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    Explains how it is possible to have a beautiful garden with limited or dwindling water supplies. This book covers the fundamentals of waterwise gardening, dealing with the issues of global warming, being green and looking at ways of storing and recycling water. It includes practical information and advice on improving your soil's water retention.

  • Kerbl 29383 Wheelbarrow Stabiliser Wheels Set of 2
    Kerbl 29383 Wheelbarrow Stabiliser Wheels Set of 2

    For gardening, landscaping and construction Very easy to fit using the mounting clips provided no drilling required Suitable for older wheelbarrows or those already in use Minimum of effort for pushing

  • Indoor Gardening
    Indoor Gardening

    A clear, concise and easy to read book on indoor gardening, indoor garden supplies, indoor herb gardens, indoor vegetable gardening, indoor garden for children and much more.

  •  Nitrate

    A classic text on a critical issue of modern-day concern. The publication of this booklet was prompted by the growing concern about excessive nitrate contents in water supplies, feeds, and even food. These high concentrations of nitrate are potential, and sometimes actual, dangers to humanity and animals, and they can also bring about changes in landscape patterns. Dr. Herbert Koepf clearly spells out the significant ecological imbalances that result from the present methods of nitrate application...