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  • Junior Lab Microscope Set
    Junior Lab Microscope Set

    Microscope set, contains 3 magnification levels microscope with swivel mirror, slides, tweezers, slide covers and collecting vial tubes.. Set Includes:. ; 6 inch Microscope with swivel mirror. ; 300x - 600x - 1200x objective lenses. ; Tweezers. ; 5x blank labels. ; 4x blank slides. ; 1x prepared slide. ; 2x collecting vials. ; Suitable for children over 6 years old

  • Science Lab Microscope
    Science Lab Microscope

    This highly detailed item has various components and has been mainly constructed of white and grey metal. Firstly, the microscope itself is an actual electron microscope which has a large amount of set dressing added. There are three panels attached, the left hand panel lights up to show blue, white and orange symbols. The second is of plain black resin as it would have originally had an I-pad inserted to show that the DNA matches. On the side is the third panel which is a grey resin screen with...

  • First Biology Lab
    First Biology Lab

    Learn the fundamentals of working with a microscope for biological study. Examine pre-prepared specimens and then create ones from samples found in the home, garden and body. 11 fun hands on experiments to conduct then do your own. 3 pre-prepared slides, 4 blank slides, cover slips, tweezers, needle, section slicing tool and vial. Microscope total magnification power range of 96x to 750x. Battery powered light (batteries not included). Excellent 32 page manual that teaches how to set up and...

  • Kids First Biology Lab
    Kids First Biology Lab

    Discover the science of living things with this complete introductory microscope kit. The beautifully illustrated experiment manual guides you through observations of many living specimens found in and around your home: onion cells, pond water, chloroplasts, plant stem cross sections, microorganisms, mouth cells, meat cells, different types of hair and fur, dust mites, bugs, pollen in honey, and much more. See how an onion cell shrivels and how an earthworm wiggles. Analyse the differences between...

  • Proscope HR Lab Kit
    Proscope HR Lab Kit

    Magnifications up to 500X. Special Illumination Techniques including UV, IR & Polarised Light. Standard and Long Working Distance Models. Huge Range of microscopes. Superb range of Accessories. Up to 5MP LIVE resolution.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Microscope (SmartLAB)
    Indoor/Outdoor Microscope (SmartLAB)

    Manufacturer: SmartLab

  • Dna /chromosome Staining Lab Activity
    Dna /chromosome Staining Lab Activity

    Students prepare their own microscope slides, using the plant tissue, to view actual cells in different stages of mitosis. Specially grown and preserved plant root tips are included in the kit. Students first prepare and stain their samples, then perform a cell squash for microscopic observation. The material is grown and harvested under specific conditions to insure maximum mitotic activity is occurring at the time of preservation, allowing for multiple examples of every stage of mitosis on each...

  • Chamber slide Lab Tek tissue culture 1.8cm²/well
    Chamber slide Lab Tek tissue culture 1.8cm²/well

    * Cells grow on a microscope slide. * Growth chamber can be removed when culturing is complete. * Useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies, toxicity tests and immunocytology. * Certified surface treatment ensures optimal conditions for cell attachment and growth.

  • Telescope & Microscope Set
    Telescope & Microscope Set

    A lab set with telescope and tripod. Set consists of: Telescope, Tripod mount with legs, Microscope with swivel mirror, Collecting vials, Tweezers, Specimen slides, Slide covers, Blank slides, Additional differentiating strength lenses (30 x, 40x), and Lens caps. Ages 6+.


    DIGITAL MICROSCOPE, USB, WITH RACK; Magnification:10x to 50x, 200x; For Use With:Industrial Inspection, Quality Control, Lab Research; SVHC:No SVHC (16-Dec-2013)

  • Microscope Slides 76 x 26mm (Box of 50)
    Microscope Slides 76 x 26mm (Box of 50)

    Microscope-Slides-RVFM-EDU164- The-Edu-Lab-Microscope-Slides- 76-x-26mm-Box-of-50-are-made-o f-clear-high-quality-non-corro sive-glass-interleaved-ground- edges-and-pre-cleaned-Microsco pe-Slides-76-x-26mm-Box-of-50-

  • Microscope Cover Slides 22 x 22mm (Pack of 100)
    Microscope Cover Slides 22 x 22mm (Pack of 100)

    Microscope cover slides - RVFM EDU745, The Edu-Lab Microscope Cover Slides 22 x 22mm (Pack of 100) are high-quality, pre-cleaned microscope cover glasses. Microscope Cover Slides 22 x 22mm (Pack of 100)

  • Humbrol Microscope Lab 41603
    Humbrol Microscope Lab 41603