Kood Stepup Ring 37mm 52mm
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  • 37mm TO 52mm STEP UP RING
    37mm TO 52mm STEP UP RING

    Step up ring to fix a 52mm filter to a 37mm thread.

  • Lensbaby Step-Up / Shade (37mm-52mm)
    Lensbaby Step-Up / Shade (37mm-52mm)

    Lensbabies are, by their very nature, unconventional. You wouldn't expect them to follow the norm, so it should come as no surprise that standard step-up-rings simply won't cut the mustard as far as Lensbabies go. As such, Lensbaby have created their own step-up adapter which not only converts the Lensbabies' filter thread from 37mm to a more standard 52mm but also doubles up as a lens shade, offering a little more protection from glare and flare caused by light on the lens. The adapter attaches...