Medieval Leather Axe/mace/sword Frogre Enactmentlarp
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  • Ensiferum Leather Wristband Sword & Axe
    Ensiferum Leather Wristband Sword & Axe

  • Medieval Crescent Spear Axe
    Medieval Crescent Spear Axe

    Product Description Medieval Crescent Spear Axe This beautiful Medieval Crescent Spear Axe features a brutal broad head spear point, a crescent shaped blade and two short, broad spikes. Mounted on a pleasant brown hardwood handle the stainless steel blades come sharp and battle ready. The handle is wrapped in light grey faux leather with decorative faux leather tail ribbons providing both comfort and grip. Measuring 55cm from pommel to tip and 3cm in diameter this multi-purpose medieval weapon...

  • Medieval replica - axe on plaque
    Medieval replica - axe on plaque

    Mainly associated with Vikings, battle axes were extremely popular weapons as they were cheaper than swords and readily available. The typical European battle axe featured a crescent-shaped head which was able to slice through armour and featured a smaller rear blade to provide further potential for damage. In addition to this a spike on the top of the axe could be added to help puncture the helmets and breastplates of enemies.

  • Egyptian Mace/Axe Soldiers I (4)
    Egyptian Mace/Axe Soldiers I (4)

  • Indrajit The Demon Kings (Rajneel Singh) Battle Axe
    Indrajit The Demon Kings (Rajneel Singh) Battle Axe

    This item is an battle axe used by The Demond King Indrajit (Rajneel Singh) in the popular medieval TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. The axe can be seen in the episode titled: "The Way" as Xena (Lucy Lawless) and the evil Indrajit are locked in a long and violent battle. This axe is composed of resin; the handle has been painted black with thin black leather strapping wrapped around it and gold detailing at the handle's middle, as well as an elaborate totem pole-like carved sculpture at the...

  • [DW07] Leather armour and Axe
    [DW07] Leather armour and Axe

  • Medieval Mace
    Medieval Mace

    Hand out some punishment with our Medieval Mace! The soft satin ball with spikes is attached to a PVC stick via a PVC chain.

  • The Illustrated Directory of Swords & Sabres
    The Illustrated Directory of Swords & Sabres

    This is a fully illustrated comprehensive reference guide to edged weapons, from early stone-age flint hand axes to the swords of World War One. This broad-ranging work examines weapons from the swords and spears of ancient Egypt to the pike and thrusting polearms of medieval Europe, and from the slashing sabres of the 17th-century cavalry to the presentation and dress swords used for show, pomp and civil ceremonies in the 1900s. Presented in an easy-to-follow format there are specially commissioned...

  • With Sword And Shield
    With Sword And Shield

    Description With Sword And Shield™ is a 110 card game that brings you back in time to a medieval joust. Here you step into the roll of a knight and by playing different kind of strikes and manoeuvres against your opponent you try to hit him. To spice things up, different events may occur such as a cheering crowd or that your patron saint reveals himself. Your personal abilities may evolve and if you are lucky you may receive the sword of Ascalon, a battle-axe or any other great artefact. Once you...

  • Naumberg Sword
    Naumberg Sword

    This rare pommel (type N) exists only on a handful of swords. This sword is taken from a figure of Wilhelm Von Camburg at Naumburg Cathedral and is a must-have medieval sword for any collection. Steel parts, leather wood wrapped grip and tempered high carbon blade come together to make for a fine, nicely proportioned sword. Comes with leather scabbard.

  • Estwing E24A Sportmans Leather Axe
    Estwing E24A Sportmans Leather Axe

    One piece solid forged construction, fully polished and with leather grip.

  • Weapons Set - Sword, Sword and Axe
    Weapons Set - Sword, Sword and Axe

    Weapons Set A great finishing costume accessory set for any warrior knight. This is a great value set comprising of a deluxe shield in black with a large white cross along it's full length. The shield is outlined in a silver white and it's accompanied with a sword which has a silver blade and golden hilt with a black handle with a blue stone to the tip of the handle, and a battle hand axe. An ideal finishing accessory for any Medieval warrior costume. Suitable for larger children. Weapons Set If...

  • Excalibur Sword - KS-6152 - Medieval - Swords
    Excalibur Sword - KS-6152 - Medieval - Swords

    Description Reviews Exceptional Quality King Arthur Excalibur Sword 48" Overall, 35.5" Blade, 6" Handle. Detailed Stainless Steel Blade And A Leather Wrapped Handle With A Dragon Detailed Pommel And Guard. Includes A Leather Wrapped Hardwood Scabbard. Write Your Own Review Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register

  • Medieval Mace
  • Medieval Mace
    Medieval Mace

    Beautifully handcrafted spiked mace with wooden handle. 12th scale miniature, superb quality and a heavy little item for it's size.

  • St George's Sword - S5531
    St George's Sword - S5531

    Description Reviews St George's Medieval Knight Sword & Sheath Featuring authentic hilt styling with a leather covered hand grip with a wire bound finish. The fully tempered un-sharpened high carbon steel blade has a polished finish with twin grooving on both sides. The hardwood scabbard is covered in leather with polished steel tip and throat. This is an excellent sword for display. Specifications: Overall length: 39 1/2" Blade length: 32" High Carbon steel blade Write Your Own Review Only...