Jack Cain's Sloe Gin
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  • Jack Cain’s Sloe Gin
    Jack Cains Sloe Gin

    For sloe gin connoisseurs. Our sloes are steeped in premium gin for many months to produce a 30% ABV sloe gin of distinction using an old family recipe. Jack Cain was an entrepreneur and maverick of his day. An infamous smuggler and illicit distiller who was producing spirits in Northumbria in the 19th century. *You must be 18yrs old or over to buy this product. (5cl)

  • KILNER 8-Piece Sloe Gin Set
    KILNER 8-Piece Sloe Gin Set

    Set comprises of of a 2-litre glass jar, 4 x 250 ml sloe gin bottles, a 50 cm x 50 cm 100% cotton muslin cloth, a plastic funnel and a recipe card. The set has been specifically designed to provide all the essential items that are required for making sloe gin and in fact any other fruit liqueurs.

  • Personalised Sloe Gin
    Personalised Sloe Gin

    We believe that our beautifully hand designed labels sum up our Original Liqueurs, traditionally English yet with an original twist. Our inspiration came from quintessentially English designer William Morris and the vibrant Czech art nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha. These charming labels can now be personalised to include your own text making them ideal for gifts, shooting parties, wedding celebrations or a stunning and original gift.

  • Haymans Sloe Gin 700ml
    Haymans Sloe Gin 700ml

    A triumph of human ingenuity Sloe Gin makes for a beautiful base spirit at this time of year Mix with tonic or lemonade for an easy long drink or with dry gin lime juice sugar and egg and soda for a classic Sloe Gin fizz A classic English tipple flavoured with sloe berries the fruit of the blackthorn The traditional way of making sloe gin is to infuse gin with the berries Haymans uses real sloes and does not flavour the gin giving it a very natural flavour Country of origin England ABV 26 Volume...

  • Cowen Sloe Gin 50 cl
    Cowen Sloe Gin 50 cl

    traditional old English liqueur blend of London Dry Gin and organically grown sloes organically grown sloes and can only be harvested once a year at the first frost

  • Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl
    Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl

    Sipsmith Sloe Gin 50cl. Bursting with flavour, this award-winning London Dry Gin has been distilled in a copper still and left to rest on a bed of wild sloe berries - resulting in a sloe gin that is both subtle and complex. 50cl

  • Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin 50cl
    Gabriel Boudier Sloe Gin 50cl

    Picked after the first frosts, the wild sloes are macerated whole in gin previously distilled by Gabriel Boudier. All the aromas and the colour of the flesh and stone of the sloe dissolve in the gin. After maceration, a carefully controlled amount of sugar is added to obtain this traditional liqueur.

  • Personalised Sloe Gin
    Personalised Sloe Gin

    Made in Britain This quintessentially British liqueur is deliciously warming on its own or mixed with champagne for a Sloepagne cocktail. Our sloe gin is deliberately blended to produce a drier and more sophisticated taste than some more traditional recipes. An established winter warmer enjoyed from a hip flask in the field, try breaking with tradition and mix with champagne for a unique Sloepagne cocktail. Splash a good measure into melted chocolate, butter...

  • Monkey 47 Sloe Gin 50cl
    Monkey 47 Sloe Gin 50cl

    Black Forest sloes are macerated for 3 months to make Monkey 47 Sloe a peppery, tangy and strikingly unique spirit.

  • Jack and Jones Gin knitwear grey
    Jack and Jones Gin knitwear grey

    Jack and Jones Gin knitwear wash up to 40 degree wash The Gin knitwear is 100% cotton There is a chest logo on the Gin knitwear by Jack and Jones The Gin knitwear by Jack and Jones has a v-neck

  • Kitchen Craft Home Made Glass Sloe Gin Bottle
    Kitchen Craft Home Made Glass Sloe Gin Bottle

    Kitchen Craft Home Made Glass Sloe Gin Bottle 500ml (18oz) with a ceramic flip top lid ideal for storing home made lemonade, sloe gin, cordials, flavoured vinegars and infused oils.

  • Adnams Copper House Sloe Gin
    Adnams Copper House Sloe Gin

    Ruby red in colour, gentle aromas of red plums blend with a soft and gentle hint of marzipan. Sweetness and the natural bitterness of the sloes are perfectly balanced on the palate which is smooth and round, with a luscious, creamy texture.

  • Berry's Sloe Gin
    Berry's Sloe Gin

    Berry Bros. Sloe Gin is traditionally crafted from ripe, wild sloe berries and infused in London Dry Gin. Many advocate that Sloe Gin should be enjoyed neat and that is certainly no bad thing. Alternatively, try it on the rocks or use in a variety of cocktails. It's far more versatile than you may think.

  • Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Jam 12oz x 3 jars
    Blackcurrant and Sloe Gin Jam 12oz x 3 jars

    Sloe Gin is a warming, old fashioned spirit that magically brings out the flavour of full, ripe blackcurrants. Perfect for hot buttered toast and scones. We do not deliver this product outside of the UK.

  • Bramley & Gage Sloe Gin
    Bramley & Gage Sloe Gin

    The Bramley & Gage Sloe Gin is made in small batches, bottled at 26%abv and comes in a 70cl bottle.

  • Foxdenton - Sloe Gin 70cl Bottle
    Foxdenton - Sloe Gin 70cl Bottle

    Foxdenton are often asked; 'What makes your Sloe Gin recognisably different ?' So what is difference? To the eye. This Sloe gin is paler than others. Foxdenton don't add any colourants so the paleness is a result of the way they treat thier Sloes and that its all natural. On the nose, this Sloe Gin is quite 'ginny.' Foxdenton Sloe Gin is appreciably drier. They use less sugar so the end result is less like a liqueur but is still very easy to drink. Foxdenton make their Sloe Gin at 29% ABV. stronger...

  • Gordon's Sloe Gin
    Gordon's Sloe Gin

    Gordon's Sloe Gin The finest wild sloe berries are steeped gently before adding Gordon's gin and then you end up with a dryness and cassis sweetness which is perfect in cocktail. 26% Vol 70cl Delivery within 5-7 days

  • Hayman's Sloe Gin
    Hayman's Sloe Gin

    Sloe gin has been popular since 19th century as a digestif or as a winter warmer, with British-sloe berries infused in gin. It's now gaining in popularity and this particular recipe is long standing and all-natural.

  • Kilner Glass Sloe Gin Bottle - 250ml
    Kilner Glass Sloe Gin Bottle - 250ml

    The new Kilner Sloe gin clip top bottle is specifically designed to help you make your own homemade fruit liquors. Anything from hearty sloe gin to a warming plum brandy can be decanted into this shaped bottle. Ideal to give away as a gift. Using a traditional swing top locking system that creates an airtight seal this bottle can be refilled many times. Replacement rubber seals are available.

  • Liqueur Reserve Sloe Gin 350ml
    Liqueur Reserve Sloe Gin 350ml

    This traditional English liqueur is hand made in small batches using the finest hand picked sloes, steeped in high quality London Gin with added sugar. Awarded Bronze at the 2008 Taste of the West Awards.

  • Moniack Sloe Gin Liqueur
    Moniack Sloe Gin Liqueur

    Stag's Breath Liqueur is lower in alcoholic strength and drier on the palate than its traditional counterparts. Its distinctive 'musty' nose and overtaste of waxy honeycomb are features of the fermented honey which is its principal ingredient. Carefully blended on a base of heartwarming Speyside whiskies, Stag's Breath is truly a unique taste experience.

  • Plymouth Sloe Gin
    Plymouth Sloe Gin

    More Information Plymouth Gin is the only 18th century gin still batch distilled in the original distillery, Black Friars in Plymouth, England. It is a unique style of gin that differs from London gins, due to the use of a special blend containing only sweet botanicals. It has a particularly balanced flavour that is not as juniper dominant as other gins. Plymouth Gin also has the added advantage of a particularly soft and pure water source, at nearby Dartmoor National Park. The result is a gin of...

  • Plymouth Sloe Gin 26
    Plymouth Sloe Gin 26

    Soon after Coates & Co began in 1793, Plymouth Gin became a firm favourite in the numerous countries it was shipped to. The gin drinking of the Royal Navy considerably enhanced gin's prestige as it climbed the ladder of respectability in Victorian times. By 1850 Coates & Co were supplying over 1000 barrels of 'navy strength' 57% abv gin a year to the Royal Navy. They were fond of mixing it with Angostura bitters or lime for 'medicinal' purposes. Thanks to the British Royal Navy taking it on ships...

  • Prohibition Sloe Gin Kit 6 Bottles
    Prohibition Sloe Gin Kit 6 Bottles

    Prohibition Sloe Gin Style Liqueur Kit to Make 6 bottles Each kit makes 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of your favourite liqueur.The alcohol content is approximately 21% and giving a remarkable taste that is similar to a commercial liqueur The kits includes yeast, yeast nutrient and finings. The kit is made in a demijohn and only sugar and water are required. A controlled fermentation temperature is necessary. At the end of fermentation, the liquid is cleared leaving a tasteless and colourless liquor similar...

  • Sloe Gin 35cl
    Sloe Gin 35cl

    Made from London Dry Gin, wild sloes and British sugar, this slow gin is slightly paler, stronger and drier than most. Traditionally served neat, it is also delicious served mixed with tonic or lemonade for a long summer drink or with Champagne at any time. The Thames below Westminster (detail), about 1871 by Claude Monet, 1840-1926. Alcohol degree 27% Bottle size: 35cl The National Gallery spirits are part of the Delicious Art collection. The Licensing Act 2003 It is an offence to purchase or attempt...

  • Sloe Gin Kit Sloe Gin Bottle
    Sloe Gin Kit Sloe Gin Bottle

  • Sloe Gin Liqueur Miniature
    Sloe Gin Liqueur Miniature

    This Sloe Gin is hand made in the traditional way, in small batches, using hand picked, wild, hedgerow sloes. The intense dry flavour of this traditional classic can only be achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, moderate sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing to produce a drink where the fruit is the predominant flavour. This miniature forms part of our Top 100 Best Buys!

  • Sweet Sloe Gin - 35cl bottle
    Sweet Sloe Gin - 35cl bottle

    Made in the same way as our traditional Sloe Gin but a little sweeter, using 10oz sugar per bottle of gin. The quality of the ingrediants is unchanged and it will suit those who prefer a sweeter infusion. Usually drunk neat, Sloe Gin is the traditional tipple taken in hip flasks when sporting, and many a nippy winter walk has been made jollier with the addition of a nip of Sloe Gin.

  • Tottering Sloe Gin
    Tottering Sloe Gin

    Foxdenton has also been given permission to sell the Sloe Gin that they have been making for Lord Tottering’s shoot parties. Slightly drier and a little paler than some Sloe Gins this is the perfect pick me up for a cold winter’s day. What people may not be aware of is the famous champagne cocktail made by Lord Tottering using this Sloe Gin. One part Sloe to three parts champagne Lord Tottering’s “Sloegasm” is a lovely way to drink Sloe Gin in the summer.