Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
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  • Harvest Moon Magical Melody for Nintendo Wii
    Harvest Moon Magical Melody for Nintendo Wii

    Swing the Wii Remote to use your tools as you work on your plot of land and grow crops. Rear cows, horses, sheep and many other animals. Buy farmland next to a river, a seashore or in a village. Plant crops, raise livestock, dig for gems or just fish. Beat your farming rivals in the fields and at the festivals. Unlock hidden multiplayer games. Interaction with town folk and even falling in love are major points of the game.

  • Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii)
    Harvest Moon: Magical Melody (Wii)

    In 'Harvest Moon: Magical Melody' for Wii, gamers take over their own farm, raise plants and animals, catch lots of fish and then see their character grow into adulthood. Flower Bud Village wasn't a blossom of a burg when you bought a plot of land. Now newcomers depend on the bounty from your land for their livelihoods. It's up to you to create a farm, raise a family, build a village, and rescue the Harvest Goddess in the most challenging Harvest ever!