Kms California Silksheen Conditioner 250 Ml
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  • Kms California Silksheen Conditioner (250ml)
    Kms California Silksheen Conditioner (250ml)

    KMS California Silksheen Conditioner is formulated with almond and basil to enhance shine and transform your hair silkyinto silky perfection, while protecting against environmental damage. It features IOPS, (Inside Out Protective System), which penetrates deep into your hair, making it more vibrant and healthier.

  • KMS California Silk Sheen Conditioner
    KMS California Silk Sheen Conditioner

    Suitable for dull, lifeless hair this California Silksheen Conditioner add softness and lustrous shine to your hair with KMS California Silksheen Conditioner. Formulated with almond and basil to enhance texture and protect against environmental damage, this innovative conditioner is fused with native natural ingredients and high-performing support ingredients, that work harmoniously to reveal more vibrant and healthier-looking hair from the inside out.