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  • Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy
    Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy

    Details Turn simple lines into fabulous designs. Start with basic loops, ovals, diamonds, triangles, and other familiar shapes, and pair them in unique combinations to create dozens of block-based designs.186 designs from 8 simple shapes. Step-by-step instructions, practice exercises and loads of hints and tips make it easy to achieve great results.

  • First Steps To Free-Motion Quilting
    First Steps To Free-Motion Quilting

    Details Do you delight in the look and feel of free-form stitching but have wondered how to get started? This book offers a different approach by first giving you all the information you need to get started and then moves on to small projects for you to piece and then practice your free-motion skills on them, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed by something large or something that you've spent a lot of time on and are afraid of ruining. So jump in with joy and get better as you go.

  • Get Addicted to Free-Motion Quilting: Go from Simple to Sensational with Sheila Sinclair Snyder
    Get Addicted to Free-Motion Quilting: Go from Simple to Sensational with Sheila Sinclair Snyder

    Give your quilts the fancy finish they deserve with morethan 60 lively continuous-line quilting designs from quilting pro SheilaSinclair Snyder. Learn to stitch free-form spirals, feathers, flowers, bubbles,leaves, cables, and much more. Sheila shows you how to combine individualmotifs into fluid designs for quilting blocks, borders, sashing, and all overthe quilt. Alldesigns work equally well on home sewing machines, mid-arm, and long-arm quiltingmachines, or for hand quilting. Try each motif in...

  • Free Motion Machine Quilting
    Free Motion Machine Quilting

    Details Free Motion Machine Quilting by Don Linn Refine your free-motion skills with a series of machine quilting exercises Don's visual troubleshooting guide to common machine quilting problems and solutions is indispensable Master a variety of techniques, including perfectly stitched points, absolutely stright lines, and smooth curves choose from 50 quilting designes or gain the confidence to draw your own.

  • With Free Creative Quilting Kit
    With Free Creative Quilting Kit

    If sewing is already a keen hobby for you, or you simply want more features, then the Innov-is 35 offers fantastic versatility. The electronic ‘jog dial’ provides finger tip control to choose from 70 stitch patterns, including 7 buttonholes. The LCD screen allows you to see at a glance information about the stitch you have chosen, and the electronically controlled functions allow you to adjust the stitch sizes in a much more precise and simple...

  • Janome XL601 ..FREE QUILTING KIT WORTH £99
    Janome XL601 ..FREE QUILTING KIT WORTH £99

    The hook cover plate opens at the touch of a button, and the extra needle penetration power of the XL601 lets you sew across heavier fabrics & multiple layers. Adjustable foot pressure means you can fine tune the feeding to suit your fabric. The extension table also detaches for free-arm sewing. This machine also features a seven piece feed mechanism, a drop feed facility, automatic needle threader and slide speed control.

    Coopers Sewing Machines

    The machine has sixty stitches, including six buttonholes which gives you the essential variety for your diverse sewing needs. Also includes all of the features allowing you to sew with precision and confidence. Although it is a portable machine and quite light and easy to carry even to a quilting class, It will take heavier fabrics with ease, such as denim and leather. All buttonholes are sewn in one step at the touch of a button, you simply attach the buttonhole foot, pop your button in the back...

    Coopers Sewing Machines