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  • Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler
    Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler

    Tinchilla - Instant Can Cooler: New Lower price! Up to 240 times faster than a fridge the Tinchilla can chill a regular 350ml tin of soda from room temperature to frosty cold in an ice-blistering 60 seconds. The Tinchilla is a simple device which utilizes the scientific principle of thermal conduction. By spinning the can at an optimised speed the metal of the can is rapidly chilled by exposing its surface to the ice cubes and water surrounding it. The spinning can is also given a slight wobble...

  • 9 Can Cooler
    9 Can Cooler

    Perfect for picnics and camping. The Coleman 9 Can Cooler has a removable hard liner for flexibility and a anti-microbial treatment resists odour, mould and mildew whilst making it easier to clean.

  • Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Can Cooler
    Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Can Cooler

    The Vacu Vin rapid ice sleeves can be stored in the freezer ready to cool a bottle or can at short notice. Your drink will be chilled in 5 minutes and will stay cold for hours.Unbreakable and re-usableWatch the Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Coolers in Action:

  • Thermos Radiance 12 Can Cooler, Grape
    Thermos Radiance 12 Can Cooler, Grape

    Durable water resistant outer material Leak-proof, reflective silver PEVA liner for improved insulation 100% PVC free liner Unique Thermos IsoTec insulation - superior quality closed cell polyethylene foam Insulation Meets and exceeds EN12546-2:2000;, Manufacturer: Thermos

  • USB Can Cooler/Heater
    USB Can Cooler/Heater

    Overview:Specification:Keep you favorite beverage cold or warm all the time with this USB Can Cooler/Heater. Connection via USB. Allow to cool or heat up cans and bottles/glass. Easy and practical to be used home or in office. Cool down 18°C ~ 20°C below ambient temperature. Heat up 20°C ~ 22°C by set point thermostat. Dimensions: 14 x 11 x 13cm Weight: 460g Package include: Specification:Weight Approx:13gSize Approx:8 x 7 x 1.5

  • Everbuild - Stick 2 Instant Spray Contact Beige Adhesive 500ml Can
    Everbuild - Stick 2 Instant Spray Contact Beige Adhesive 500ml Can

  • Moto GP Can Coolers
    Moto GP Can Coolers

    The covers insulate the cool cans from warming up and stop them sliding out of drunken hands!

  • Moto GP Can Cooler
    Moto GP Can Cooler

    Moto GP Can Cooler Moto GP... Launched by Bike-it, the Moto GP brand epitomises the Bike-It ethos of providing exciting and diverse range of motorcycle / motocross accessories to riders. Bike-It’s continued involvement in all levels of motorbike racing ensures rigorous product testing & development ensuring their products are extremely high quality, yet remain affordable. Show your passion for racing with the fantastic official Moto GP Can Coolers available now from GhostBikes!!! GhostBikes now...

  • Sistema Can Coolers, Set of 2
    Sistema Can Coolers, Set of 2

    Ideal for picnics, travelling & outdoor adventures Reusable, Durable & safe Lightweight and Flexible Made from non toxic materials Freezer Safe, stays frozen longer than ice, Manufacturer: Sistema

  • CHANG BEER Bottle Can Cooler Koozie
    CHANG BEER Bottle Can Cooler Koozie

    Sip your favorite can or bottle of brew in style by sliding it into this Chang Beer Can Cooler Koozie. The helpful koozie looks great! Fits many standard cans and bottles.

  • Kitchen Craft Lock In Neoprene Beer Can Cooler
    Kitchen Craft Lock In Neoprene Beer Can Cooler

    Kitchen Craft Lock In Neoprene Beer Can Cooler. Keep your beer cans cooler for longer this summer with the Lock In neoprene beer can cooler. Featuring patterned exterior design, this cooler fits most standard 440ml beer cans.

  • Thermos E5 24 Can Cooler, Black
    Thermos E5 24 Can Cooler, Black

    Durable water resistant outer material High performannce cooler with the best features of both hard and soft coolers Seamless and innovative flexible guarded lining is both unique and 100% leak-proof Adjustable shoulder strap Quick access lid for easy access and improved insulation properties;, Manufacturer: Thermos

  • Can Cooler & Warmer
    Can Cooler & Warmer

    Buy Can Cooler & Warmer at the best price. Manage to cool or warm up your cans thanks to the Can Cooler & Warmer. You can also use the Can Cooler & Warmer to relieve muscle pain or reduce the swelling after a hit.For a cold can: Put the Can Cooler & Warmer in the fridge for one hour and a half and then take it out. It's now ready for use. Just cover the can with the Can Cooler & Warmer.For a warm can or to relieve muscle pain: Put the Can Cooler & Warmer inside a container with boiling water for...

  • Can Cooler yellow
    Can Cooler yellow

    The can cooler to keep your drinks at the right temperature, in sunny yellow color.

  • Can Cooler, Kilt
    Can Cooler, Kilt

    Description What could be better for the patriotic man in your life than ensuring his can is appropriately attired in Scotland’s national dress? One of our Instakilt Collection bestsellers, the original red kilt design can cooler is very effective. Sized to completely contain a 330ml soft drinks can, it also fits standard lager and cider cans. Want to know how it works? Here’s the science bit. The warmth of the sun or your hand on the can will conduct heat and by the time you reach the middle to...

  • Drink Can Coolers
    Drink Can Coolers

    Promotional Drink Can Coolers manufactured from neoprene and able to fit a 330ml can. These drink coolers can be personalised with your company's logo to maximise exposure of your brand. An ideal giveaway at events, festivals and many more, keeping your drink cooler for longer and your business name on full view with every use. Prices include a personalisation in 1 position. Prices exclude VAT, origination and carriage. more

  • Koozie™ Can Cooler
    Koozie™ Can Cooler

    Fold flat - ideal for postal mailings and stores well for outdoor distribution.

  • Lomo Neoprene can cooler / holder / stubby
    Lomo Neoprene can cooler / holder / stubby

    These drinks coolers, made popular in Australia where they are sometimes known as stubbies, are great for keeping your cans cold on a hot day. Designed to take a standard size drinks can. These coolers fold flat and can easily be stuffed in your pocket.

  • Mooneyes Can Cooler - Black
    Mooneyes Can Cooler - Black

    Perfect for keeping your berverage of choice kool and in style

  • Own Image/Message Can Coolers
    Own Image/Message Can Coolers

    Description Our Personalised Own Photo/Message Can Coolers is perfect as a thank you gift to any person in fathers day or great for stag do's! Once you have placed your order, please email your images to Please use the best quality image you have, we cannot be held responsible if images are poor quality. Can Coolers (or Stubby Coolers) are ideal for keeping cans of drink cool in warm weather

  • Rainham 12 Can Cooler
    Rainham 12 Can Cooler

    Twelve can cooler made from 80 gsm non woven polypropolyne with carry strap and slip front pocket - Can be folded into handy little pouch

  • Smarden 6 Can Cooler
    Smarden 6 Can Cooler

    Having a can cooler like this one is a must for those who regularly frequent the park, woods or beach on those warmer days. This foldable bag with strap and slip pocket will keep drinks cool and tasty when you’re out enjoying a hot sunny day. Their simple and basic style means that they can easily have an image or logo printed on their sides. A larger size is also available.

  • Stubby Printed Can Cooler
    Stubby Printed Can Cooler

    A great promotional item for your next campaign. This item is made from the same material wet suites are made from, neoprene. These handy coolers will keep your 330ml cans cool and in the winter save your hands from the freezing feeling of finger on a cold can.

  • Sublimation Can Coolers
    Sublimation Can Coolers

    Great for personlisation, corporate giveaways, keeping cans or small bottles cold for picnics, keeping Dad's beer cold (at any time of the year) and many many more uses.

  • The Beast Kool Koozie Can Cooler
    The Beast Kool Koozie Can Cooler

    The Beast Can Cooler Transforming into a party monster is so easy and fun with the Beast Giant Fist drink kooler - best yet, no rage and Gamma Rays are necessary. Simply slip on the durable foam hand that keeps your drink chillin’, place any standard size can into the fist and its HAMMER TIME! This kick ass kooler has been masterfully designed with realistic veins popping, flesh color to freakin’ finger nails! In addition, it’s reusable and easy to clean. Whether it’s tailgating...

  • Tjiller Beer Can Cooler
    Tjiller Beer Can Cooler

    Let’s face it. Warm beer sucks. Nothing is worse than coming home from a hard day at work, your taste buds longing for the sweet relief of an ice cold beer… only to find that there is none. And if you have the boys over a cold drink? Forget about it. The Tjiller beer can cooler takes of that for you. Put simply, it keeps beer cold. Ice cold. Ready for you to enjoy any time. Pronounced “chiller,” this revolutionary product cradles your beer can and actually cools your beverage as you drink. Just put...

  • Vacu-Vin Rapid Ice Can Cooler - Set of 2
    Vacu-Vin Rapid Ice Can Cooler - Set of 2

    Description Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Rapid Ice!The amazing Rapid Ice Coolers can best be described as super cold flexible ice jackets. They can, when taken from the freezer, simply be slipped over the bottle. The drink will be chilled within 5 minutes and stays cool for hours. The coolers are unbreakable and reusable. * Active chiller without ice * Chilling in 5 minutes * Keep in the freezer * No waste of space in the fridge * Great for...

  • JRPP600 JR/DSM Can Cooler
    JRPP600 JR/DSM Can Cooler


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