Gigaset C595 Quad With Gn 9120 Dg Headset
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  • Gigaset C595 Quad with GN 9120 DG Headset
    Gigaset C595 Quad with GN 9120 DG Headset

    The reliable phone tailored to meet families’ daily needs plus an integrated answering machineBusy lives demand a reliable, well-equipped telephone with an answering machine . The ideal solution for active families: the Gigaset C595 Quad . It features a best-in-class, large TFT colour display , an easy-to-use modern user interface, brilliant sound quality with HSP, plus an integrated answering machine with up to 45 minutes of recording time. For even more convenience and simplicity in daily...

    liGo Electronics
  • Gigaset C595 Quad With Triple Range
    Gigaset C595 Quad With Triple Range

    Plug & Play (unpack, connect the phone and conduct a call). Birthday reminder. Modern handset design with convenient size and proportions. Valuable surface and colors. Up to date design language. Comfortable dial and text editors. Alarm clock with snooze function. Baby-Alarm / room monitoring. Date and time functions are protected against power failure. Next generation User interface with 1,8” TFT. Editable internal handset name. Support of Netprovider features via menu. Base unit and...

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