. This film follows the true story of 3 such children; cousins Molly, Gracie and Daisy, who in 1931 found themselves being taken from their parents, sent to an institution and forced to forget their family and culture. However, Molly leads her 2 cousins...

  • Simon's Cat : Beyond the Fence
    Simon's Cat : Beyond the Fence

    Simon Tofield returns with a charming follow-up which sees the adorable but incorrigible cat embark on a series of adventures beyond the garden fence. Sharply observed and beautifully drawn, this new book promises to be an even bigger hit than the first.

  • Songs for Barbed Wire Fence
    Songs for Barbed Wire Fence

  • Stabs and Fences, and Later Poems
    Stabs and Fences, and Later Poems

    This personal selection spans the poet's life and lived experience, drawing together poems previously published in a range of small-press publications and a section of hitherto uncollected poems. 'John Manson is a poet of rare integrity and distinction. This is a deeply impressive collection of lean, durable poems as firm in their positioning and place as the necessary stabs and fences required on croft or smallholding. When so much of the world is given over to the venality of celebrity-culture...

  • Swinging for the Fences: Hank Aaron and Me
    Swinging for the Fences: Hank Aaron and Me

    This first book in a series about fictional encounters between children and their sports heroes features home-run legend Hank Aaron. In this gorgeously illustrated picture book, Mark, a young boy who idolizes Aaron, meets his hero and learns that there's more to being a great baseball player than hitting the ball out of the park.

  • Ty Segall & White Fence
    Ty Segall & White Fence

    A1: Time 4:11 A2: I Am Not A Game 4:04 A3: Easy Ryder 2:23 A4: The Black Glove/Rag 5:04 B1: Crybaby 1:58 B2: (I Can't) Get Around You 2:50 B3: Scissor People 3:30 B4: Tongues