Hardy Hibiscus Collection 3 X 2l Plants
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3 hardy hibiscus collection 3 x 2l plants £5 £150 /l/hardy-hibiscus-collection--3-x-2l-plants
  • Waeco Mobicool W48 Electric Cool Box
    Waeco Mobicool W48 Electric Cool Box

    The new Waeco Mobicool W48 electric cool box is perfect for your car or van as well as for caravan and camping use. The large family size cool box with wheels for easy movement is supplied with both 12v and mains leads. Runs from 12 volts in the car and standard UK and EU mains electric at camp, hotel etc. 48 litres cold storage capacity. Integrated wheels and multi position handle allow user to easily pull the W48 cool box. Carry handles on front and back of box. Cools to 18°C below external temperature...

  • Transbank Hazardous Transit Box 420x410x350
    Transbank Hazardous Transit Box 420x410x350

    Designed specifically for storing or transporting smaller quantities of flammables or chemicals. Fully complies with all regulations. Designed around the sizes of ‘jerry’ cans and 5 litre fuel and chemical cans. TRB1 will hold 2 x 5l cans. Fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage. Ventilated to prevent a build up of fumes. Flame arrester gauze fitted as standard. Overcentre catch with padlock facility. Finished in bright red with relevant hazard warning signs. Built to a specification...

  • SOS Rehydrate Sachets 5 Box Blueberry
    SOS Rehydrate Sachets 5 Box Blueberry

    Add the SOS Bottle to your basket and get it FREE with a purchase of 3x SOS Rehydrate Sachets 5 Box SOS uses the best medical science to solve dehydration once and for all, it is a new concept in rehydration. SOS has formulated an advanced and clinically proven electrolyte replacement drink that unlocks the body's natural mechanisms for absorbing water. A great tasting healthy hydration mix with 3 times more electrolytes than normal sports drinks and only 25 calories per sachet. 5 sachet box for...