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  • Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling (2nd edition)
    Learning and Being in Person-Centred Counselling (2nd edition)

    *Introduction to person-centred counselling. *Human nature, actualisation and the emerging self. *Self and person. *Towards a theory of person-centred counselling. *Person-centred counselling in practice. *Working at 'relational depth': 'the kid with the chips'. *Developing person-centred values, skills, attitudes and personal qualities. *Training issues: Client work and personal development. *Supervision. *Resources.

  • Learning and business networking opportunities
    Learning and business networking opportunities

    The VOCs Handbook. Investigating, assessing and managing risks from inhalation of VOCs at land affected by contamination (C682) This publication provides clear and flexible guidance on the investigation, assessment and management of risks associated with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at land affected by contamination in the UK, primarily relating to inhalation by people. The VOCs handbook has been prepared to be consistent with existing UK regulatory guidance on land contamination and is also...

  • Learning and Instinct in Animals by Thorpe, William Homan
    Learning and Instinct in Animals by Thorpe, William Homan

    Book Title: Learning and Instinct in Animals. Author: Thorpe, William Homan. ISBN: 416579205. Publisher: Methuen young books. Year Published: Dec-56. Our Price: £11.00 GBP ($18.81 USD). Description: Comments: 1966 edition with inscription in ink on first page cover worn book clean and good. Format: Hardcover. Pages: 501. Condition: Used- Very Good. Dustcover: See Above. Binding: See Above. Type: Used Books.

  • Learning Arabic Language Of The Quran
    Learning Arabic Language Of The Quran

    The message of the Quran is addressed to all creation, conveyed in the Arabic language . Allah Almighty says: " We have it down as an Arabic Quran so that you may understand." ( 12:2 ) Acquiring command over the Arabic language can be relatively easy for those who are native speakers, but can prove difficult for the non-speakers. The study of Arabic, therefore, cannont be taken lightly.

  • Learning Carrara 8 Training on DVD
    Learning Carrara 8 Training on DVD

    Adding A Camera. Pointing Cameras. Saving A Camera Position. Types Of Lighting Part 1. Types Of Lighting Part 2. Types Of Lights. Anything Glows. Light Effects. Global Illumination. God Rays and Sun Beams. Skies And Atmospheres. Backgrounds. Black Eyes Syndrome. Backdrops. Indoor Indirect Lighting. New Lighting Option.

  • Learning Centres: Saints
    Learning Centres: Saints

    Description These engaging and creative learning centers help students of all ages celebrate the saints. Each hands-on project illustrates a scripture story or Catholic teaching that in turn reflects the life and work of a saint. At the heart of each learning centre is a story about a saint, (18 saints in al!) told on two levels for different age students. Brimming with craft ideas, games, maps, writing projcts and more each chapter of this indispensable resource makes the saints accessible to everyone...

  • Learning for Action on Women's Leadership and Participation
    Learning for Action on Women's Leadership and Participation

    From women’s participation in national elections to female decision-making in community livelihood initiatives, this book highlights three main approaches to strengthening women’s leadership and participation: Overcoming structural barriers, supporting women, and encouraging women to carry out leadership roles effectively for progressive purposes.

  • Learning for Ministry by Steven Croft - Paperback
    Learning for Ministry by Steven Croft - Paperback

    Product description This user-friendly handbook is essential reading for all embarking on a course of training for Christian ministry, lay or ordained. Designed to reduce the fear factor and you make the most of your study and training, it covers: How we learn best; Work/life balance; Knowing God better; Studying the Bible; Worship and prayer; Knowing yourself better; What is theological reflection; Vocations, gifts and ministry.

  • Learning from Health Action Zones
    Learning from Health Action Zones

    Health Action Zones (HAZs) were established in 1997, "to explore mechanisms for breaking through current organisational boundaries to teckle inequalities and deliver better services and better health care, building upon and encouraging cooperation across the NHS" (DoH, 1997). In effect, HAZs were seen as a means of establishing partnerships between health services and other agencies in order to develop and provide effective, efficient and responsive services to promote health and relevant services...

  • Learning from My Father
    Learning from My Father

    Description As a freshman at Harvard, David Johnson felt displaced, homesick, and overwhelmed by new intellectual challenges. So he began exchanging letters with his father, a Presbyterian pastor. Years later, David rediscovered those letters and realised how much candid, fatherly advice they contained — and how their wisdom had shaped his life. Based on excerpts from these letters, Learning from My Father reflects movingly on life and death, faith and doubt, as seen through the eyes of a father...

  • Learning Guitar For Dummies DVD
    Learning Guitar For Dummies DVD

    This unintimidating DVD presents the basics of playing guitar in an easy-to-follow format. By simply watching the instructor onscreen and following along, you can learn to form chords, fingerpick and strum in different patterns, and play songs in a variety of styles - all without reading music! Learning Guitar for Dummies provides step-by-step instruction of all the skills needed to become an accomplished guitar player. You start by learning to play in tune and in rhythm and then move on to left...

  • Learning How to Fall
    Learning How to Fall

    A collection of woman-centred poetry, in which the 'I' or 'she' figures in the majority of poems feel close to the author herself (without being naively confessional), and speak of experiences. The subjects of the poems are often aspects of relationships, that speak of questions that readers will recognise.

  • Learning implies a mind that doesn't know - Volume 2
    Learning implies a mind that doesn't know - Volume 2

    - How is the mind, which is so endlessly chattering, endlessly bourgeois, caught in a trap, struggling, seeking, going after the masters, gurus and disciplining, how is that mind to be completely still?

  • Learning Japanese from Songs
    Learning Japanese from Songs


  • Learning Japanese in the Network Society
    Learning Japanese in the Network Society

    This book addresses current issues of computer-assissted langusge learning (CALL) shared by language-teaching professionals in the new global network society. Focussing on teaching and learning Japanese as a second language, this collection emerged from previously unpublished presentations by leading Japanese scholars. 204pp.

  • Learning languages opens up the world poster
    Learning languages opens up the world poster

    Covers: Notre Dame; Le Louvre; La Place de la Concorde; Le Metro; Le musée d'Orsay; Le Centre Pompidou; Paris plages; Versailles; Les galeries Lafayette; Le Sacré Coeur; L'Arc de Triomphe; Trocadéro; Le musée de quai Branly; Les galeries Lafayette; Le Moulin Rouge and much more!

  • Learning Legal Skills 3rd ed
    Learning Legal Skills 3rd ed

    This is an introduction to the acquisition of critical legal skills, exploring how problems can be analyzed and how concepts like justice or efficiency may be used to argue for reform. The materials can be used as the basis of a first year course or an intensive introductory course in the first few weeks, or to develop skills throughout a three or four year course.

  • Learning Microsoft Project 2000 - CD
    Learning Microsoft Project 2000 - CD

  • Learning Organiser, The
    Learning Organiser, The

    * Introduction. * Focusing on the future. * Using the organiser tools. * about learning. * effective learning. * learning past and present. * what to expect from a training provider. * Getting the most out of a training programme. * Learning in different contexts (.e.g Different kinds of courses). * Learning resources. * Learning and work. * Understanding NVQs. * Portfolio development. * Finding the time and a place for study. * Note taking. * Reading and writing. * Watching and doing...

  • Learning Politics From Sivaram
    Learning Politics From Sivaram

    This is the story of the life and impact of the political activist, journalist and freedom-fighter Sivaram Dharmeratnam. Sivaram dedicated his life to helping the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. He started out as an active participant in the war against the Sri Lankan government -- in the eyes of some, a "terrorist". Yet he eventually stepped away from the ruthless violence it involved. Instead, he became a high profile journalist in the Sri Lankan press, and used his position to fearlessly critique the...

  • Learning Poster #3
    Learning Poster #3

    Some of the nicest people have been arrested; Rosa Parks, Jay Z, Johnny Cash (we sidelined Cash‘s arrest number for the included "mugshot board" print) - the roll call's endless, but now, thanks to Nippaz With Attitude you can recreate the frisson of this experience in the safety of your own home AND have a cool birth record of your baby’s first 5 years growing up inside (the house). It's the most unique baby shower present out there.

  • Learning Practical Tibetan
    Learning Practical Tibetan

    A revised edition of the Tibetan Phrasebook. This new edition includes the Tibetan script as well as a phonetic system and has been expanded into a larger format.

  • Learning R by Richard Cotton, 9781449357108
    Learning R by Richard Cotton, 9781449357108

    Book description If you have basic programming skills and do any kind of data analysis, you need R in your toolkit. This book teaches you how to be productive with this important programming language for statistics by covering everything about R you need to know, including: Data gathering from different sources such as web scraping and databases Data transformation/manipulation that can save you hours Visualization that provides a great way of showing insights into datasets Modelling that shows just...

  • Learning Ritual - An Easy Process
    Learning Ritual - An Easy Process

    One of the problems that most often plague Freemasonry is poor ritual. By this, I don't just mean not getting the words right, but that the ritual is drab and uninspiring, which subsequently fails to actually "teach" a candidate or recipient. Learning ritual by rote (parrot fashion, regurgitation), more often than not, will produce that kind of ritual! Ritual can often be mediocre, but it doesn't have to be; anyone can do ritual well, provided they are completely honest with themselves and are...

  • Learning Rock 'N' Roll Piano
    Learning Rock 'N' Roll Piano

    Capture the sounds and styles of Fats Waller, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard with this exciting and nostalgic tutorial. Bob Hoban guides you through a library of slides, rolls, shuffles, licks and slurs in the inimitable 50s style. Includes advanced characteristic techniques such as pushed notes and power beginnings to really get you rocking like the best.

  • Learning Strabismus Surgery
    Learning Strabismus Surgery

    *. *. *. *. *. *. *.

  • Learning Tarot Spreads - Joan Bunning
    Learning Tarot Spreads - Joan Bunning

    We hold the universe in our hands when we pick up a deck of Tarot cards, but in order to access that truth, we must allow the cards to speak, and to do that we must lay them out before us. The magick begins when the cards a 'spread', the spread transforms a handful of silent cards into an oracle of the Gods.

  • Learning The Human Game
    Learning The Human Game

    “You cant catch a wave in a bucket and walk off with it,” teaches Alan Watts, “and so, you cannot understand life and its mysteries as long as you persist in trying to.” In Learning the Human Game, Watts starts with this Taoist insight; then takes his audience into a mind-expanding inquiry into the human condition. This four-session collection offers the best of Watts celebrated Tao of Philosophy lecture series, recorded during live seminars and radio broadcasts spanning two decades. Here, Watts...

  • Learning The Language of Prayer
    Learning The Language of Prayer

    Learning the Language of Prayer takes us back to basics and reassures us that we can come to God just as we are and pray as we can. This is a book both for beginners and for those who have been praying for years: there is always more to discover about prayer and fresh stimulus to be gained.

  • Learning To Believe
    Learning To Believe

    Description Collected from the homilies, catechesis and speeches of Benedict XVI, this new series will include eight volumes to guide believers in rediscovering their Christian identity. At the heart of the rich teaching of Benedict XVI was the theme of faith. Since the beginning of his ministry he insisted on the need to rediscover the journey of faith and above all the joy and excitement of being a Christian. In this volume Benedict XVI teaches all Christians to rediscover the gift of faith, providing...