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  • Trident & Horns Set Sequin Effect
    Trident & Horns Set Sequin Effect

  • Epic Effect Devils Horns
    Epic Effect Devils Horns

  • Make Up Effects Horns
  • Theatrical Effects Devil Horns
    Theatrical Effects Devil Horns

    Devil Horns includes a prepainted latex black horns that you adhere directly to your own skin with spirit gum (not-included but sold separately). Can be reused.

  • Epic Effect Buck Horns
  • Ralph Lauren 8120 Horn Vintage Effect 547213
    Ralph Lauren 8120 Horn Vintage Effect 547213

    Ralph Lauren 8120 547213 Tortoise

  • Antelope Skull and Horns Wall Hanging
    Antelope Skull and Horns Wall Hanging

    This antelope head wall hanging will have a powerful presence in any room. Created in resin, it's perfect to create a safari lodge feel, with the intricately detailed bone effect resin skull proudly displaying magnificently curved and ridged horns, creating a breathtaking piece of wall decor. The bleached natural finish shows the authentic looking cracks, creases and plates in the antelope's skull, while the tall horns dominate the wall hanging with natural splendour. WDH=34 x 27 x 52cm

  • Lizard-effect leather detachable-case travel trolley
    Lizard-effect leather detachable-case travel trolley

    - Handmade- Burgundy lizard-effect leather (Calf)- Top handle, side handle, extendable pull handle- Buckled front, hand-rolled piping, two zipped back pockets, two wheels, silver hardware, feet- Internal zipped pocket, internal straps with palladium and hand-carved horn buckles (Deer, Antelope and Buffalo)- Detachable zip-fastening upper case: zipped front pocket, detachable zipped pouch, cell phone pocket, three card slots, internal straps for iPad or 13-inch laptop- Lower zip-fastening case: two...


    Pop, Rock,Classical, Etc. LP’s & 45’S: EFFECTS WITH MY EX by UP TOWN HORN BAND @ Avidvinyl.com a Great selection of Northern soul and Rare Soul 45’s

  • Percussion Plus Motor Horn
    Percussion Plus Motor Horn

    Quality motor horn Great sound Easy to play Rubber hand pump and metal horn Superb effect

  • W.A. Mozart: Horn Quintet In E flat K.407 (386c) - Urtext Study Score
    W.A. Mozart: Horn Quintet In E flat K.407 (386c) - Urtext Study Score

    We not only owe three of Mozart's horn concertos to his friendship with Ignaz Leutgeb; the solo part of this unusual chamber music work was also written especially for him. Instead of having two violins, the accompanying string quartet has two violas, which complement the dark and warm timbre of the horn and lend the work a unique tonal effect. Echoes of motives from the 'Abduction from the Seraglio' allow us to suppose that it was composed around the same time as the Singspiel. As the...

  • Kam Dhillon 3057 Purple Horn
    Kam Dhillon 3057 Purple Horn

    Kam Dhillon 3057 Purple Horn eyeglasses are temptingly chic. This glamorous style has a modest cateye curve, composed of glossy acetate in a deep purple hue on the exterior, while the interior has a lightly striated effect. The matching temples are sleek and tapered, decorated with a shiny silver metal accent extending from the hinges.

  • Horn Stand / For S4 Galaxy
    Horn Stand / For S4 Galaxy

    Using the principle of the bugle, concentrating the voice and direct the conduction direction in order to reach the effect of increasing the volume, it can increase 13 db after use and does not need any supplementary electricity, it is absolutely environmental friendly. Perfect for turning your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 into a speakerphone. No external power needed. 13db amplified. Easily keep iPhone stands vertically and horizontally. Functions well in hand free mode. Additional opening reserved for...

  • Humes & Berg 121 Stonelined Straight French Horn Mute
    Humes & Berg 121 Stonelined Straight French Horn Mute

    Outstanding beautiful french horn straight mute effect No transposing; ideal for solo or section work The "c" you play open horn, you obtain the same "c" in perfect pitch when you place in mute Play perfectly in tune and are easy blowing Stonelined mutes with a special secret formula inside the mutes for their popular sound

  • Chester Hand Horn
    Chester Hand Horn

    Chester-Hand-Horn-RVFM-F705-10 0-Send-in-the-clowns-With-the- Chester-Hand-Horn-you-can-make -that-tooting-noise-familiar-f rom-the-traditional-circus-clo wn-But-the-horn-can-be-used-ot her-than-for-comedic-effect-as -part-of-a-musical-performance -or-simply-as-a-warning-Cheste r-Hand-Horn

  • Bone Tones Clear Buffalo Horn
    Bone Tones Clear Buffalo Horn

    Bone Tones are made of Buffalo Bone and Horn, all bi-product of the food industry (no animals were killed for picks). The plectrums are crafted to the Classic Timber Tones shape. The chamfer allows rapid flow on the strings and a very strict and accurate strumming, ideal for rhythm guitar. This effect is reinforced even further by the sturdiness of Bone and Horn. The rounded tip of the plectrums contains the natural brightness and aggressiveness (in the case of Bone especially) of the materials...

  • Crazy talking 'Growler' ceramic horn Large
    Crazy talking 'Growler' ceramic horn Large

    Tweet Quality hand-made ceramic 'trumpet' Simply blow in the narrow end and hold you hand over the other end 'Talk' by moving your hand Crazy sound effects and very funny sounds Two sizes: Medium 18cm long, Large 21cm long and lower pitch Ships in straw-filled box

  • Eminem - horns - Maxi Framed
    Eminem - horns - Maxi Framed

    This fab poster features the American rapper, record producer, songwriter, and actor Marshall Bruce Mathers III, better known by his stage name Eminem and by his alter ego Slim Shady.

  • Flashing Devil Horns
    Flashing Devil Horns

    FLASHING GLITTER HEART Bright flashing glitter heart necklace. Flashes birghtly in red with a hint of blue. Sparkly glitter effect. Safety lanyard. Batteries loaded & ready to go!

  • Glitter Devil Horns
    Glitter Devil Horns

    Assorted Glitter Devil Horns Information Quick Overview: Assorted colours Glitter finish Black headband Horns are around 12cm with black fur trim Take your bunch of little devils out on the town in style with these great glitter devil horns. Each item comes on a black plastic headband and has one of four colours of horn, black, red, purple or orange. The glitter finish gives these a sparkly effect and the black trim at the bottom of the horns adds a bit of class. The horns are around 12cm tall so...

  • Horn of Heaven TP3-005
    Horn of Heaven TP3-005

    Offer 1 of your own monsters on the Field as a Tribute to negate the summon (including Special Summon) of a monster and destroy it. You can negate Flip Monster’s Effect if Flip Summoned. Your opponent has to pay the cost, even though this card negates the action. You can also negate Special Summons (including Fusion Summon & Ritual Summon).

  • LED Super Air Blaster Horn
    LED Super Air Blaster Horn

    Not only does this LED Super Air Blaster Horn flash with cool colour changing effects, blow into the end and it will make an incredible noise too! It may be small, but don't dare underestimate the power of the Super Air Blaster Horn; one blow will create a noise as loud as horns ten times the size! LED Super Air Blaster Horn Flashes with colour change LED'sSupplied with neck lanyard Dimensions: 7.5cm (L) x 4.5cm (D)

  • Rams Horn Selenite
    Rams Horn Selenite

    Product Information A variety of Selenite known as Rams Horn. The surface is made up of delicate needles of glistening crystals, each of which sparkles in the light giving the effect of angels wings. The curve is a natural occurance with a wave like explosion at one end. One of the most unusual formations I have ever seen. Measures 10" x 7.5" Selenite's rare clarity can be use to balance the mind and bring light rays into the environment. It has the power to conduct high light, like fiber optic...

  • Silver Effect Rhino Bookends
    Silver Effect Rhino Bookends

    Add masculine and bullish style to your bookshelf with these exquisite silver metallic pair of bookends featuring a silver rhinoceros head complete with horn. A perfect give for him or home, these invoke the feeling of the Serengeti... albeit in a much more glamorous way! Item dimensions: 17cm (H)

  • The Horn of Africa
    The Horn of Africa

    The Horn of Africa is a deeply troubled region engulfed in three interlocking crises. The first is a security crisis characterized by a range of devastating inter-state and inter-communal conflicts, including civil wars. The second is an economic crisis, evidenced by widespread debilitating poverty, chronic food insecurity, and frequent cycles of famines. The effects of the third - environmental - crisis are all too visible in the droughts, deforestation and desertification ravaging the region. What...

  • Ultimax Accessory Horn
    Ultimax Accessory Horn

    What a unique idea, these were originally designed for adding satellite speakers to Ultimax dj stands, these accessory horns provide a compact and safe way of mounting small speakers. By attaching these to the actual stand there is no need for tripods, thus eliminating any trip hazard. The horns can be fitted over any 32mm tube, and have two thumb screws for securing. The speaker mount is standard 35mm to suit most speaker cabinets. Lighting effects can also be mounted on the horns by using a 35mm...

  • Humes and Berg HB121 Stonlined French Horn Mute
    Humes and Berg HB121 Stonlined French Horn Mute

    Stonelined has an outstandingly beautiful French Horn Straight Mute effect which is non-transposing. There is no transposing whatsoever. When a C is played on open horn the same C is obtained in perfect pitch when you place in mute. Ideal for solo or section work.

  • Devil Set - horn, tail and bowtie
    Devil Set - horn, tail and bowtie

    The tinsel effect around the headband can be removed!

  • Sensai - Effect - Three Horns
    Sensai - Effect - Three Horns

    Sensai is on fire right now and he's got releases coming out all over the place. Foundation pin him down and sign these lashing jump up tracks which have been getting rinsed by everyone. We've also heard some more of Sensai's un-signed tracks and he's got a big 2011 lined up.

  • Smashing Horn (Secret Rare)
    Smashing Horn (Secret Rare)

    When a monster effect or Trap Card is activated that negates the Normal or Special Summon of a monster(s): Negate the activation and destroy it.