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  • New Scotland Yard Forensics Crime Science Reconstruction Kit
    New Scotland Yard Forensics Crime Science Reconstruction Kit

    Learn about the work of New Scotland's Yard's CAMB (Computer Aided Modelling Bureau) team. This highly skilled unit is available for call out 24 hours a day to visit crime scenes and accurately document and reconstruct what has been found. This is vitally important in police work. It allows the facts to be recorded which can later be used as evidence in court.Forensics Science Reconstruction Kit Features: Tape measure Crime scene stencil Double sided map Evidence bag containing crime scene pictures...

  • Forensics Double Helix Science Kit
    Forensics Double Helix Science Kit

    Become a real forensic scientist as you dust for fingerprints, analyse handwriting, examine hair and fibre evidence, trace secret documents with ink chromatography, make plaster casts of shoes, determine the identity of an unknown white powder...and heaps more besides. Next, use your forensics skills to analyse the evidence samples provided and to solve the Talent-Napped Mystery" challenge included in the size: 175mm (w) x 235mm (h) x 60 mm(d)"

  • Thames and Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab Kit
    Thames and Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab Kit

    Thames and Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab - become a science sleuth as you practice the science of fingerprint detection and collection. Collect fingeprints by dusting them with black powder and lifting them with clear stickers. Design a fingerprint file card and take prints from your friends and family. Learn how to classify fingerprints. Once you have mastered fingerprinting, put your skills to the test by playing a detective game to find and match prints. Learn why our fingers leave prints...

  • New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit
    New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit

    Learn and use the real techniques of a Crime Scene Examiner, Examine evidence left behind at 4 interconnected crime scenes. This great set includes, tools for fingerprinting, spotting invisible marks, ink analysis, impression tests, hair, fibre and mysterious substances tests. CD-Rom featuring extra clues, suspect profiles and forensics databases. Size H29, W40cm. Batteries required: 3 x button cell (included). For ages 10 years and over. EAN: 5015335034441. WARNING(S): Not suitable for children...

  • New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit
    New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit

    Ages 10+, Manufacturer: John Adams & Toy Brokers

  • Chemistry Chaos Experiments Kit
    Chemistry Chaos Experiments Kit

    Chemistry Chaos is a comprehensive science kit with 23 fun and interesting experiments to explore the natural world. The kit includes all the main scientific equipment required for the experiments and an interactive DVD featuring five filmed experiments. The kit includes a 68 page full colour booklet which includes fun facts and further experiments. Suitable for age 10+ Covers Matter, Chemical Reactions, Crystallography, Forensic Chemistry and Qualitative Chemistry. Designed by qualified scientists...

  • Forensic Science Genius Postcard
    Forensic Science Genius Postcard

    This customizable Forensic Science Genius Postcard is designed on the postcard and would interest those who like forensic, science, scientist, and itsallhot stuff.

  • Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary
    Forensic Science: An Illustrated Dictionary

    The author of the critically acclaimed "Forensic Science Glossary," which focused on select aspects of forensics, now expands his coverage to provide the widest possible view of this growing discipline.

  • Eyewitness: Forensic Science
    Eyewitness: Forensic Science

    Become an eyewitness to the amazing world of forensic science with this dazzling image-rich guide. Hundreds of facts and photos reveal the cutting edge of forensic knowledge, showing how detectives solve the most baffling crimes.

  • Forensic Science (ABA Fundamentals)
    Forensic Science (ABA Fundamentals)

    Forensic Science (ABA Fundamentals)

  • Forensic Science in Court
    Forensic Science in Court

    Forensic Science in Court: The Role of the Expert Witness is a practical handbook aimed at forensic science students, to help them prepare as an expert witness when presenting their evidence in court. Written in a clear, accessible manner, the book guides the student through the legal process and shows them how to handle evidence, write reports without ambiguity through to the more practical aspects of what to do when appearing in court. The book also offers advice on what to expect when working...

  • Forensic Science Level 3
    Forensic Science Level 3

    Price : £275.00 Award Received : Course Code : CFP02 More and more people are becoming interested in this varied and challenging branch of science. Partly this is because of exposure on popular television programmes, and also because of the rapid changes in the technology now available to the forensic scientist such as DNA identification. As well as paying the full price, there is also an instalment option: Deposit: £130 Instalments: £61.25 monthly over 4 months Total: £375 To pay by instalments...

  • Forensic Science Wound Package
    Forensic Science Wound Package

    Wounds Included: Petechiae; Eccymosis; Pattern Ligature; Slash; Shotgun close range; Shotgun; Intermediate range; Intermediate range round; Intermediate range flake; Exit gunshot; Contact gunshot contact handgun; Contact wound; Screwdriver; Bite partial; Bite complete; Hesitation; Single-edge knife; Double-edge knife; Blunt bat; Bunny ears exit wound; Exit wound ice pick.

  • Forensic Science: Exhibit.A
    Forensic Science: Exhibit.A

    TITLE - Forensic Science: Exhibit.A/rITEM- Lexicon Avenue/rCATEGORY - Replay CD/rDISCS - 1

  • Murder Mystery Parties and Forensic Science Experiences
    Murder Mystery Parties and Forensic Science Experiences

    Becoming a detective agent for the day really is one exciting experience which will introduce the lucky participant to the interesting world of forensics . These mystery packages are fantastic gift ideas for anyone who sees themselves as a bit of a detective and generally interested in facts about UK forensic teams. An eye-opening day out which will get brains ticking and hearts thumping . If you enjoy ideas like these then you're certain to get a kick out of becoming a spy for the day !

  • New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit, 4 Crimes To Solve
    New Scotland Yard Forensics Kit, 4 Crimes To Solve

    Learn all about and use the real like techniques of Crime Scene Examiners, such as lifting fingermarks, recordning impressions left behind by tools and tracks, chromatography, spotting invisible marks using UV light, hair and fibre tests and gathering information on forensic evidence that can be compared against the Forensics Database CD rom. Do the fingerprints match? Can you identify the tool used to force a window? Can you match the page ripped from the notebook? Can a mysterious powder by identified...

  • 3 Science Sleuth kits to make
    3 Science Sleuth kits to make

    Educational toys. The 3 kits in this bundle make up into toys that convert battery power to sound, light and movement. The easiest to make is the Bedroom Buzzer ( sound) A bit more difficult is the LED Lighthouse (light) The hardest is the Carousel (movement). An inspiring set for a 7+ scientist to be.


    Set of 9 Includes:The Jet CarThe SafeThe PeriscopeThe CatapultThe KaleidoscopeThe Chaotic PendulumThe Merry Go RoundThe Boomerang WheelSundial WatchThese innovative products are designed to excite children and adults and allow them to explore the world of science. Each of the sets includes simple step-by-step instructions and a fun activity booklet containing lots of facts and information. The kits are also made from durable, recyclable cardboard.

  • Forensic Detective Kit
    Forensic Detective Kit

    Learn how to take and identify fingerprints and how inks can be separated into their component colours. Use the plaster for taking footprint castes. Educational and fun!

  • Forensic Science in Wildlife Investigations (International Forensi
    Forensic Science in Wildlife Investigations (International Forensi

    Forensic Science in Wildlife Investigations (International Forensi

  • Forensic Science Progress
    Forensic Science Progress

    One of the surprising things about the natural world is that animals are dying around us all the time and yet we rarely see any evidence of it. This is a testimony to the efficiency of the large variety of organisms which decompose animal corpses. Whilst bacteria and fungi are the main groups involved in decomposition processes, the larger insects additionally provide an important physical disruption of body tissues, which aids the penetration of micro- organisms and speeds the collapse of the body...

  • Electric City Kit :: Electronic kits | Science kits |Science kit
    Electric City Kit :: Electronic kits | Science kits |Science kit

    BURGLAR ALARM, LIGHT BREAKER, DOOR ALARM, WATER SENSOR, ALARM LIGHT, FLASH BACK. You can do loads of things with this kit including a chance to test your logical skills. Just let your imagination go, let your horizons expand and develop your hidden talents!

  • Forensic Science
    Forensic Science

    Follows the course of evidence all the way from the crime scene right through to the court judgment, investigating the many types of evidence, how they occur in crimes, how they are collected and analyzed by scientists, and how the results are presented in court. This book covers major areas of forensic science including trace evidence.

  • e-Study Guide for: Forensic Science
    e-Study Guide for: Forensic Science

    Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

  • Digital Crime and Forensic Science in Cyberspace
    Digital Crime and Forensic Science in Cyberspace

    Digital forensics is the science of collecting evidence often used in a court of law to prosecute those who engage in digital activities that are deemed unlawful. Digital Crime and Forensic Science in Cyberspace is unique in putting together a number of contributions from leading experts in digital forensics and associated fields, making information on this new and complex subject available in one source of reference that addresses its multifaceted nature.The chapters in this book depict the nature...

  • Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide (Essential Forensic Science)
    Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide (Essential Forensic Science)

    Description Forensic Botany: A Practical Guide is an accessible introduction to the way in which botanical evidence is identified, collected and analysed in criminal cases. Increasingly this form of evidence is becoming more important in forensic investigation and yet there are few trained botanists able to assist in such cases. This book is intended to show how useful simple collection methods and standard plant analysis can be in the course of such investigations and is written in a clear and accessible...

  • Worldwide Co Weird Science Lab Fart Experiment | Science Kits
    Worldwide Co Weird Science Lab Fart Experiment | Science Kits

    More Product Information Worldwide Co Weird Science Lab Fart Experiment Weird Science Lab Fart Experiement. This interesting creative science kit makes every child laugh with the amazing fart noises. 2 packets of powder to make 2 fart putties. Add the powder to the container and water and mix to make your Fart Putty. Push it back into the pot, as the air is expelled it makes disgusting farting sounds. Perfect for expanding scientific thinking in young minds. The kit contains 1 pot with lid, 2...

  • Forensic Science Made Easy
    Forensic Science Made Easy

    In this modern era, forensic science has become an intriguing subject for the public yet there are many misconceptions and superstitions prevalent in the society with regard to the limitations of the forensic arts.A part of this problem are the TV shows that exaggerate and misrepresent the efficiency of forensic science, and secondly there has been a lack of information on the internet or book in the market that explains the complexities of the forensic science in a straight to the point way.Well...

  • Forensic Science of CSI
    Forensic Science of CSI

    The CBS television show, "C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation," has captured audiences - and ratings - with its unflinchingly realistic details of forensic science, tools, and technology. This fascinating new book - written by an acclaimed biographer with a master's degree in forensic psychology - goes behind the crime-solving techniques dramatized on the TV show to examine the reality of these cutting-edge procedures.From DNA typing and ballistics, to bitemark and blood pattern analysis, here are...

  • Forensic Science for Writers
    Forensic Science for Writers

    Do you want forensics to play a starring role in your fiction, but you find that you’re not quite sure what it’s all about? Forensic Science for Writers reveals how investigators analyze blood, DNA, fingerprints, hair, documents, ammunition, corpses, and other physical evidence. The book won the 2013 Silver Award in the Writing/Publishing division of the Independent Publisher Book Awards contest. From the code-breaking tricks of the cyber-sleuth to the traditional procedures of the autopsy room,...