Hoya 77mm Hd Digital Uv Filter
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  • Hoya 77mm Pro 1D Digital UV filter
    Hoya 77mm Pro 1D Digital UV filter

    Hoya Pro 1 Digital UV Filter 77mm. Hoya Pro1 D Digital filter series are of the highest quality, thin profiled framed filters. All these filters feature black matte aluminum satin finish almite frames which reduce reflections. Also Hoya Pro1D filters have enhanced multi-coating technology to reduce the appearance of lens flare and ghosting caused by reflections. The 77mm Hoya Pro1 D Digital UV filter specifically absorbs ultra-violet rays which makes some outdoor photography hazy and indistinct...

  • Kenko Digital 77mm UV Filter
    Kenko Digital 77mm UV Filter

    The Kenko 77mm UV Digital filter is a high quality, but great value offering. Designed to place on your digital SLR or compact camera lens where a 77mm screw thread is available. Digital UV filters are essential for to reasons, firstly to absorb UV rays (often make outdoor images hazy and indistinct), and secondly as a permanent lens protector. Kenko 77mm filters are a manufactured by Tokina, same as Hoya filters.

  • Hoya 77mm HD Digital High Transparency Circular Polariser Filter
    Hoya 77mm HD Digital High Transparency Circular Polariser Filter

    Newly developed industry leading 8-layer multi-coating yields an average light transmission rate of 99.35% between 400 and 700nm (visible spectrum). These coatings greatly reduce reflections off the surface of the glass allowing you to capture more light in your photos. As with all Hoya multi-coatings, HD HMC is applied in a furnace at high heat, bonding the coating to the surface of the glass. This process is called "hard coating" and it is far more durable than other coating techniques. The chemistry...

  • Hoya 77mm 80B Filter
    Hoya 77mm 80B Filter

    Bristol Cameras Answer: As per most accessories listed on this website we do not have the resources to maintain stock info on several thousand smaller items. We keep many of the accessories on our site in stock and even if we don't have the Hoya 77mm 80B Filter in stock, it is likely that it will be available from suppliers within 2-3 working days.

  • B+W 77mm MRC UV Filter
    B+W 77mm MRC UV Filter

    B+W UV filter with a 77mm filter thread. Clear, colourless glass filter. Helps block the invisible UV (ultra violet) rays from the sky. UV rays can cause a blue cast on your photos and a hazy look. Paticularly useful at high altitudes, on mountains and by the sea. Ideal to leave on your lens at all times for protecting the front element against knocks and scratches. Multi Resistant Coating is extremely low reflective, highly resistant to scratching and is dirt and water repellent.